The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 13.1

No one could match Ninglu Media’s soaring fame for a while after their variety show became famous.

Jiang Shining is also on fire, not just because of her beauty, but also because her company, Ninglu Media, has delivered a fantastic variety show to their world, which previously lacked serious and better content.

Of course, this is a tremendous credit to Jing Xuan, but Jing Xuan actively avoids suspicion, so he has not appeared in front of the public from the beginning to the end.

Although the show has ended, several new faces have emerged in the entertainment sector and have quickly garnered a large fan base.

Not only did the four debuting singers earn a lot of money, but Ninglu Media has had offers from a lot of other companies and TV stations to establish a new variety show with them.

For the time being, Jiang Shining and her next scheme will remain unnamed. Even after the finale of this variety show, many spectators continued to watch it over and over….

The children at Y City’s children’s orphanage were playing games while the resting caregivers discussed which trainee in the show was more enticing.

Places with many children are always rowdy, especially when the orphanage’s children are between the ages of three and sixteen and are in their mischievous stage.

The children’s screams and laughter filled the spacious playroom, while the caregiver next to them quietly turned on the old TV and watched the news.

Children from the orphanage can be adopted if the paperwork is approved. Every day, new visitors would arrive to see the kids.

The orphanage youngsters appear to be heartless, but they all yearn for a home in their hearts.

Another couple wanted to adopt today, so a caregiver escorted them outside the glass, where they could view the kids playing in the playroom.

“Look, these kids are healthy and active, but it’s a shame their biological parents abandoned them.” With a small sigh, the caregiver added.

The young couple looked around. They had lots of energetic and active boys and girls, but they didn’t pay attention to them. Instead, they looked over at a small girl who was quietly playing with blocks in the corner.

This tiny girl, combed with two goat-horn pigtails, a pair of huge eyes, a delicate small nose, and a mouth, like a little princess, appears four or five years old. Don’t even mention how cute she looks.

The caregiver followed the young couple’s gaze and sighed as soon as she realised it was her.

“You guys have a good eye. This child is truly cute, but you can’t choose her. Several couples have tried to choose her in the past, but this child has refused, and we haven’t been able to intervene.”

Her caregivers named her Xiao Laohu girl because they didn’t seem to properly raise her. The tiny girl’s adorable looks easily arouse people’s need for protection, but no amount of love could melt the small tiger. Her huge, lovely eyes seemed to be on alert all the time, unless she ate or slept. (TL* Xiao Laohu = Little Tiger)

Furthermore, Xiao Laohu has a habit of saying unusual things, such as the end of the world, monsters, and so on. They did not know if she had seen the apocalypse movie.

 Yes, Xiao Laohu is Guoguo. Jiang Shining picked her up in the post-apocalyptic world. Without Jiang Shining, the mutant Guoguo would have eventually turned against humanity.

Guoguo is still too young in this world. All she knows is that she must not associate with others lightly, as her mother told her!

Guoguo’s caregivers also noticed that if they gave her vaccines or did something that made her frightened, she would cry out for her mother, but she was clearly an orphan, right?

The workers grew accustomed to this adorable and unusual little girl over time. In any case, the welfare system can care for these orphans until they reach adulthood, and no one can force her to be adopted if she doesn’t want to.

Another unhappy couple was sent this time, and inside the house, another caregiver sat peacefully watching TV despite the noise of screaming and laughter.

The paparazzi and entertainers are now more interested in Jiang Shining than in the celebrities, yet this programme was flashy and incoherent, and no secrets about Jiang Shining were revealed.

The caregiver was boredly watching when she felt a presence standing by her.

“Mom!” A sharp voice screamed.

The caregiver was shocked, so she turned around and glanced at Guoguo, who was pointing at the TV and leaping up and down in enthusiasm, which was unusual for him.

“What did you say, Xiao Laohu?” The caregiver was taken aback.

“Guoguo’s mommy! I want to see mommy!” Guoguo said anxiously. When the news broadcast finished, Jiang Shining’s face disappeared, and Guoguo began to cry.

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