The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 26.2

The fundamental cause is that there is still some material that needs to be used to make sure the robot has more functions and the material is insufficient. She also doesn’t have as many valuable resources to adjust the data to make the robot have more advanced features.

“All right, you can go back and charge.”

Robot No. 3 complied with the command and marched away. Before leaving, Xu Qiu had the impression that the robot had been wronged.

She probably over-interpreted since she had seen too many lovely cubs.

Xu Qiu separated the whipped egg whites and made a tiny cake from the recipe, she recalled.

There is no oven in the kitchen, but a small oven is stacked nearby.

She must understand everything herself because it is not a high-tech product.

She put in low-gluten flour and put it in the oven after adding edible oil and beating it thoroughly.

The chicken cake No. 1 was freshly prepared twenty minutes later, but the fire was too large, and it was burned.

After fifteen minutes, something didn’t feel quite right.

One, two… a bunch of failed products made their way into Xu Qiu’s stomach. She caressed her large belly, and after two hours, she had finally mastered the heat.

She eventually created a large cake this time. She took a tray with tongs and came out to look in a few minutes to avoid overturning.

She waited until the cake liquid had formed a fluffy round cake with a slightly brown surface before carefully removing it from the oven.

Xu Qiu also created fresh cream from egg whites, sugar, and milk, but this cream is not the same as what is served in cake shops. It can be made into exquisite shapes and patterns. It has a smooth texture and a refreshing flavour. She chilled it with ice water; otherwise, it would melt away soon.

Sadly, there is no area in kindergartens to create ice cubes, and the available metal resources cannot be used to make a refrigerator.

She placed the small cake bowl in a large basin of water with care.

When Xu Qiu went outside, she noticed that the sky had darkened.

The system determines that she has completed the preliminary work once she has completed the finished result.

[A reward for completing the preparation work is a golden peach tree, a juicy peach tree, and 100 candles.]

The trees are planted on the system’s farmland outskirts. What’s even better is that the two fruit trees are laden with fruit.

Peaches in golden and pink hues hung from the trees, which appeared heavy and gratifying.

The two trees were left in system space for the time being, and Xu Qiu had no plans to move them.

She took a peach from the golden peach tree, washed it, and bit into it. Xu Qiu was moved to tears by the rich juice and sweet peach flavour.

It’s not time to eat yet, so Xu Qiu selects two large peaches, peels off the skin, painstakingly digs out the flesh, shapes it into a lovely shape, and places it on the cake’s edge.

The candle is a frequent type of cake store candle, a thin one measuring less than ten centimetres, with a pattern of diagonal stripes.

Bai Sa is three years old this year. Xu Qiu chose three white ones, believing that white would be more appropriate for Bai Sa’s coat colour.

Something didn’t feel right when she put the white candle on the cake, so she took it out and replaced it with three pink candles.

Xu Qiu made a cat pattern out of the peach.

She intended to build a statue of the cat but couldn’t because of her knife skills, so she built a 2D cat head, which is obviously a children’s stick figure rendition.

She hurriedly peeled a couple of peaches and threw them into the juicer cup, in addition to the cake.

This juicer does not use power; instead, it cuts metal into sharp spiral blades, seals the cover, and she needs to rotate it by hand.

The outcome is excellent, but it is time-consuming.

Xu Qiu summoned her little robot assistant as soon as she finished the finishing task.

“No. 1, came here and hold this cake. Please be more cautious.”

The robot does not sway when walking. It is far steadier than she is, and it is unconcerned about falling out of the cake.

Her arms are sore now, and she’s worried about losing her hand in the middle.

Bai Sa’s birthday is today, and he is celebrating his first birthday. Xu Qiu must not allow any flaws to show up.

“No. 2, No. 3, you help me grab the peach juice and other snacks. No. 4, take care of this candle. No. 5, you take the plate and fork, and No. 6 call the rest of the group, as well as those from the farmland.”

The lights in the classroom were turned on because it was already night.

Xu Qiu remained silent for a moment before motioning to No. 1 to hand over the cake to her.

She carefully lighted the small pink candle that was inserted into the cake using a small match from No. 4’s hand.

Immediately afterwards, she asked No. 1 to guard No. 12 in the classroom as a hint. It was standing in front of the light switch, and it could reach out and touch the small switch with its hand.

The latter was given the instruction, and the classroom went dark suddenly.

“The lights are out!” the cubs exclaimed, a little uneasy.

“Don’t move, the castle we built will be knocked over by you!” shouted the two brothers, Ding Ding and Dong Dong, who possessed excellent night vision.

They also wanted to get a little red safflower and be praised by the principal.

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!”

Xu Qiu entered through the front entrance, carrying a cake and flanked by several robot attendants.

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