The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 14.2

“That won’t work.” Jiang Shining hung up her coat and said, “If you are seventeen, who do I want to work with?”

Jing Xuan was so coaxed that the corner of his lips curved.

Here, the sound of kicking and stumbling footsteps made a vivid call: “Mom!”

Jiang Shining turned her head, and she waved her hand to let Guoguo come over.

“Guoguo, this is your brother, Jing Xuan.”

Guoguo’s footsteps became slower and more timid as she approached them. Jiang Shining raised her head to see that Jing Xuan’s sumptuous beauty had vanished altogether.

Jing Xuan knelt, the corners of his mouth twisted up, and his gaze met Guoguo tenderly.

“Hello, I’m Jing Xuan.”

Jing Xuan was already a stunning young man. In modern times, he is growing and becoming more stable. When he chuckled, the low light outside the door flashed through his black pupils, and he was transformed into the sweet and suave prince.

This brother must be a good man because he is so attractive. Guoguo was taken aback.

“I am Guoguo!” said little Lolita as she went the last few feet with a touch of joy.

The small child was originally smiling, but after adding the pear vortex, her grin was sweeter than honey.


Where did such a lovely sister come from??

When she smiles, the child’s face looks good, even if she is a little chubby. Jing Xuan had a feeling he’d be beaten before he even got started.

He attempts to contain his excitement by shaking hands first and then holding Guoguo.

Jiang Shining’s phone rang, and seeing that they were getting along well, she said, “You familiar with each other, and I will answer the call.”

She then proceeded to the second floor.

She checks the number; it’s the front desk once more.

Jiang Shining’s heart skips a beat now as she sees the front desk number. Is it possible that another orphanage has made a new discovery? “Boss, you said before you wanted to select actors. Now there are basically more than 20 people. When will you look over?”

Jiang Shining only remembered this incident after that. She isn’t just interested in training trainees for variety performances. She believes that if she wants Ninglu to grow, she needs to broaden her perspectives, so she plans to gradually enter the film and television industries.

First, choose some potential people to sign contracts with, and then find professional school performance teachers to teach them. Allow the performers to be trained to act slowly. If she has enough money later, she can invest or perhaps start her own business.

“I’ll go now.”

Jiang Shining walked down the stairwell. On the first floor, there was no one. Guoguo was on Jing Xuan’s shoulder as Jiang Shining walked out of the gate. In the yard, two people, one big and one small, were spinning around. Jing Xuan would always act as if he was hitting something. Guoguo roared and laughed, scaring him……. 


Is this really the state of only knowing for fifteen minutes?

Jiang Shining’s mouth was hooked. She greeted Jing Xuan and drove to Ninglu Media.

The planes that turn around in the morning will begin reviewing the seedlings in the afternoon on this day.

Although the men and women are youthful and attractive, the quality is poor and too impetuous.

Acting and being a celebrity are still two separate things. Jiang Shining wishes to establish a brand. When she wants to remind people of Ninglu’s actors in the future, all she thinks of are professional and good actors, and nothing else.

Jiang Shining was not in a good mood after witnessing nearly twenty people perform. The sky was almost down outside. If she had known it all along, she might as well have stayed at home with her children.

The sound of high heels rang out, and the door was pushed open once more.

Jiang Shining held her head without looking up for the final one of the day.


The other party’s reaction was unexpectedly strong.

“It’s really you, Xiao Jiejie—”

(TL* elder sister = jiejie)


Jiang Shining was stunned. The boss’s chair was violently flipped around before she could raise her head. Jiang Shining was almost out of breath on her chest when a smooth, plump, and loving body pressed tightly on her.

She raised her eyes to see- after eventually pushing her head out.

“Lin Qingqing?”

Lin Qingqing is a stunning beauty with a large chest and a slim waist. Jiang Shining met her in the Ancient World.

She arrived at the palace later in the period, when everyone was focused on promoting her son to become the crown prince. Lin Qingqing, an Imperial Concubine, immediately recognised Jiang Shining’s power among the concubine forces and rushed to her side.

However, it is useless.

Every day, Jiang Shining is extremely busy. Lin Qingqing is big boobs but has no brain, and her great intelligence may appear to be stupidity.

Every day, she yells sweetly, “Jiejie, meimei is coming to see you!”

(TL* Yonger sister = Meimei)

She then gobbled half of the melon seeds she’d brought to Jiang Shining’s palace.

She said she had brought two lunch boxes of Liuli Cake. When Jiang Shining took a look, she had almost finished eating while she was waiting for Jiang Shining. 

She’d adopt cats and dogs, play with birds, and live happily. She had never considered using her advantages to take the lead. She just looked at Jiang Shining’s potential and sent cakes every day, played every day, and was bullied by Jiejie ~ to call her Jiejie.

Jiang Shining glanced at her cute movement that had brought her all the way here and realised there was nothing she could do.

She unexpectedly ran into her in this life.

“I got you something to eat, Jiejie! It’s completely sealed and does not move! Don’t be polite when we meet again after a long time of separated.”

Lin Qingqing reached into her pocket and pulled out a handful of snacks. She didn’t look away either, pulling the stool over and getting ready to eat.

Jiang Shining couldn’t laugh or cry.

“What are you doing here for? Are you looking for a job as an actor?”

“Don’t bring it up. I saw you on the news. Jiejie’s demeanour does not appear to have deteriorated. Ah, I came to see you.”

Lin Qingqing smiled. Her eyes were enticing, and she was a true beauty.

The same gluttony, laziness, and unwillingness to do anything.

Jiang Shining thought about it as she swept her up and down. She gave a slow smile.


“Oh, you still refer to me in this way. Every time you call me Meimei, it’s not good,” Lin Qingqing replied.

“Would you like to be a celebrity?” Jiang Shining gave a warm smile. “I have an ancient fantasy drama where the heroine is a nine-tailed white fox. With your condition, you can play it in ten days of class!”

Lin Qingqing snatched the jelly from her hand and stared with surprise at Jiang Shining’s smiling eyes.

Her original intention was to continue doing chores for the boss and then eat and wait to die.

Lin Qingqing softly bowed her head. Immediately after leaving the dragon, she felt like sending herself into a tiger’s den…

The author has something to say: 

Lin Qingqing: Jiejie, let me go first…

Jiang Shining (kind look)

Lin Qingqing: No, it’s all right!

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