The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 24.3

“This is a chicken. The pheasant was domesticated by Blue Star humans a long time ago. The pheasant gradually developed into a domestic chicken. Pheasants can fly, have beautiful plumage, and are more aggressive, but domestic chickens are considerably more docile.”

Many large roosters, on the other hand, are not so docile. It is human beings who castrate the roosters into broilers in pursuit of deliciousness.

This kind of terrible information, on the other hand, should not be shared with the cubs.

“I remember this, what the principle stated in science class, genetic selection, biological evolution,” the tiny fox responded.

Xu Qiu’s science class is diverse, and she occasionally discusses the cubs’ history and biological evolution.

“Lily was correct; it was evolution.”

Xu Qiu scooped a small amount of soup into her dish with a spoon. It was really wonderful.

Her tongue is practically lost in the chicken soup’s delectability. It’s made by the system, and it’s a fantastic product. The chicken is from space.

The chickens are extremely tender. These kinds of old hens still have to be authentic.

The chicken meat is great, and it’s even better with the fresh fungus.

Xu Qiu drank it all at once, raised her head comfortably, and exchanged glances with the cubs.

“This is an old hen. Before the chicken tastes delicious, it will be cooked for a long time. You can start with the chicken soup.”

Each cub received a little cup of soup from Xu Qiu.

The main reason for this is that some cubs aren’t used to eating it and will waste it if they don’t eat it.

Fortunately, every cub liked it very much.

“Principal, may I also give Hua Qing a bowl of chicken soup?” Hua Lan requested Xu Qiu.

In Hualan’s opinion, the newly growing bamboo is his younger brother. Hua Lan has soup to eat, so he automatically thinks of his younger brother.

“Can bamboo drink soup?” Xu Qiu asked the system after a little hesitation.

[Can only drink water]

“Hua Qing is relatively delicate,” Xu Qiu said, shaking her head. “It is only drink regular water. You can go to the sink if you want to share. Scoop some water into a bowl, but don’t overdo it.”

“Plants require water, but too much water causes them to soak and rot,” she added. “You can inquire about the amount of water it needs.”

Plants may not be aware of their exact requirements, but they can discern boundaries by communicating whether or not they are at ease.

If Hua Lan is fond of the newcomer, Xu Qiu can assign him the responsibility of watering the plant to him.

She wasn’t sure if she could excavate bamboo shoots or something at the moment, but she did consider creating bamboo tube rice.

“All right, I’ll tell him once I’ve eaten it!” Although the food appears to be plentiful, the other cubs are all staring at it. What if the cub has eaten all of the food before he goes outside?

Each cub’s belly eventually becomes round after devouring this hot soup for an hour.

Xu Qiu secretly recorded the cubs’ preferences as she added veggies to them.

The preferences of these cubs are nonetheless in line with Xu Qiu’s basic cognition, despite their appearance being substantially different from what she remembers.

Bai Sa has eaten a substantial amount of fish. His nature is reserved and introverted, and he rarely voices his preferences. Most of the fish was in his stomach today, and he ate a lot of chicken. He is a proper carnivorous cub.

Lily expressed her undying devotion to chicken.

The pasture built inside the kindergarten is going to put all kinds of carnivorous cubs’ favourites in these days. The first one is the chicken cubs.

Will the little chicken be eaten by Lily before it grows up?

Yuan Jiu initially paid little attention to the mushroom soup, but after sipping the chicken soup, he was second only to Lily in eagerly devouring chicken.

Xu Qiu also made a list of all the cubs who refused to eat coriander, ginger, or garlic.

Xu Qiu waited for a time after the hot pot supper before reluctantly straightening up and summoning a few robots with similar charging capacities to help clean up the mess.

“The hot pot is delicious,” the cubs said as they patted their bulging bellies. “Can we eat hot pot every day in the future, Principal?”

“There isn’t enough material,” Xu Qiu said, shaking her head. “However, if you like it, I will try to organise it every month in the future.”

The main reason for this is that her small vault cannot afford it, so she must first work hard to acquire enough money to upgrade her kindergarten.

The private airship that had taken off from the barren star had arrived at its own destination a week later. The funds were deposited into the kindergarten’s account. Donald was the sender’s name.


The most prosperous area of ​​Star A, the Federal Army’s 7th district, is where the court is located.

In this area, there is a research institute with a large territory.

The research institute brings together genes from all walks of life, and different locations, such as medicine, military affairs, and people’s livelihoods, to define the planet’s future scientific and technological progress.

Through processes, a brief report was transmitted to the Institute of Biology.

Although science and technology have evolved much in this period, all important documents are still prepared on paper for security reasons.

The report handed over this time belongs to the barren star.

The report featured a line: The childcare worker was scraped off on her route to the kindergarten, and her body was harmed by wind and sand, according to the lead researcher.

“What’s going on?” 

The researcher called the related organisation and learned that the other party had sent individuals to the target planet, but that the person who sent them this time was a very weak human.

“This group of people is quite chaotic, and they do not know where they’re going.”

It’s a waste of money and resources.

When another individual heard his criticism, he wasn’t startled at all: “Who makes the upper head mess around that location? In most cases, no one is in charge of that location.”

The world has changed. It is typical for local personnel to be sloppy and for responsible personnel to be unreliable.

Someone from the dock brought the information in and overheard the two of them talking, and afterwards, remembered, “I forgot to say it. It had a note posted on it. [ Please don’t send anyone over there]”

“Don’t do it because of face-saving work?” The researcher in front asked, astonished.

Some cubs that stayed on that barren star come from large families, so it’s not like everyone in the family is harsh.

“What can I do if there are so few who are unwilling? If I post it, I’ll email you the file later, and remember to remove it after reading it, and forget about it.”

Some things don’t require a lot of explanation. Because of the above, they will completely forget about what happened over there, and they will look better when their bodies are collected in the future.

No one has even considered the idea that the cubs will survive.

They’ve all stopped receiving food. Is it possible for the cubs to eat themselves, and what can they eat?

Xu Qiu who was far away in the barren star, sneezed and did not know what was going on. She and the cubs were abandoned after only a few words from the researchers.

The author has something to say: 

Kindergarten: My goal is to be top-notch quietly and then surprise everyone.

Tomorrow ML going to show up!

He is not a cat.

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