The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 26.1

Bai Sa’s birthday falls on the third working day. Originally, the class was supposed to be fully booked.

“Today’s lesson will be rescheduled, and the art class will be in the afternoon,” Xu Qiu declared, early in the morning after taking the textbook.

She clapped her hands, and the cutest robot No. 3 lifted a large bucket and poured a large quantity of metal products onto the ground.

Metal tangrams and metal building blocks are finely crafted toys that are also a lot of fun to play with. It may be a little tricky, but it’s fun to play again and again.

But for these cubs with special abilities, picking up these little things is a breeze.

“Everyone can choose any 20 blocks from here,” Xu Qiu said, pointing to the pile of metal objects.

“The task is to use the 20 building blocks to complete a work based on your own ideas. Students who finish it will receive a little red safflower. You can use fewer than 20, but not more than the maximum.”

Xu Qiu places a high value on spiritual gains besides material rewards.

Rewarding small safflower has the potential to encourage the cubs to be more active regardless of their age.

After hanging the little mermaid’s painting on the wall, Xu Qiu devised a thorough reward and punishment system.

She doesn’t have to wrack her wits to come up with the rules. In her mind’s eye, the kindergarten and elementary schools have a lot of examples she could use.

After all, everyone used to be so proud of the little safflower and the flowing red flag of civilization when she was a kid.

Because of the issue of resource utilisation, the original paper’s small red safflower were also made of metal. Xu Qiu created the pattern, and the robot assisted her in cutting 100 little metal red safflowers with precision.

The flowers are as thin as cicada wings. Even if it were made of metal, each fold is very delicate. It was a magnificent piece of art.

Xu Qiu used only paint to tint the metal. She painted the flower in her hand with various colour combinations to make it look like a little red safflower that had grown from a seed.

The left side at the back of the classroom has been painted by Xu Qiu. On one side is the exhibition of the cubs’ excellent works, and on the other side is a wall of the small red safflower.

There were only ten cubs, and Xu Qiu filled the wall with the names of ten people, separated by a long, thin metal track.

The track will firmly place the thin, small red blossoms once she places the flower on the wall. Every weekend, all the small red safflowers would be removed.

There would be no small red safflowers given on weekends. On typical working days, the small red safflowers would be placed once a day, and the evaluation would take place once a week. Additional awards will be given to the children who have the most red safflower.

On Monday, the evaluation will begin again, and will stop until the last class ends on Friday night.

The calendar was compiled by 008. The first day Xu Qiu arrived here was on June 1st, and her first day of work was the first Monday.

There are also jackpots to be won.

To give the cubs a big prize, Xu Qiu plans to divide it into a monthly cycle.

Looking at the cubs that had been tossed inside with building blocks, Xu Qiu asked robots 8-9 to watch after them. Then she walked into the kitchen.

For birthdays, usually people would cook longevity noodles, so Xu Qiu served them to the cubs this morning, along with a poached egg in each bowl.

She added a few fried sardines to Bai Sa’s bowl.

It’s a little fish that’s approximately the size of a thumb. It’s fried in oil and quite crispy, and the meat is incredibly tender. It’s delicious, with a pinch of salt on top of the fried sardines.

The sardines are densely packed with meat, and the fish bones are fragrantly cooked. The fish bones can be chewed and eaten directly with your teeth.

Yellow croaker noodles would be even better, but the prices in the system mall were too costly for her to purchase them.

Xu Qiu beat the remaining ten white eggs in a bowl, then swirled vigorously with chopsticks to create foam.

Her hands became sore after a bit of stirring. When she saw that No. 3 was working outside, she invited him back in.

“Come on, spin this bowl really fast.”

The robot’s efficiency is understandably astounding. It holds two metal chopsticks and pokes them into the bowl, and the chopsticks then become the virtual and real afterimages.

The egg white was quickly transformed into a beautiful foam. “OK, stop!” Xu Qiu said as she frantically called out.

No. 3 stopped, and Xu Qiu hurriedly dashed over to the counter and grabbed a large basin. She put the basin under the bowl, then she looked at the foam that turned in a graceful arc.

Thankfully, most of the egg whites were inside, and just a small portion of them fell out.

The robot’s pace was out of control, and the thin bowl burst.

She has no money in her pocket to buy eggs if the eggs fly away.

The chicken cubs raised in the pasture are still small. No matter how she threatened the chicken, it would not give her the egg.

Xu Qiu was given the beaten egg white by the robot, and the robot caught her as she was about to fall. She was relieved when the bowl and chopsticks were given to her.

Xu Qiu looked at the robot, and although it couldn’t feel the same emotions as humans, she could tell from the bland face that it was a little timid after doing something wrong.

Except for those basic chores, she still has to do the tasks that require skill and measure.

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