The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 14.1

When she got off the plane, Jiang Shining went straight to the Y City Orphanage.

The orphanage had already determined that there was no blood relationship between Jiang Shining and Guoguo when they were audited, so the people in charge felt uncomfortable. They knew they were impulsive when they called Ninglu Media.

However, Jiang Shining was willing to adopt an orphan who she had never met before and just called her mother because she saw her photo, so this kindness was truly touching. Therefore, the person in charge of Jiang Shining was nice when they met.

Jiang Shining is also glad to play with them. Her relationship with Guoguo is too difficult. Truthfully, she will be seen as a psychopath, so it’s unnecessary.

“Ms. Jiang, I’m happy you travelled all the way from P City. The child is in the waiting room.”

Jiang Shining nodded. “Because she thinks I’m her mother. I’ll be her mother from today on.”

“Ms. Jiang ……” The person in charge was touched badly but did not know that this was a long-time reunion.

Jiang Shining accompanied the person in charge to the door of the waiting room. Through the glass, they could see a little loli wearing a red dress with white sleeves. She also had two small scallions like sheep’s horn braids, sitting on a chair and swaying her tiny legs.

At that moment, Jiang Shining tears almost fell. Out of boys and girls, it really is still girls that make a mom feel more troubled, especially since Guoguo is only this big.

As soon as the door was opened, the person in charge was about to say something when Guoguo lifted her head and gazed directly at Jiang Shining.

“Mom!” Guoguo shouted.

The little girl leaped down from the chair, Jiang Shining squatted down. Just in time to hug her tightly, the child’s little hand gripped the back of Jiang Shining’s neck.

When Jiang Shining picked her up in her last life, she was also this large.

She was little and slender back then, but bending down to look at her now, this little Loli is still the most lovely.

“…… Guoguo.” Jiang Shining fought back the raging feelings and whispered gently, “Mom found you, so go home with mom.”


The person in charge gazed stunned at the little girl who did not even allow anybody to touch her head, but now so well behaved like a little bunny when she was taken up by the woman. Her pair of huge eyes fluttered about. This was just a child who had suddenly changed.

Guoguo is the same as Jiang Shining. Although she is young and doesn’t grasp many human thoughts, the terrible environment of doomsday she used to live in made human evilness emerge everywhere. If you witness so much malice, you won’t believe anyone.

Guoguo solely believed in Jiang Shining.

Jiang Shining clutched the child, scarcely leaving a trace of reason. She nodded and said goodbye to the residents in the welfare home, even taking a group photo with them in front of the plaque.

Jiang Shining also owns a house in Y city. She drove herself here. The car windows are particularly hidden black. There is everything inside. She even prepared a child seat.

First, Guoguo was put on the safety seat in the rear row. Jiang Shining turned the steering wheel and left, leaving the wave of the workers in front of the welfare home.

When Jiang Shining left, the director of the orphanage even gained a sponsorship – Ninglu Media contributed one million to this orphanage.

Not to mention how joyful this side is. In the car, Guoguo who was in the safety seat, was bound. She quietly raised her eyes to look at the mirror, but could not see Jiang Shining’s expression.

Guoguo is young but highly sensitive. She can’t help thinking, isn’t her mother happy?

Jiang Shining drove away from the block before stopping. Guoguo watched her get out of the car and close the door.

She opened the door of the second row of the car and climbed in.

Then, clutching Guoguo’s face, Jiang Shining kissed her a few times, making Guoguo dizzy.

Jiang Shining not only wanted to kiss her, but also wanted to hold her and give her the entire world.

When she left those various worlds, Guoguo was the youngest one, still a tiny girl.

“Guoguo, in the future, I can officially adopt you. Would you willing to accept my surname?”

The little girl’s eyes lit up, and she replied brightly, “Then we’ll be a true family from now on!” Jiang Shining patted her head affectionately. “Do you want a brother and sister?”

“No, I don’t!” Guoguo rushed forward and put her arm around Jiang Shining’s arm and stated petulantly, “Mommy is Guoguo’s!”

“A very attractive kind of brother.” Jiang Shining said calmly.

Guoguo …… Guoguo hesitated.

“Want brother!” Then she cheerfully exclaimed.

Jiang Shining flashed a doting mother grin. She took Guoguo back to the P city. Besides the villa on the Longteng property where the artist trainees lived, she herself, on the other side of the city, had villas in another rich area, this time thoroughly verified, and had no relationship with Longteng at all.

Jiang Shining now basically lives here, and this property is also close to where Jing Xuan lives, just a twenty-minute drive.

The car was parked, and Guoguo was already happy about her new life. Jiang Shining put her out of the car. The small girl was highly spirited, running around in the villa yard.

Looking at the gorgeous little girl with long black hair, huge eyes, and a pear vortex appearing when she smiles, she appears like a magnificent landscape no matter how she plays.

(TL* Pear vortex is a symmetrical indentation on both sides of the mouth.)

Now it’s autumn again. Guoguo was wearing a red dress and was picking up the leaves under the tree. Jiang Shining couldn’t help but take a picture before stepping up the steps to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, she spotted Jing Xuan leaning against the foyer wall, wearing a high neck sweater, his soft hair untidy, and eyes looking like a family dog that ​​found out she had another dog outside.

He appeared more like a big boy when he was dressed like this.

Jiang Shining couldn’t help but reach out and rub his tangled hair.

“Your sister is back, so get along with her in a while.”

“I think the guy who talks in my mind is attacking me.” Jing Xuan replied, “Why am I not seventeen years old? If I am underage, would you adopt me?”

Good guy, still wants this stuff.

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