The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 15.1

Lin Qingqing had a quite peaceful time in her past life since she followed Jiang Shining. She arrived at the palace later, when the harem had already been divided into various factions. The most powerful force should have been Jiang Shining.

But this also means that others will group together to target Jiang Shining’s group.    

Lin Qingqing, has no ambition; she was sent to the palace by her family because of her striking appearance. She is uninterested in the emperor and in the battle for favour.

She has no desire to climb the dragon and become the phoenix. Lin Qingqing is determined to follow Jiang Shining, not because she is the most powerful, but because she has the most attractive appearance.

People who are attractive have a better chance of winning.

Only, Lin Qingning a little poor in the head, would think like that. 

She is high on melon seeds when Jiang Shining and other concubines are plotting, and when Jiang Shining is rested, she comes over and invites her to have a small cake.

Being framed and poisoned is a typical occurrence. Fortunately, Jiang Shining immediately turned the tables and seized control of the harem, allowing Lin Qingqing to live to see another day.  

What? Did Jiang Shining kill the emperor smoothly?

It’s not as horrible as Jiang Shining’s death, which left Lin Qingqing in tears.

That’s because they shared a strong revolutionary friendship! Even if Lin Qingqing was not Jiang Shining’s confidante, there aren’t enough cupcakes and melon seeds to go around!

Lin Qingqing expected that her modern life would comprise working as a secretary for Jiang Shining, receiving a salary, and continuing to eat melon seeds.

But she did not know that Jiang Shining had changed!

“This is the beginning of the new era, Lin Qingqing. Women can no longer rely on males,” Jiang Shining stated solemnly.

“I don’t want to! I want to rely on you! My family is too bad in this life. I can’t afford to eat anything delicious,” Lin Qingqing said earnestly. “Jiejie, you can just take care of the food. I can do anything!”

Lin Qingqing is also regarded as a kind person, yet, despite having a wonderful physique and an attractive look, she did not make a living from it and even lived in embarrassment.

Jiang Shining can see that her clothes and jewellery are cheap, but the females in her previous life were also cheap but had a pleasant personality.

Jiang Shining let out a quiet sigh.

“First, let’s both sign a contract and give you two months to make up.”

 “Okay, okay.” Lin Qingqing accepted and signed the contract. Her jet-black hair was dangling from her desk.

She didn’t raise her head and continued, “Ningning, have you seen Xiu Lingfei… Oh, is that Chou, Chou Haoli?”

“A one-sided encounter.” Jiang Shining said.

Lin Qingqing wrote and raised her head, “Longteng’s involvement in the entertainment industry, shouldn’t it to…”

“Disgust me.” Jiang Shi Neng stated, her face expressionless.

“They’re too arrogant.”Lin Qingqing tsked, “You had such a big feud with him, I estimate that in the future it’ll be a mutual disgust with each other.”

Jiang Shining remained silent. A sick feeling in her stomach arose. Xiu Ling Fei had arrived, but what about the other worlds and her character’s male protagonists who were involved?

She didn’t want to see these scums again before she died! Now the scum group may have to appear in front of her; think about it; it’s a major headache. Is this a case of cross revulsion?

Jiang Shining knew what Xiu Ling Fei was thinking, and he planned to defeat her by using the world’s rules. It’s also true that Longteng is one of the largest companies, and Xiu Lingfei is among the wealthiest people in the world.

Untouchable in the short term. Even if it’s a genuine dragon, Jiang Shining will have to remove all of its little claws! 

If the other few guys dare show up, she’ll have to deal with them one by one.

Lin Qingqing raised her head and watched Jiang Shining’s pair of peach flower eyes deepen, making others shudder. She seemed to be planning how to ‘trouble’ Xiu Lingfei.

As a follower, to moderate the atmosphere at the right time, Lin Qingqing then spoke, “By the way, Ningning, have you reunited with your two sons?” 

She became a titled princess at a young age in her previous life and admired Jing Yuan’s ability to rule the world as an emperor. Unlike Xiu Lingfei, she was still hesitant to address Jing Yuan by his first name.

Jiang Shining’s frosty expression vanished, and her eyes became a little more worried.

“I met Jing Xuan, but Jing Yuan……”

Jing Yuan, where the heck is he?

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