The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 12.2

Because she has somehow become a hot topic among netizens, the most explosive point should be saved for last.

The variety show had been running for more than three months, and by the time the final rolled around, the top-ranked trainees had gathered a lot of followers. As a result, the names Ninglu Media and Xuanyuan Video began to surface more frequently among netizens.

Under the direction of Jiang Shining, six artists took part. Following the elimination of the two trainees with the lowest quality and level, the remaining four competed for a combined debut.

Ninglu Media released V blog on the eve of the finals to promote the upcoming episode, and also stated: It is said that our big boss will also attend the final scene oh!

The bottom-of-the-page remarks were immediately skewed: [Arrange it! Get in touch with Ms. Jiang!]

[What am I supposed to do, little brother and sister? I’m sorry, but I’d like to see your boss more [haha]].

There are an increasing number of likes and approval remarks.

There are an increasing number of likes and approval remarks.

The last live is the next day.

The secretary suggested that Jiang Shining hire a professional makeup artist, but Jiang Shining rejected the idea. Jiang Shining, is the only person who truly knows herself. So she naturally knows how to apply make-up and how to do it in order to look more beautiful.

This show’s audience is primarily composed of young women, and beauty that is excessively aggressive in appearance causes the same-gender to instinctively flinch. And a gaze that is less threatening and a little gentler may be accepted more easily.

Only…… For several lifetimes, Jiang Shining has pretended to be soft and has grown tired of it.

The live finale began at 8 p.m., and the cries of the audience certainly speak to the intensity of the show.

Xiu Lingfei unlocked his laptop in his ancient study inside the Xiu family mansion and connected to the Xuanyuan Video live link. Xiu Lingfei darkened his face and turned down the volume as the exaggerated cries and cheers filled the entire study room.

Why should those present be so enthused about a boring video opener, a monotonous male and female chorus, and a boring host introduction time?

Begin with the competition: A single group, a double group, a three-person group, a four-person group….. It’s finally time for Ninglu Media’s four artists to shine.

First place went to the live audience, entertainment judges, media judges, and internet voting.

Hum, that’s the first place? It’s just ordinary.

The four innocent and lovely children began to choke as the emcee gave the microphone to the Ninglu media artist who had just earned first place in the four-person group.

“…… Coming all the way here is difficult for us, but it’s even more difficult for our company. I’ve never seen a greater company than ours!” The captain was overcome with emotion and said, “Apart from our parents, the person we owe the most gratitude to is our boss. Boss Jiang is the world’s most gorgeous, kind-hearted, and fairy boss!”

The four members bowed deeply in one direction after he finished.

Xiu Lingfei’s eyelids jumped, and the live video and the large screen turned in the next second – Jiang Shining, dressed in a sharp ponytail and a western-style suit, was looking at the stage with happiness, the corners of her mouth bent slightly.

Jiang Shining is clothed in men’s attire and appears unadorned, but her nude makeup is of the highest quality. Although she appears brave, the woman’s delicate peach flower eyes soften some of the hardness.

Furthermore, as she glanced at the stage, her eyes reflected the light of the lamp, which had a brightening effect, and the glances in her lovely eyes were comforting, and with some dazzling light, they shone like stars.

The camera barely lasted for a few seconds before moving on to the stage, but it was enough to evoke cries from the audience.

Jiang Shining was on the hot search and trending again before the finals were even over, with a few seconds of her screenshots going viral.

[The owner of Ninglu Media’s face is also too good? The camera is so close, you can still see her exquisite skin, she may make a direct debut.]

[Our baby is correct, this is the fairy boss, fairy boss ah ah ah ah ah!]

[I don’t want to be an idol fan any longer. All I want to be is a boss fan! This man is pleading with Boss Jiang to make her debut. Otherwise, just let me marry her!]

And one of them, also shared a screenshot of Jiang Shining with a small smile, looking at the stage.

[You’re all missing the point. Jiang Shining’s glance is simply expressing – this Laoniang wants to promote my new artist. This is making us call her daddy ah!] 

(TL* 老娘 lǎoniáng = I, this old woman / my old lady )

Jiang Shining sat in the back seat of the car after the finals, and it was only then that she had the time to open her phone to check the direction of public opinion, not expecting to see any strange microblogs.

Overnight, she became a new father and the husband of a netizen.

This picture’s style and direction seems to be a bit different?

The author has something to say: 

Ningning who is coming to this novice-style drama, has a black question mark on her face every day.

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