The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 13.2

The caregiver took a deep breath and immediately imagined a series of terrible plots in her brain.

No, it won’t.

Ten minutes later, Guoguo was taken to the other room, where the staff were waiting, and one of them handed over the phone.

“Xiao Laohu, is there anyone you know here?”

She purposefully grouped Jiang Shining’s photo with that of several other actress models with similar hair and clothing, and Guoguo recognised Jiang Shining right away.

“Mommy, where have you gone? I’d like to see my mother!” Guoguo said as she hugged the phone.

The staff exchanged glances, wondering aloud how old Jiang Shining was. They quickly created a series of early teenage births, secretly abandoned schemes, and other dog blood drama.

After putting Guoguo to sleep, the caregivers gathered to discuss whether to notify Ninglu Media about this problem or not.

If they did, would Jiang Shining discard the kid as a burden and also abandon her again?

But what if they lose?

After entanglement, the caregivers made up their minds – call! If Jiang Shining is really that horrible, they will break the news and contact the police.

So, a phone call was made to the front desk of the media. The receptionist was startled to hear this. The orphans in the next city are quite poor, but when they see the news and recognise their mother, it sounds more like the nonsense of a poor child without a home.

Moreover, the staff of Ninglu media have been thoroughly convinced by President Jiang. They never thought that Jiang Shining was the person who would abandon a child.

But the other party said it with confidence. There was no way. The receptionist struggled for half a day, but still contacted Jiang Shining.

“Boss, there is an odd call today. There is a welfare home in Y City. When a tiny girl saw your face in the news, she called you her mommy all the time. The caregivers there assume you two have a relationship…” The front desk girl can’t say much more.

At the other end of the phone, Jiang Shining’s heart leaped. She knew it had to be Guoguo- but she couldn’t get excited now. There was no blood relationship between them, and it was difficult to explain.

“Is there a photo of this child?” Jiang Shining restrained the excitement in her heart and said in a flat tone, “An orphan who likes me so much must be related to me.”

“Okay, I’ll provide their contact information to you.”

The receptionist transferred the information to Jiang Shining and hung up the phone. She couldn’t help but feel – their boss was really a lovely person and that a child’s nonsense also had to be managed by her.

Jiang Shining phoned this orphanage and looked at the photo again. She was confident that it was her Guoguo!

“I’ve never had a baby, but you can test my DNA.” Jiang Shining stated to the person in charge of the other party, “But this little child is so cute. She has a destiny with me. If I can pass the test, I am willing to adopt her.”

In reality, her heart was already thumping as quickly as a drum hammer, and she could not wait to bring Guoguo home.

“Of course, that’s the ideal outcome. But you are single and still so young. Maybe the adoption process may be tough… But not impossible! “

It won’t be difficult, because Jiang Shining knows that since the robot placed Guoguo there, it will provide her with a method to take it away.

As expected, the process came down in less than three days, and Jiang Shining was ready to go to Y City with an incredible feeling of joy.

Before departing, Jiang Shining saw Jing Xuan looking contemplative.

“What are you thinking about?”

Only then did Jing Xuan return to his senses, gaze at Jiang Shining, and say honestly, “Can you also adopt me?”

Jiang Shining: ……

Jiang Shining: “Silly son, you should sober up a little.”

The author has something to say:

Jing Xuan: QVQ Why do this to me!

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