The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 12.1

The planning for this variety performance benefited Jiang Shining greatly. When Jiang Shining visited other companies, she was astounded to see that all other entertainment companies, whether they were rated ahead of or behind Ninglu Media, agreed absolutely without hesitation to have their artists participate in the show.

This is because the impression Longteng leaves on other companies in the industry is always one of a violent mindset.

Longteng will give no one else a chance if it can have anything all to itself. If Longteng cooperates with other companies, it must be because there is no better option.

Jiang Shining is well aware that Xiu Lingfei is responsible for this Longteng style. Is there anyone in the world more pompous and high-minded than an emperor?

In his previous life, this type of guy was used to being high and powerful, and in this existence, he did things without mercy and disliked cooperating with others.

Unfortunately, circumstances have changed, and Longteng’s murderous attitude has made other corporations nervous since it first joined the entertainment industry.

All companies were terrified that Longteng would ‘kill’ the number one entertainment company and take most of the resources and interest in the pie, especially since Longteng’s first step was to kidnap the artists under Ninglu Media.

As a result, several companies are eager to work together to produce a successful variety event.

Even if Ninglu Media and Xuanyuan Video would profit the most from this variety show, Ninglu Media’s image in the business is certainly not as ruthless as Longteng’s.

This variety show is also not a combo and does not have a contract. When their company’s artists become well known, they might bring in a lot of resources. They can create a consistent profit while avoiding losses.

Jiang Shining’s main goal is to make Ninglu Media famous. Everything else is secondary.

As a result, she and the other company executives agreed right away. It’s no surprise that, because of Longteng’s forced involvement in the entertainment industry, Ninglu Media seized the opportunity to form favourable relationships with other businesses.

Jiang Shining has seen all the singing idol groups in prior variety show. She discovered that the poor audience in this entertainment sector had never witnessed such a high-quality variety show.

Because the female or male performers who become famous because of those programmes will eventually become embroiled in love and leave the game. Aside from that, the quality is dreadful.

She obviously does not know who the high-dimensional author wrote this story. The evolution of variety show has been a disaster.

This variety show is easy to explode if the audience’s expectations are so low, as long as the quality is up to par and the degree of interaction between male and female trainees is effectively controlled.

There was a two-week gap between the trainees’ training and their broadcasting. Jiang Shining outsourced the post-production to Jing Xuan. When he started a video website, he also had his own variety show.

The accommodation environment, as well as the training instructors chosen, are the best and most well-known. Furthermore, no expense was spared for publicising the event.

All the companies in which the trainees worked helped with publicity, and when combined with other publicity initiatives, it eventually became well known.

Netizens were also curious to see what kind of variety show Ninglu Media, the kidnapped headliner, would put on.

After the first episode was officially released on Xuanyuan Video, the show’s quality skyrocketed, and these poor netizens who hadn’t seen any decent shows created a group to promote it everywhere – every young brother and sister in it was so sweet and attractive!

The variety show has never been removed from the top searches since its debut on the internet. Various grounds for being on the hot search rounds include a certain trainee, a certain adoring clip, a simple boast of……

Until, one day, a not-so-appealing v blog ascended to the top.

[Fragrant snow: Wasn’t Ninglu Media the one who organized this? Your company’s trainees, live in the most costly villa in City P, the most expensive community. I’m afraid this wasn’t set up by a poor person on the verge of collapse. [smiles] [smiles]]

The screenshot below depicts the first episode of each company’s arrival at check-in. The subtitle location is not marked, and it’s merely a villa.

They don’t know how this netizen discovered it, but it’s assumed that other forces are at work because this V blog quickly rose to the top of the search results.

When the number of comments and retweets reached 30,000, Ninglu Media’s official blog took action the next day, immediately retweeting this Weibo.

[Ninglu Media: This villa is our boss’s property. She offered it to the artists to live in as a special gift to encourage them. P.S. Let’s meet up again tonight at 7:30 at Xuanyuan Video!]

For a brief while, the situation was reversed, and netizens and the melon-eating masses were stunned. Who is this peerless good boss? Is it possible to have a female president?

The melon-eating crowds began to notice the Ninglu Media company’s boss. They were only able to locate the name, not even a photograph.

Jiang Shining’s name was also on the popular search list at the end.

“Mother Consort, you can just make your debut,” Jing Xuan laughed as he turned off his computer and looked at Jiang Shining.

This was obviously a joke; being a boss was already Jiang Shining’s limit. There was no way she could enter the entertainment industry on her own.

“I’ll go to the scene when the finals are held,” Jiang Shining replied nicely while shrugging her shoulders.

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