The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 16.2

So, you can understand how intrigued the entertainers are by her.

Jiang Shining is naturally highly tactful. She recognises that she has awakened everyone’s curiosity, and the more curious they are, the more mysterious and inscrutable she has to be, in order to whet everyone’s appetite and optimise the use of this heat.

Therefore, at the interview area, Jiang Shining responded with a grin to all the reporters’ inquiries, and then, with a few words without sorrow, she requested everyone to support the artists under her banner, and left with the unwilling eyes of the entertainment reporters.

When Jiang Shining walked to the stage and sat down in her seat, the slot with Xiu Lingfei’s name on her left hand was still empty.

Because the talent show hosted by Ninglu has become the hottest variety show this year, Jiang Shining was able to sit in the front row with other famous bosses. This row is bounded by Xiu Lingfei’s seats.

On the right are the invited bosses, while on the left are the great stars and prominent actors.

The ceremony has not yet begun.

The actors and bosses are conversing with people they know. Jiang Shining, seated on the right, is the owner of one of the entertainment firms who sent trainees to participate in her variety programme, named Zhao Ming. Jiang Shining also found it amusing to hear him gossiping about an artist and a certain actor.

This awards ceremony attracted the hopes of numerous fans because of the dazzling stars.

What Jiang Shining didn’t know was that once someone linked her and Xiu Lingfei’s seats together and posted it on a V-blog, this occurrence happened again.

One level—the frustrations of their two companies for grabbing artists, the popularity of Longteng “Daddy”, and Jiang Shining’s own popularity have propelled this matter to the peak of netizens’ gossip.

On the other side, Jing Xuan is at his company’s office. On one computer screen, there is a live stream that has not yet been connected. On the other side, Jing Xuan is refreshing the homepage of V blog annoyingly.

Seeing [Xiu Ling Fei Jiang Shining name] floating on the top of the hot search, he feels agitated.

He hates to see the names of two people mixed. In ancient times, Jing Xuan would have rebelled against his father with the sword. However, in the present world, he is not connected to Jiang Shining and Xiu Ling Fei.

To prevent suspicion, he has to withstand his wrath and continue to sit in front of the computer and continue to search for Weibo.

Tonight, the network operation departments of Xuanyuan Video and Ninglu Entertainment are going to work all night, and anytime Jiang Shining appears, they must grasp any opportunity to maximise their benefits.

Jing Xuan was constantly updating the Jiang Shining, Xiu Lingfei, and award ceremony keyword pages.

They should have all walked across the small red carpet by now if he was keeping track of the time. After another refresh, Jing Xuan saw a small interview video and a few images of Jiang Shining.

The entire page is refreshed with images of each actor and celebrity boss because it is an interview photo. In the entire photo, Jing Xuan thinks that his own mother is the most beautiful one.

Hmph, the grass and flowers by the roadside are obviously inferior to his Imperial Consort Xiao, who was previously renowned for her beauty.

Jing Xuan reached for the table’s button and pressed it. Xiao Liu, his secretary, entered shortly after.

“Mr. Wang?” 

“Go ahead and choose some of President Jiang’s images to boost her popularity. First, suppress the hot search,” Jing Xuan said.

“Good boss.”

“Wait a second!”

Jing Xuan massaged his chin with his fingers as he considered a worthy name for the hot search. What do you think it should be called?

He truly wanted to declare explicitly that ‘Jiang Shining suppressed the beauty and talent,’ but it was too easy to anger others, even though it was true to him.

Everyone in the industry understands that their company is responsible for celebrity attractiveness, changing outfits, and hairstyles. It’s pointless to brag, and it’s also pointless to brag over others. “The hot search topic is Jiang Shining is as beautiful as a Goddess.” Jing Xuan reluctantly retreated to himself.

“…” Xiao Liu was speechless for a while, and then said helplessly, “Mr. Wang, leave this to me. I understand what you mean.”

Jing Xuan smiled and nodded. After a while, he added, “Try to be as fast as possible.”

For a second, he didn’t want to see Xiu Lingfei’s and Jiang Shining’s names together.

As a result, a new heat appeared on the list when various stars occupied the hot search list. It’s incredibly exciting because Jiang Shining’s name and the names of other actresses are neighbours.

The rating is determined by the celebrities’ fans as well as the operations of certain other companies. Netizens were first concerned about Jiang Shining, and when the news broke, they all tuned in to see what had happened.

Due to the fact that the company behind it invested money to promote it, it was able to defeat Huadan’s large and little stars, as well as Jiang Shining and Xiu Lingfei, and take first position.

(TL* Huadan = role of vivacious young female in Chinese opera)

It’s simply that the hot search’s name isn’t exactly what Jing Xuan had in mind. “Jiang Shining’s Awesome Appearance,” it says. Jing Xuan pondered for a long time, puzzled by this literary strategy. He was still a fan of the Goddess adverb.

The company purchased a few entertainment blogs and used them to promote Jiang Shining’s beauty. Several Weibo posts were quickly re-posted.

Jing Xuan clicked in and took a look. The netizens who forwarded and commented on it were saying that Jiang Shining is good-looking. Jing Xuan was satisfied.

It’s just that…

The hot comments section has evolved a little as the popularity grows.

1st floor: I’ve made it official that I’ll be making my debut today!

2nd floor: [Crying] Mom is so beautiful! I hope my mother treats my yyy brother a little bit better! Give more resources!

3rd floor: This skin… these features… are unparalleled, and the high-definition photographs are flawless.

4th floor: Husband! %¥#%……

Jing Xuan was silent to a bunch of netizens called ‘mother’, ‘husband’ and ‘wives’. He clicked in and found that all the netizens were girls.

His Royal Highness’s mouse shook at the top of a comment that said, “I’m going to give birth to a monkey,” and he hastily closed the page, stunned.

This route is too wild.

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