The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 25.1

On the Biological Institute’s monitor, a ray of eye-catching grey appeared.

“Stop chatting, the doctor has come in,” said the old researcher who had previously spoken.

This young and promising doctor will be ten times more irritable than usual because of the summer and hot weather.

Only the very clear ticking of the timer could be heard across the biological courtyard.

Several people went straight to work, staring at the experiment and writing a report on the table with complete dedication. Nothing similar looks to have happened previously.

After a little while, the extremely attractive gray-haired man entered, followed by his assistant like a small tail.

When she saw the other person’s figure swishing by her, the female researcher who was staring at the test tube felt comforted.

Dr. D has an outstanding pair of long legs that are straight and lovely, and he walks like the wind.

It would be fantastic if her or her partner’s stunning face and long legs could grow on like Dr. D.

But, no matter how attractive the doctor is, his personality is terrible.

His business skills are exceptional, but the pressure to collaborate with him is overwhelming. If she’s in the same room as another person, she’ll be careful and neglect the face that’s more lovely than a huge star.

This type of snow lotus can be viewed but not touched in the Heavenly Mountains, where it can freeze people to death in the summer.

Furthermore, according to legend, Dr. D was born and raised in the fabled lost city.

The people who live there are strange, and there have been many well-known abnormal characters in history who are tough to irritate.

Dr. D was very frivolous when he was young.

The Institute of Biology is huge, but only doctoral-level scientists have their own laboratories, and only a core leader like Dr. D has a top-tier laboratory.

The other party enters the door for the first time and enters the special disinfection room, and puts on a special white coat and sterile gloves.

A disposable white sterile cap was also worn over his hair.

Dr. D’s ice-cold face softened two points as he saw the grey hair turn white again.

When they go outside, adults like them always appear in human form. It’s tough to revert to their beast form, unlike when they were cubs and genetically controlled.

At a young age, Dr. D, as the smartest of his friends, learned to hide his hairy ears and tail.

However, some things are determined by genes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

He has beautiful snow-white hair color for three quarters of the year, but every time in summer, when the thick layer of hair fades away, his hair will turn grey uncontrollably.

Dr. D’s exceedingly attractive face, combined with his grey hair, does not make him appear old-fashioned, but quite fashionable.

As a person who suffers from mysophobia, Dr. D, however, prefers his own warm, soft, white, and flawless hair as a person.

Although he claims to have no preferences, his colour selections are nevertheless influenced by his DNA.

After graduation, Dr. D will enrol in the Institute of Biology. The main reason is that he wants to discover the gene’s secret and end the curse of his coat colour changing at irregular intervals. (TL* the animal’s look or coat colour)

Although a bottle of white hair dye can solve this problem, for patients with cleanliness, Dr. D is disdainful of using this kind of thing.

Furthermore, the dyed products are not uniform, and he has never used inferior products.

Dr. D has performed many ground-breaking research projects since entering the School of Biology, including all types of pharmaceuticals marketed at exorbitant costs on the market, all of which are his masterpieces.

But it’s a shame that, despite all of his efforts, his modest bottle of potion has yet to be developed. (TL* to switch his coat colour)

Dr. D’s brain is a precious asset. It is more important to the Empire and the Federation’s whole army.

Things that are not perfect will definitely not be allowed to be used on him.

Biopharmaceutical that can alter a person’s DNA while causing no harm are not something that can be investigated casually.

For thousands of years, humans have studied the secrets of DNA, but manipulating the gene chain and changing it specifically appears to be something only gods can do.

For thousands of years, the people on their planet have been mixed races, claiming to be immigrants from the ancient blue star.

If Dr. D is successful, he will be able to modify the purity of his blood.

The ancient blood is too weak in their current bodies, although they had many children and have had great ability since birth.

They cannot regulate their own strength, and because of their frequent loss of control, they will become loathsome defective products.

If Dr. D’s research is successful, perhaps their descendants, or, to put it another way, their generation, will be able to change their own fate.

This is also why the Institute of Biology can receive so much financing from the aforementioned sources.

The residents of Interstellar are unconcerned about whether it is under human ethics.

Technology has revolutionised the way individuals reproduce in our period, and people’s feelings are also extraordinarily indifferent. Everyone is more concerned about their salary and future than they are about petty matters.

These are the key criteria that will influence whether they can have a smart child and eventually enter a senior care center.

Dr. D received the itinerary after the assistant examined the doctor’s work account, sorted out useful information in the shortest time possible, and reported it to him.

“Mr. X would like to invite you to give something.”

“Don’t go,” the man said indifferently.

“Don’t tell me about this kind of thing in the future, and I won’t come over next time,” he said, his tone cold as ice.

His least favourite aspect of his job as a researcher is socialising.

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