The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 26.4

“Principal, because Lily is a treasure, why did they leave us in this kindergarten?” Lily wondered.

“Lily doesn’t want to stay in the kindergarten, Lily wants mommy,” In her memory, there is also the memory of her mother.

The sweet cake suddenly didn’t taste good, and Lily burst into tears.

You Yu, who has always been sensitive, empathises with her right away. He has no recollection of his mother, but he does recall the water.

This little pool was still too small. Xu Qiu requested that the robot construct a little cart for him to use. There were four little wheels on the cart. The board above was a basin with a water source suitable for his life.

The sea captivated You Yu, but yellow sand is everywhere on this barren star. She cries when you think about it.

The joyous birthday scenario abruptly transformed into a sob.

For a while, Xu Qiu is at a loss for what to do.

Everyone has a different reason for crying. She just has one mouth, and there’s no way she can console ten cubs at once.

No, there was another cub who remained silent.

The white rustling teeth grinned, showing sharp teeth and a pink mouth. It’s clearly a cute face, but the expression is ferocious: “What’s the matter with you? You haven’t been here for more than a day or two. Anyone who wishes to cry is free to do so. Please don’t ruin my cake.” As you may know, the Felidae cat is the natural enemy of numerous kindergarten cubs.

Yuan Jiu was so terrified that he began to cry.

Xu Qiu burst out laughing. She knew it was incorrect to laugh, but the cubs appeared to be clattering, which was amusing.

Her laughter was like a magical enchantment, breaking the spell of the gloomy environment.

Xu Qiu expressed her thoughts: “Everyone, instead of crying, try to smile more. Today is a wonderful day. It’s supposed to be a pleasant day.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t cry on your birthday,” You Yu apologised while feeling embarrassed.

Lily’s eyes were crimson, and she also nervously apologised while grabbing her large tail. “I shouldn’t have taken the lead in crying.”

Mu Zhi lifted her forelimbs and wiped her tears. In fact, she had nothing to be sad about.

As far as their race is concerned, as long as there is a place to weave the net, she is willing to stay away from it for a long time.

Mu Zhi, is unconcerned about his parents and brothers. Their race can produce many offspring. If they are unlucky, the cubs will be eaten shortly after birth.

She used to weave a net but could not catch the prey, leaving her hungry and uncomfortable.

Xu Qiu, the new dean of the kindergarten, is polite and lovely. She will feed them a lot of good food and lavish praise on her.

Mu Zhi enjoys art class, and she has recently experimented with her net weaving skills.

Life is going well for her. She’s not sure why she’s crying, but it’s probably because of You Yu.

The cubs’ feelings faded rapidly, and they swiftly forgot about the past incidents, continuing to cheerfully devour cakes.

Xu Qiu was interrupted by a reminder from the defensive robot at this precise moment.

[Visitors arrive]

Could Donald and the others be among them?

“No. 11 and No 12, you stay here to take care of them,” Xu Qiu said as she walked away, protected by the robot on her side.

She used a kerchief to wipe the obvious tears from the cubs’ faces: “You got to eat first, there are visitors. I’m going out.”

The guests were not Donald and Jasper, much to Xu Qiu’s surprise.

“Is this Barren Star Kindergarten?” said the other party, who was clearly dressed for business.

He went along with the navigation. He looked for Barren Star Kindergarten for a long time but couldn’t find it.

[Detected that the visitor’s good and evil values ​​are positive]

It is a symbol of goodness.

Xu Qiu would never let the other party in if he was full of animosity.

“Yes, our kindergarten was previously known as Barren Star Kindergarten, but it was only recently renamed. May I ask you the reason for your visit?”

“That’s it. Here is a courier from the Lost City, and it was sent to Bai Sa. Please accept it and sign it.”

The staff must sign it because it is a cub.

“Are you a courier?”

Is it possible for the courier to deliver to this location as well?

The other side picked up on Xu Qiu’s doubt.

“Yes, we are a delivery service. The company has started a new line of business and would deliver private orders.” 

They’re not like the rest of the small express companies. They’ve spent a lot of money developing their own cargo ships, as well as getting the rights to operate on a variety of routes.

The courier’s voice is rather pleasant.

There is no unique route here, but if someone is prepared to pay the money, they will send it specifically.

[The branch mission is open: Open logistics, if you want to get rich. First build the road! Barren Star is a treasure trove, but no matter how valuable the things are, they also need a market to sell. The first step in starting a business is to make a transaction with the outside world.]

Xu Qiu inquired about the cost of the trip and decided to put this side project on hold for the time being.

She and the kindergarten are both poor, so they can’t afford to take on this extra job!

After signing for the package, Xu Qiu had the system scan it first to ensure there was no risk inside. With a sigh of relief, Xu Qiu exhaled deeply.

Who would give something to Bai Sa? She remembered his birthplace, which appeared to be this Lost City.

Is it possible that it’s a member of his family?

But she’s been here for about a month and has yet to meet any of the cubs’ relatives.

Regardless, Xu Qiu called Bai Sa to go outside and handed Bai Sa this wonderful package.

Bai Sa didn’t use a knife. Instead, he pressed his paw on the box’s opening button and it readily opened.

In the future of high technology, only the corresponding people can get their own things. It’s no surprise that the courier is unconcerned about the cub’s belongings being overlooked.

However, as the box was opened, Bai Sa was immediately wrapped in white mist, and there was a change that caused Xu Qiu’s eyes to widen and making her close her mouth with her hand.

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The ML’s prototype is revealed: it’s the Arctic Hare!! You can search for cute pictures of Arctic Hare.

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