I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 38.6

The video now confirms that You Qiuqiu, who has regained her original voice, is still the death singer.

No one knows the reason. Just as no one knows why You Qiuqiu’s voice changed to a baritone after she drank an irritating drink, making her singing improve.

Netizens kept an eye on those who lost the bet and forced them to listen to “The Hero Song.” Everyone was as enthusiastic as if they were at a Chinese New Year celebration.

“Have you listened to the Hero Song ten times yet? Come out and give your evidence instead of pretending to be dead!”

“The person you called is dead.” It took a long time for the netizens who lost the bet to go online.

Listening to You Qiuqiu’s “Hero Song” ten times is indeed too cruel, and they can ascend to heaven directly.

Of course, You Qiuqiu’s version of an affectionate little brother in the front, and the death singer in the back was badly played again.

How many plastic sisters have torn each other’s skins, and how many inseparable couples have nearly become unhappy couples?

Netizens commented on this incident: History reappears.

Furthermore, You Qiuqiu’s appearance as a guest at Tao Anjie’s concert was made public. Tao Anjie made a surprise announcement on Weibo.

He hasn’t written on Weibo in a long time, and his most recent post was about the finalists being punished.


Is the death singer going to the concert?

They were a little frightened, but at the same time, there is a certain amount of anticipation that cannot be expressed.

Simply put, they would like to hear it, but they are not sure what You Qiuqiu is going to sing at the show.

Xingqiu is the happiest. They thank Tao Anjie in the comments section below.

Thank you for taking our cubs to play, Tao Ge.

Qiu cub’s small milk voice returned. Although the mother fans no longer experience double bliss, they still wish for their daughter’s safety and well-being.

Before Xingqiu played around with You Qiuqiu’s video, they used this kind of happiness to show the sense of disharmony. After all, a gorgeous female face with a baritone voice would be rare.

Xingqiu wants to purchase Anjie concert tickets, but because Tao Anjie is so well-known, concert tickets are difficult to grab.

After regaining her original voice, You Qiuqiu greeted Shi Jing as usual.

Shi Jing: “Have you really changed back to your original voice?”

You Qiuqiu: “En.”

Shi Jing: “… bye.”

She hung up the phone the following second. It was a quick phone call. You Qiuqiu also received a message from her as well. Sorry, sister, but you’ve changed. I can’t stand the sound of your voice. Please return my little brother to his original place.

Shi Jing even asked if You Qiuqiu could drink any more irritating drinks.

Of course, she is only joking, but when someone is smitten with a new love, they will often neglect their friends.

Shi Jing lacked energy and interest once You Qiuqiu’s low and charming baritone had vanished. In her opinion, it wasn’t great.

As for You Qiuqiu? If she knew this would happen, she should have charged Shi Jing a bit more, but two hundred yuan was still a bargain.

Of course, You Qiuqiu would not drink any more stimulating potions. She is not a fool, and who knows what will happen if she drinks it.

You Qiuqiu not only didn’t drink it, but she also wrote a Weibo post to warn everyone not to learn from her, which is extremely risky.

You Qiuqiu even demonstrated the seriousness by writing it like a graduation thesis when she noticed that several people wanted to ask for this drink.

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