The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 25.2

Whether it’s a meal with individuals who are feasting and seeking pleasure, or a meeting with a group of officials who can only talk about the official things, it’s an unnutritious meeting.

It is a pity that in this era, it is impossible for a person to completely escape from society.

“All right, I remembered.”

The assistant is an expert at composing rejection replies.

He didn’t reason with Dr. D. Last time Mr. X, also gave a gift to the doctor. He only want to show off and they didn’t talk anything that can benefit doctor’s time.

Because of the change in hair colour, the doctor may now be in a bad mood.

But there’s no need to justify yourself in front of Dr. D. Justification is a waste of a doctor’s time, and empty rhetoric is a waste of time.

There aren’t many people on Star A who are qualified to waste Dr.’s time.

For the past two years, this youthful assistant has worked with Dr. D. He has long learnt how to get along with this man, having graduated from a prominent university and been brutally beaten by society.

He’s merely a poor, insignificant assistant. He is simply required to carry out the wishes of the other party and is not required to do anything else.

After nearly cancelling all the previously arranged itineraries, the assistant looked at the doctor’s face and confirmed that he was in a good mood, opened his notepad, and sent the following message to the other party: “Two days ago, the Senate made a statement. The issues of the Barren Star will be abandoned in the future.”

The unfortunate ones who were previously sent to the Barren Star will be sent to their Institute of Biology.

A group of people sent to such a location after being sentenced to death by the Interstellar Court can be considered a waste of use.

As an unregistered resident, Xu Qiu would not be assigned to the Barren Star at all.

But who made her just after wake up for a while, being stared at because she was beautiful and weak?

She hadn’t been tempted by anyone, because a little lover besides that person became jealous. She was taken as a favor.

Xu Qiu took the place of the criminal who was sentenced to death, and the other party paid a large redemption fee in order to live comfortably.

Not only that, but the person who sent her to the Barren Star also said hello to ensure that Xu Qiu died there and that no bones remained.

They send Xu Qiu at the destination, but several kilometres away from the kindergarten.

After all, they’re concerned about Xu Qiu’s unique appearance.

The Federation is no longer in its former splendour, and the empire is no longer the empire it once was.

People wouldn’t be able to use this gap if Xu Qiu’s case hadn’t existed.

The atmosphere above is not good, and the bottom is even smokier.

The air condensed: “If you don’t do it, where do my research specimens come from?”

Although Interstellar pays little attention to ethics and morals, human interactions are very important, and citizens’ lives and personal possessions are nevertheless quite valuable.

They used the bodies of convicts to conduct their experiments on the human body.

Barren Star Kindergarten is actually like the execution ground for executed prisoners.

The contracts signed by these death row prisoners before their deaths are equivalent to those for the free donation of corpses.

If it does, then do it. If it doesn’t, the research institute won’t force it, lest some frenzied people take the opportunity to frame them.

In any situation involving indicators, there will be unwitting victims.

In fact, there are many people below who don’t have any signs. Every year, many criminals make people tickle because of genetic flaws. There is no scarcity of specimens given to the institute.

Despite his obsession with hygiene, Dr. D isn’t terrified of rotting, scary corpses.

“Don’t be concerned about this. Over the years, there has been a lot of conflict in many districts. Before the expedition, many soldiers signed donation agreements. There are also some donated specimens in the hospital. They were previously entirely allocated to the Guanghui Research Institute, but they have now decided to give us half of them.”

Their research institute is a legitimate and legal entity, and specimens for research are obtained through official channels.

The School of Biology at the Guanghui Research Institute has overcome many medical problems. They have also recruited Dr. D. However, for various reasons, Dr. D stayed at their research institute.

Human beings nowadays do not understand the concept of going into the earth for tranquillity. When a corpse is dead, there will be sparks. If a donation can contribute to the future of mankind, it’s actually quite glorious.

“The project I’m going to do is not those,” the man’s good-looking brows wrinkled slightly when he heard this.

Most of the patients’ remains donated in the hospital have various weird ailments that differ completely from what Dr. D is now researching, and thus are not suitable specimens.

It is also a priority to provide the Guanghui Research Institute if suitable.

When the young assistant thought that the doctor was about to have an attack, and was thinking hard about how to convince him, the latter gently let go.

“Don’t worry about it; if you don’t have it, you don’t have it. Anyway, come to the research area.”

The bad-tempered doctor was so easy to talk to this time that the young assistant thought he was dreaming.

“So, what exactly are you doing here? Bring the extract with you!”

Dr. D’s voice was as cold as an ice ball in the following second, breaking free from that uncommon soft state.

Dr. D concluded his work early and departed the institute after a long day of hard work.

This is the case every summer. Dr. D’s laziness gene will occur. No matter how important the project is, he will choose to get off work on time, turn off all entertainment, and stay alone at home for a long time.

On the way back, the young man lying on his seat resting half-heartedly said: “What day is it?”

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