The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 25.3

Researchers like them, who are focused on their work, are unconcerned with such little details as dates.

“It was October 10, 5124,” the small assistant said quickly.

“It’s been 24 years.”

The young man sighed without saying anything.

The small assistant was worried. He had been thinking about it for quite some time, but he couldn’t recall what the important day was today.

Festival? No, doctors do not attend festivals. They typically stay at the institute even on family reunion days.

After all, outstanding doctors must devote their entire lives to their profession and have no plans to marry or establish a family.

Human reproduction nowadays is also reliant on the power of science and technology. The most common reason for combining two people is to integrate resources.

If you want to maintain your own offspring due to genetic impulse, all you have to do is earn enough money and then apply for the report. After passing all the aspects of the examination, you can choose the excellent genes you want to give to a child. You are not obligated to marry.

People in the undeveloped world still rely on natural reproduction in its most basic form.

However, in the seventh section of their A Star, things are different. Doctors have a lot of money and a high social status. It is estimated that they really want children because of the above tasks, rather than staring at them and raising children. 

After all, the ones above value outstanding doctors more than outstanding illusory descendants.

Even the combination of two exceptionally good genes can cause extremely bad offspring.

It is simple to have a lovely appearance, but it is more difficult to have a keen intellect.

Dr. D is a genius who belongs to the gods’ darlings, and he is one of millions, or hundreds of millions.

After the assistant sent Dr. D, he went to the other side’s villa.

Anyway, the other party has the latest robot at home. When the doctor is doing experiments, a robot that writes his own program can help. It’s the same with him or without him.

Dr. D’s big villa has a very impersonal design, with geometric shapes everywhere, black, white, and grey as the predominant colours, and blue as the only brilliant colour.

Obviously, it is a man’s habitual residence, but this place doesn’t look homely.

The only difference is the wall-mounted pure gold and crystal trophies.

Between the trophies was a pressed-down frame.

Dr. D walked to the frame and helped it up.

Inlaid in this frame is an old photo.

Above is a group photo. The youthful Dr. D, who stands on the side with a cold face, is accompanied by a smiling and gorgeous, big-bellied woman.

Although the woman does not share the same father’s genes, she has a comparable appearance to him.

The woman’s ears burst out spontaneously due to pregnancy, making her look fluffy and adorable.

Three years ago, he took this photo. This year, that child should be three years old.

But he had nothing to do with this situation. Who made that woman look at people with bad eyesight? She looked around and found such a wolf-hearted outsider.

Cats are among the most cunning animals on the planet. They’re both irritable and harsh. After they’ve finished, they’ll pat their buttocks and walk away.

It was also because of that mother, who had been so enthralled by love that she had given up most of her life for such a feeble cub.

Natural fertility is a difficult thing to achieve. There are actually multiple people that are born, but only one of them survives.

It was a cub from the cat tribe, which he despised.

Except for the white hair, he looked nothing like that woman, but like that man.

The eyes, nose, mouth, and face are just like women’s.

Giving birth to such a dreadful creature that is nothing like one’s own is the end of natural fertility.

Dr. D merely gave that youngster a passing glance when he was born, and there was not a single hair on his body. The entire body was red, sticky, filthy, and unattractive.

The mother died afterwards, and the kid was sent to the Barren Star. The vitality is extremely strong, regardless of their race or that of man’s race. The bodies that have been sent from the Barren Star in the past have frequently had scratches that definitely belong to that race.

The child was not only not dead but also alive and well.

The man slammed the photo album shut, ignoring the fact that everything was determined by heredity, and it was impossible for him to take matters into his own hands.

The choice that the woman made at the beginning, she should take on her responsibilities.

Even if she always talks nonsense with a smile on her face, it won’t ruin their so-called sibling connection.

If the youngster isn’t a cat, he may consider it.

Xu Qiu, who was far away in the Barren Star, was completely unaware of this episode.

She is currently putting together a major event.

The kindergarten children’s detailed information is now clearly stated on the form.

She would make a note of any important dates and have 008 notify her regularly.

008 was also lively this morning when Xu Qiu came.

There are less than two days remaining till the birthday of the child Bai Sa, which falls on October 12th.

Don’t look at what 008 rarely says. It still cares about these cubs and always assigns them cooperative chores with the principal and the cubs. The system also renewed a secondary quest for this key day at that moment.

[Sub Task 102: Bai Sa’s birthday is approaching. He has been in kindergarten for two years and has never had a birthday. The host need to prepare a perfect birthday for him. Task rewards: 1 yellow peach tree, and 1 peach tree with 100 colored candles.]

The author has something to say: 

Not an alpaca! Not Cole Duck! Not an ostrich! Nor is it an owl!

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