The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 11.1

Gu Haotian’s new agent, Mr. Yanjing, had just signed him over when he learned that the big boss was looking for him. His legs went weak because he was so terrified.

There is no senior staff member who does not fear Xiu Lingfei; not that the big boss Xiu has a bad temper, but his aura is very frightening; even if he speaks slowly and methodically, it gives the impression of oppression…… from his sons to the staff, no one is brave in the face of him. Xiu Lingfei’s wife, too, holds him in high regard.

The poor agent does not know what he did wrong; after all, he is just a regular employee, ah! But the big boss’s orders could not be ignored, so he followed Xiu Lingfei’s secretary to the elevator, one foot deep and one foot shallow.

The entire top floor of the Tianxia Longteng headquarters building is dedicated to the Xiu family’s office.

Yanjing limped across the red corridor carpet with wobbly legs, until the secretary came to a halt in front of an antique solid wood door, knocked, and motioned for Yanjing to enter.

The agent pushed the door open shakily, and through the floor-to-ceiling window, he saw Xiu Lingfei – Chu Haoli – sitting in front of his desk, wearing a single white shirt with the sleeves pulled up to his arms, and writing with a quill pen.

Yanjing was afraid to take a step forward, so he stood in the doorway, but Xiu Lingfei raised his eyes and put down the pen.

“Agent Li? Come in and take a seat,” he said.

Only then did Agent Li dare to leave his spot. He noticed the opposite side of the desk, his gaze sweeping across the table, distracted by the writing.

The big boss’s brush writing is outstanding; it is clearly the work of an artist.

“Did you go to the Ninglu media on your own?” Xiu Lingfei sat in the boss’s chair, leaning back.

“Of course, such a significant event requires my personal participation.” Agent Li smiled as he said this.

“Oh. Xiu Lingfei pondered for a moment before responding, “Then you met the old president of the Ninglu Media? It’s that ……”

“Jiang Shining!” Once she was mentioned, the agent was furious. “This woman looks young and beautiful, but her mouth is very poisonous! There were many side conversations from them that scolded us before settling the contract.”

Xiu Lingfei’s mouth corners were slightly hooked.

“Is President Jiang irritated? After all, we poached her company’s most painstakingly cultivated artist,” he said cheerfully.

“No. She doesn’t seem to see our Gu Haotian at all,” Agent Li said glumly. ” Her subordinates were furious, but she gently let them go.”

Xiu Lingfei’s eyes sank as he heard this sentence.

To tell the truth, he was looking for a fight on purpose. He had almost everything he wanted in his previous life, whether it was women, rivers, or mountains.

 Except for Jiang Shining. Not only did he fail to make this woman completely submissive, but he also ended up losing to her.

As we all know, men are generally big pig trotters, so the emperor must be at the top of the big pig trotters among the supreme.

The emperor is only interested in people he can’t have; he loves and hates Jiang Shining, whom he hated to death and can’t let go of, even in this life. (TL* Pig trotters is internet slang for someone who is a playboy and chauvinist.)

Because he remembered the happy days when they were young and fell in love with each other.

The early stage’s beauty and the latter stage’s hatred are intertwined, making him unable to pretend he doesn’t know Jiang Shining and coexist peacefully in the city with her.

Jiang Shining, has only hatred and no love for this emperor because every bit of her smile after crossing the world is fancy and calculated. Only this world was much better, and Jiang Shining was too lazy to start a fight with him again.

Xiu Lingfei poached the Ninglu media company’s hottest artist, and their company group even entered the entertainment industry, all for Jiang Shining to get mad – whether she is angry or hateful, it shows that she is still reacting to their previous relationship.

But now, Jiang Shining is unconcerned, and Xiu Lingfei realises that only he is still clinging to the past, while Jiang Shining, this heartless woman, has completely forgotten about it.

In their previous life, they were entangled in that way, and she now told him she had already let go of it?

It’s hard to let go, Xiu Lingfei got angry when he thinks about it.

Xiu Lingfei’s eyes grew heavier, and he heard a trembling voice say,”… Xiu, Mr. Xiu?”

Agent Li was sweating nervously because he thought he had said something incorrectly.

“Oh, it’s all right. Well done,” Xiu Lingfei said calmly, “I value this aspect of the entertainment market, go back and keep up the good work.”

“All right, sir.” Agent Li then hurriedly exited the room.

The agent exhaled a sigh of relief as he shut the door, and a thought occurred to him. Accompanying a king is like being with a tiger. Wow, it’s too scary….

Jing Xuan is in the kitchen cooking in the evening.

This tall 1.87 meter man was currently wearing a striped apron and, after taking a shower at night, his soft bangs hung down on his forehead, looking like a young man. You wouldn’t think this was a company president.

He made three dishes and one soup, then rubbed his hands together after serving it at the table.

“Mother Consort, it’s time to eat.”

Jiang Shining accepted the spoon and smiled warmly.

“Jing Xuan ah, I heard something from my subordinates today.” She said, “That little company of yours has a video site that ranks in the top three in terms of traffic?”

Jing Xuan’s smile stiffened for a brief moment before he scratched his head, embarrassed.

“That I…… I was too embarrassed to tell you because it wasn’t the first.” He stated his situation.

“What’s the big deal? Being in the leading three is already very good, plus the Ninglu media is even worse. Why didn’t you say anything?” Jiang Shining confused.

“No, that’s not the same. Jing Yuan used to be an emperor,” Jing Xuan said, lowering his head and picking up the dishes with his chopsticks. “But my company did not make it to first place, only…… I’m worried you’ll look down on it, so I didn’t have the guts to mention.”

“Why do you have such thoughts?” Jiang Shining was a little surprised. “I will be glad for what you do and how you achieve it.”

Jing Xuan raised his head and glanced at her aggrievedly, then lowered his head quickly.

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