The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 24.2

Xu Qiu plugged in the power for ten minutes. There was no danger of the cubs tripping over the wire because it was looped from the ground and the protection was engraved on the table.

The water inside has started to bubble as the electric heating rod heats up swiftly.

Xu Qiu inserted a little piece of mall-purchased hot pot bottom material, then took the big pot from the cubs and arranged one dish after another around it.

Metal is used for plates, bowls, chopsticks, and spoons.

After all, this place has a lot of scrap metal but not much wood.

“OK, everyone is welcome to come in through the tiny door; however, please be careful not to stray outside the brown land, which is not part of the kindergarten area; there is a risk of electric shock.” 

They’d been shocked numerous times and had developed a conditioned response to electric shocks. As a result, whenever they approached the kindergarten’s edge, they were always cautious and never dared to cross the barrier by even a fraction of an inch.

Although the pavilion is lovely, and the large metal pot still smells delicious, no cub dared move for a long time.

Bai Sa was always the first to take the lead if they wanted to try something new. After two minutes of waiting, the hungry young fox took the lead and headed in the direction of Xu Qiu’s position.

The principal has never lied to them. If they’re truly shocked, just step out of the line and pull their little feet back in time.

Anyway, her physique is now healthier than it was before. It is better than feeling hungry.

One step, two steps, she walked to the edge of the door, hesitated for about two seconds, and tentatively stepped out with her front foot.

The scarlet collar around her neck remained still.

When the little fox realised what had happened, she dashed towards the pavilion.


“Slow down, Lily; don’t run.”

“Which one do you like to eat? Just throw in the things you like,” Xu Qiu said, handing Lily a plate of items she had brought out earlier.

Except for part of the inventory she received for completing jobs, most of the lavish dishes on the table today were purchased with gold coins in the system mall.

Her gold coins are now down to single digits after such a feast.

But today is a day worth remembering. 

A curving metal piece divides a pot in half evenly, and the mandarin duck pot is bubbling.

In the centre, there is a little spherical hole that connects to the side of the spice pot.

The small spherical holes are filled with dried chile and other spices. The cooked red chile oil will pour out through the robot’s standard holes. The flavour is overpowering, yet it prevents individuals from eating chile, ginger, or garlic.

The one side is red and gratifying, while the other is creamy white.

The white bottom of the pot is mushroom soup, with enoki mushrooms torn into strands and round shiitake mushrooms cut into small squares.

Furthermore, half a chicken is simmered inside.

The hens that Xu Qiu raises on the field are still young.

However, as long as she lights up a picture book, the system store’s related goods will transform from a grey, unpurchasable pattern to a bright hue.

Xu Qiu washed the old hen and scraped out the viscera in the centre. It can be stored in the kitchen, and she had not had time to clean it.

Xu Qiu wanted to clean it tonight, marinade it, and then check if it could be turned into pickled pepper flavour.

She can eat the chicken’s feet with pickled peppers.

After a few months, the bamboo that comes with the pavilion produced by the system may grow bamboo shoots.

The taste is wonderful, whether it’s winter bamboo shoots or spring bamboo shoots.

When Xu Qiu thinks of fried pork with winter bamboo shoots and fresh pickles, her saliva starts to flow.

She shook her head, forgetting the delicacy of her memories.

On this side of the spicy pot, there is a fish at the bottom.

At lunchtime, many kilogrammes of large crucian carp were simply marinated in salt. Instead of getting all the fish, she only took the best part and made it into spicy fish fillets.

The other cubs rushed over like a breed of horse once Lily took the first step.

The pavilion does not take up all the expansion area. Fine sand surrounds the pavilion, with bamboo growing in the sand.

When designing, Xu Qiu put a row of thin metal plates around the edges of the drawings generated by the system to prevent accidents for the cubs. The board is firmly embedded in the earth, with the exposed ground rising to around 30 cm in height.

It’s not too short to be overlooked by the cubs, and it’s not too high to obscure the surroundings.

Yuan Jiu flew out of the pavilion, stepping on the yellow sand within the boundaries.

He was bouncing around like a small sparrow, and he was overjoyed to see things he had never seen before.

“Sand is hot!”

They can’t feel the joy of the four seasons because the temperature inside the kindergarten is constant, with no wind or rain.

Xu Qiu cracked an egg and placed it on the mushroom’s side. “When it rains and snows, you may also come out and feel it,” she said after hearing the milky innocent voice.

Hearing Yuan Jiu’s words, the other cubs left the pavilion and walked down to the sand to feel the unique sensation of walking on sand.

Although they may see the outside world through the gate when they are in kindergarten, they have an entirely different sense of being connected.

Hua Lan isn’t very fond of sand, but he is captivated by the bamboo.

All the plants in the kindergarten have been touched by him. He had never seen a plant with such a straight, green appearance.

“Hello, my name is Hua Lan. What is your name?” he said, respectfully as he stood in front of the bamboo.

Bamboo, on the other hand, is not a strange plant, and there are no words to describe it.

Hua Lan was not angry either; the majority of his race was dumb.

He made a rustling sound as he tentatively stroked the bamboo leaves with its little vine.

Hua Lan’s face flushed strangely after a while, and he turned to ask Xu Qiu, “Principal, can you give Bamboo a name?”

Xu Qiu was a little taken aback. She hadn’t expected Hua Lan to know about bamboo, but consider this: despite his ability to speak and move, Hua Lan is still a plant in nature. Hua Lan’s ability to speak with plants is expected.

“I don’t have a good name, but if you want to be a small partner with it, I think giving it a name will make it very happy.”

The cubs should have more activity areas by then.

“Then you are Hua Qing,” Hua Lan mumbled after a moment’s consideration.

Hua is his surname, and he wants his friend to use it as well.

Bamboo has a colour that is extremely similar to Qing Sha. According to Xu Qiu, this stunning colour is known as cyan.

The small snake, Qing Sha, pricked his ears as well as he heard Qing’s words. Originally, he was wrapped around Xu Qiu’s wrist. He headed upstream from the sand after hearing this and wanted to see what this guy with the same name looked like. (TL* Qing = green)

“All right, everyone, come try some of the food, and let’s order some more.”

These quiet and well-behaved cubs, Zhu Niang and You Yu, put the food in the pot.

The vegetables are perfectly cooked and ready to serve after only a few minutes in the pot.

Xu Qiu fished it out and used public chopsticks to divide the food into ten little parts for the cubs to try.

She’d never bought chilli before and wasn’t sure if the cubs would eat it.

Yuan Jiu examined the skeleton at the bottom of the saucepan with his chopsticks.

This skeleton similar to a bird’s.

“Principal, what is this?” Yuan Jiu said with shaking voice.

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