The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 11.2

She couldn’t help sighing and went across the table to touch Jing Xuan’s hair.

“When I was in court, all I could think about was how the three of us would survive. We will only be able to live if Jing Yuan is appointed to the throne. Because it was too difficult at the moment, I decided to focus my efforts on your brother.” She said helplessly, “But this isn’t my choice. Jing Xuan, you must understand that I love you. If it is a peaceful moment, I will not force you to do anything.”

Although Jing Xuan recognised that he and Jing Yuan had a good relationship, the shadow of the previous life was too big.

Jing Xuan could nearly always witness Jing Yuan discussing with his Mother Consort after he was thirteen, but they didn’t tell him anything. They all spoke to him as if he were a child… Even if it is a form of protection, being excluded is uncomfortable, but Jing Xuan is more reserved and never expresses his thoughts.

He lost his mother when he was seventeen, and then learned that in order for his brother to be on the throne, his Mother Consort took poison pills every day—even though he knew she was doing it for the two of them, he couldn’t help but feel that his Mother Consort favoured his brother more, and she took her own life for him.

Jing Xuan knows he can’t keep up with his elder brother no matter how hard he works now that he’s reborn, so he’s embarrassed to tell Jiang Shining the truth about his career.

“By the way, Jing Xuan, you might have to help me,” Jiang Shining said, and Jing Xuan couldn’t help but nod.

“You said,” Jing Xuan agreed instinctively as he raised his head.

“A platform is required if Ninglu Media wishes to run a variety programme. I can’t trust anyone else-can you and I formally join forces?” Jiang Shining asked gently.

“Of course.” Jing Xuan said. He paused again. “Just like when you and Jing Yuan joined forces in your previous life?”

“Yes. You have to help me get sponsorship in addition to the video platform,” Jiang Shining replied.

“It’s no problem! I’ll take care of it.” Jing Xuan’s sadness vanished. He chuckled, and he reverted to his previous life’s lovely and warm prince.

Jing Xuan was overjoyed. He sincerely hoped that Jing Yuan would appear two years later — yes, it’s a plastic brotherhood. In any case, Jing Xuan believes in Jing Yuan’s survivability in modern society!

Longteng, who worked in the entertainment industry, had not heard anything further for a month. Gu Haotian’s payout for high-priced liquidated damages and his relocation to Longteng, on the other hand, made headlines.

The comment was initially controlled by Gu Haotian’s admirers and Longteng. The encouragement he received from the remarks and the marketing accounts he was shown were all phrases that motivated him to improve.

Gu Haotian was not found until half a month later, and this time the hot search linked him to the humiliation after someone revealed that the company had used all resources to set Gu Haotian on fire.

Gu Haotian would unexpectedly turn around and be dragged away by Longteng, displaying no sign of morals or gratitude for his old club.

Jiang Shining paid significant compensation to a group of planning copywriters and network operations specialists who specialise in network marketing and assistance.

The result was excellent. Ninglu Media is personified and portrayed in a lovely way, as if it were a weak old father watching his son’s rebellion.

Ninglu Media became a hot search as the situation became increasingly explosive.

The company’s V blog has also had a tiny editor change, generally in a humorous style, but only a rumoured Weibo with a serious tone: not every separation is worth shaking hands goodbye.

Gu Haotian may have stolen the resources of other artists, but he is not a human being.

For a moment, the company’s official account was overwhelmed with netizens who came to console them.

Longteng was submerged because of this episode, but he responded promptly and erased comments and heated searches. Ninglu Media’s repost and comment about saying goodbye were directly greyed out by the opposite party.

Jiang Shining was unconcerned. The main reason was that Gu Haotian’s death was caused by his leaving.

It was reasonable to use him to generate a buzz of excitement on the Internet. Furthermore, Xiu Lingfei was clearly targeting her, which was both blatant and childish.

As a result, the more unhappy Ninglu is, the more people believe Ninglu Media is pitiful, has no background, and is being bullied by big corporations, making it easier to support Ninglu. How could father Longteng dig a corner and return to a black Weibo?

This time, Ninglu’s official blog gained popularity, but it’s strange that official blogs that were originally posted almost every day went silent for seven days.

Netizens were worried whether Ninglu had gone bankrupt and had no money to hire editors.

As a result, a V blog appeared on the Ninglu official blog a week later.

Ninglu Media and Xuanyuan Video collaborated on a variety show in which male and female trainees went through training and assessment together, and the winners’ future resources were densely packed with several big names in various fields.

The netizens are more excited than the players after seeing the high-quality trailer, and even typing on the phone keyboard is a little heavier than usual.

— Ninglu, the mighty duck! Defeat the evil world!

Xiu Lingfei, was holding his phone in the office, his eyes squinted, his gaze fixed on the name.

Xuanyuan Video?

How could Jiang Shining get sponsored by the big video website?

Longteng and Xuanyuan are different in the industry, and Xiu Lingfei does not know who the boss is, just like people who usually watch videos don’t check who the owner of this video website is.


Xiu Lingfei searched for the words of the Xuanyuan Video on the Internet, and it turned out that the picture of a young and attractive young man in a suit was in the most prominent position, and he smiled at him.

Xiu Lingfei’s fingers stiffened, and he sneered after a while.

“… Jiang Shining, you really know how to raise a son.”

This son is really annoying.

The author has something to say:

After Chu Haoli came home, he beat the love brain moth.

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