The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 10.2

“Mother is right. How can I talk about unhappy things here for no reason?” Jing Xuan laughed. He instantly thought of something and replied, “Do you still have a place to stay? You can go to my house.”

“I still have multiple properties.” Jiang Shining said helplessly.

“But I have a villa on the harbour side.” Jing Xuan highlighted, “by the sea.”

Like a little boy asking for credit.

Jiang Shining realised that Jing Xuan merely wanted to live with her simply to make up for the regrets of the previous life. But she always thinks more.

Boys have to avoid suspicion when they are older, not to mention that they have no blood relationship in this world, and Jing Xuan seems to be older than her in age. Being caught by someone, it’s hard to tell.

Moreover, it is not helpful to him starting a family in the future.

But looking at his earnest and pure glance, Jiang Shining couldn’t bear to refuse.

“Jing Xuan, you know what I am worrying about… We are different from normal mothers and children now, and we are not appropriate for long-term living together.” As she remarked, Jing Xuan’s eyes darkened as expected, and Jiang Shining sighed. “It’s alright to remain for a few days, simply for us to talk.”

“A couple of days is great too!” Jing Xuan was readily satisfied, and he laughed again.

So Jiang Shining went to Jing Xuan to reside in the villa near the harbour for a few days. Just as Xiu Lingfei still ranks “Jing” while naming his children, Jing Xuan is also very old-fashioned in the design of his villa, and the experience of the previous life is difficult to quickly erase.

Jing Xuan cheerfully went to cook her dinner, while Jiang Shining visited his house. She observed the books on the two enormous walls in the study on the second floor.

There may be books on finance and management or various professional English in the bookshelf of other presidents, and there are a lot of ancient books and poems in the bookcase.

After supper, Jiang Shining went online on the first floor to explore the current situation and industry strategy. Jing Xuan went upstairs without bothering her.

After an unknown period of time, Jiang Shining realised that her neck was starting to sore, so she went upstairs to see Jing Xuan and walked around.

As a result, when she walked to the second floor, she found the study door open slightly, and Jing Xuan was reading. Jiang Shining noticed him standing at the corner of the table looking down and reading the book and suddenly remembered the past.

Jing Yuan practised with his sword under the tree while Jing Xuan appeared like a small child, standing quietly at the table and reading. Jing Yuan likes to stand and read, stating that he could concentrate more.

His little brother prefers to learn from his elder brother. In the end, Jing Xuan also stood while reading.

Unexpectedly, the habit had not changed until today.

Jiang Shining glanced at it with emotion and went downstairs without disturbing Jing Xuan.

Jiang Shining is still thinking about other things, and Ninglu Media needs a fresh idea. To tell the truth, even the hottest job-hopping Gu Haotian, Jiang Shining didn’t think he was amazing.

She can only comment that he has a face that must be paired with fresh flesh, but there are many good-looking young boys in this world.

Just relying on their faces is not enough heat. And even if he depends on his face, he needs to be someone like a divine level.

As for artists, Ninglu Media needs newcomers.

As for the next step, Jiang Shining was waiting for the people below to come up with a new strategy, while she was thinking about what she could do with the money to be the most effective and fastest way to improve the company’s reputation?

She still need to explore.

Jiang Shining became a good boss, and this time she truly went to work at the company every day to discuss plans with everyone.

“In fact, we have a new idea.” One of them said, “Instead of training artists ourselves and working hard to help them locate resources, it is better to produce a variety show for talent shows. The top few can sign contracts so that the audience is more familiar with the artists and we can advertise it better. “

Another person retorted, “Are you going to promote the boy group? I’d best say goodbye. It has been done once by another company. If we do it again, it will just be like going blindly with the trend.”

“No, no, no, most of the variety shows are different broth but the same old medicine,” This person said, “We can establish a programme where male and female trainees train together, and it does not necessarily have to be a group. Many people’s personalities are ideal for solo or double debuts. Male and female trainees can be divided into two teams, different dormitories, but there is a contact area with its own CP function.”

(TL* different broth but the same old medicine (idiom) = a change in name merely / a change in form but not in content)

In fact, Jiang Shining does not want to be a company focused on teaching trainees, because such companies may truly accomplish a wide range of things. Such as the development of film and television media, investment in creating movies or TV shows.

But creating a variety show brand with condensed qualities is also a smart development direction.

“Variety shows can be done, but the details still need to be polished.” Jiang Shining stroked her chin. She thought, “It’s just that we still need to get some funding.”

Suddenly, she felt quiet in the conference room.

After a while, one employee trembled and said, “Mr. Jiang, our vice president Wang’s firm is the owner of a huge Internet company. There is also a video website with the top three traffic. You discuss this kind of little topic with us. It should be almost resolved?”

President Jiang’s criteria are too high. Does President Jiang look down on the resources that President Wang can provide?

Jiang Shining’s throat tightened like if she were stuck in a rock.

She remembered Jing Xuan embarrassingly declaring that he had no ambitions and barely maintained the image of a tiny company…

Good guy, this is not ambitious yet?!

The author has something to say:

Jing Xuan: No, no, a small company is not worth noting…

T/N: Tianxia Longteng name is too long to type. I’m just going to use Longteng.

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