The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 26.3

Only her face was lit in the darkness, and the candle’s light surrounded Xu Qiu’s face, softening and beautifying her already delicate face.

The cubs were stunned, and Yuan Jiu was the first to respond, singing along with Xu Qiu the happy birthday song he had learned the day before in music class.

While Xu Qiu firmly placed the cake on Bai Sa’s desk, the robot immediately transported the other food and drink to Bai Sa’s desk.

The candle’s weak light illuminates the limited world around it.

The other cubs all got down from their chairs and surrounded Xu Qiu and Bai Sa in the middle.

Xu Qiu looked at the little white cat who had a silly expression: ” Today is classmate Bai Sa’s birthday. Happy Birthday to you. Come on, Bai Sa, make a wish. The birthday wish can be made before blowing out the candles.”

The latter subconsciously followed what she said: “I hope…”

“Hush,” Xu Qiu said, “You can’t say a birthday wish.”

Bai Sa bit his lower lip, closed his eyes, and made a wish. Then he opened his mouth to blow out the candle forcefully.

The lights in the classroom were turned on after the candle went out.

“Now it’s time to cut the cake,” Xu Qiu stated, while taking a knife and a fork.

She shoved the little knife into Bai Sa’s hand and urged him to cut and divide the cake like the birthday star would do.

Bai Sa cut out the biggest piece of the sweet-smelling cake and handed it to Xu Qiu, along with a small cat peach slice that Xu Qiu had baked.

“This is for you.” The small cat said, raising his paws with a serious expression.

This time, Xu Qiu was really flattered.

The personality of the small cat is a little cooler, less clinging, and less communicative than Yuan Jiu’s.

But he gave her a piece of cake, indicating that he recognized her work.

Obviously, she put a lot of effort into the cake, but Xu Qiu immediately felt a sense of accomplishment.

Her heart felt as if it had been soaked in a cup of lovely, warm milk tea.

“Thank you, Bai Sa.” Xu Qiu immediately took it with both hands after regaining her consciousness.

Her eyes became cloudy as she grew older. Xu Qiu blinked, her eyes focusing.

She looked down at the cake she was holding. It was far too large. It was a wonderful burden for her, who had eaten many failed small cakes before.

The cubs are really fond of the food. Even if Qing Sha and Mu Zhi, who can’t eat much, would not waste the food.

When Xu Qiu noticed that all of the cubs were devouring the cake, she looked around and inquired, “Is the cake delicious?”

“It’s thick and delicious…”

“It’s fantastic.”

It sounded like there were several voices saying it was great. The cubs have meat on their faces these days, and their cravings for food are not so strong.

They will only eat one bite if it does not taste nice, but every cub likes it.

Lily also asked, “Is it exclusive to Bai Sa? Is it possible that we will eat cake every day in the future?”

Xu Qiu shook her head.

When something is consumed daily, it will not seem rare.

However, she instantly responded: “Everyone may only have birthday cakes on their birthdays. Not only Bai Sa, but every student can also get their own little cake.”

“Ding Ding and Dong Dong’s birthdays are on the same day, so I’ll prepare a bigger cake,” Xu Qiu said, looking at Ding Ding and Dong Dong.

“The cake is great, but I’m not a fan of the soft layer on top. Don’t put this on if it’s my birthday.”

Qing Sha enjoys everything Xu Qiu cooks, although the peach is a little difficult to eat. The cake is light and fluffy, but the peaches are slick.

“What are you talking about? Is that super delicious? You really don’t know how to appreciate it.”

Compared with cakes, Hualan simply loves peaches.

The cubs debated whether or not the peach was tasty.

Every fruit has its own devoted followers, and there are also “black fans” who despise it. Xu Qiu did not believe that peaches could satisfy all the cubs.

After all, their races are very different, that it’s natural for them to have different preferences.

Xu Qiu appeared just in time to put a stop on the fighting: “besides that, there are drinks and biscuits today. Let’s eat them together.”

She had previously baked the biscuits, which she had designed with charming patterns. The taste is excellent, and they are still warm from the oven. It just looks a little unique.

Some cubs enjoy the biscuits, some don’t, but peach juice is unanimously welcomed by the cubs.

“Since you can eat on your birthday, can’t you celebrate your birthday every day?” Yuan Jiu suddenly said.

“It’s really ridiculous,” Zhu Niang, the cubs’ most educated student, remarked. “Birthday refers to the day you were born. No one celebrates birthdays every day.”

Xu Qiu ignored Zhu Niang’s first sentence. After all, the two cubs are childish.

“Everyone’s birthday is the day they were born into this world. You can’t do it every day, but you can do it once a year.”

Xu Qiu: “Life is a lovely thing. Because everyone is a gift from God, everyone’s birthday is worth celebrating.”

The atmosphere instantly contracted as soon as Xu Qiu’s words fell.

“Am… Am I a treasure too?” Mu Zhi, who had always been quiet and timid, suddenly got the confidence to ask.

She was so dark that no one liked her, so she had no choice but to hide in the dark.

“Of course, you are,” Xu Qiu said solemnly.

Although Mu Zhi’s appearance looks a little unsightly, she is actually a very cute little spider with watery eyes.

The key is that Mu Zhi’s temperament is too good. The quiet, sensible, and obedient girl always makes people feel distressed.

With Mu Zhi’s question, the other cubs began to ask their own queries, one by one.

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