The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 15.2

Normally, Jiang Shining should get together with Lin Qingqing because she has very few friends, and this opportunity is very rare. But she’s only recently met Guoguo, so her heart isn’t at ease. She and Lin Qingqing rushed back home after a quick meal.

The new villa was in a posh neighbourhood, and it was already dark when Jiang Shining arrived home. She pulled up to the side of the road and opened the door. The lights were left on even though there was no one on the first floor.

As Jiang Shining moved up to the second level, she heard a whispered conversation a few steps away.

Jing Xuan and Guoguo were snuggled up on the sofa. Guoguo curled up on Jing Xuan’s chest like a little ball, and Jing Xuan curled up with one of his long legs on the coffee table. He had a book of fairy tales in his hands and was painstakingly reading the narrative to her.

Guoguo raised her head, blinked her wide eyes, and whispered blankly, in a soft, sticky voice, “brother!” as he read.

Jing Xuan then stopped and replied: “Guoguo ~”

Jiang Shining hooked up the corner of her mouth. This scene was both warm and amusing. Jing Xuan had been a younger brother for a long time, and his answering voice became rather charming when Guoguo called him for the first time as a brother.

Jiang Shining took the final few steps up the stairs. Guoguo quickly recognised her from the other side and exclaimed, “Mother!” before flying down from the sofa and into Jiang Shining’s grasp.

Jing Xuan slowly stood up straight and enviously glanced at them, unsure whether to envy Jiang Shining or Guoguo.

“Jing Xuan, it’s a little late today. You should go home early,” Jiang Shining said as she hugged Guoguo and glanced at Jing Xuan.

“I can’t stay overnight?” Jing Xuan played hard.

“You realise why you can’t, right?” Jiang Shining asked, sighing.

There is no other explanation; they are not related by blood in this life. Others are unaware of her relationship with Jing Xuan, who is even a few years older than her.

Who knows how the outside world will twist this if it is discovered and photographed.

And… After all, it’s a son, and he’s already so old. It’s really inappropriate. She has to avoid suspicion.

Jing Xuan sighed softly and stood up, as if he understood. He raised his head and lightly kissed Guoguo’s forehead in front of the mother and younger sister, causing the small girl to giggle.

Jiang Shining and Guoguo never left each other for the next few days. Even when Jiang Shining went to work at Ninglu Media, Jiang Shining carried Guoguo with her, not disguising it at all.

The workers soon welcomed the boss’s recently adopted little daughter after the initial astonishment, mainly because she is too cute and attractive.

On the other hand, Lin Qingqing was coaxed and cheated into joining the acting class by Jiang Shining. Jiang Shining insisted on this because she believes Lin Qingqing is best suited for the heroine’s role.

The Nine Tailed White Fox, should be charming and simple, like Qingqing. She would have no trouble adapting because she comes from an ancient background.

Lin Qingqing called her excitedly after trying a scene and said that filming was a lot of fun.

Jiang Shining had not expected the Buddha and glutton Lin Qingqing to be the first actors she discovered.

(TL* buddha is a Chinese slang term for someone who is carefree.)

At the end of the month, Jiang Shining received a phone invitation from the organiser: A grand award ceremony for artists was to be held in P City, and the organiser wanted them, the entertainment industry’s top executives, to attend as guests of honour.

This type of thing did not turn out well for Ninglu Media in the past, but the popular variety show resurrected the company in the public eye.

After the awards, there will be a gathering of insiders, which is a good opportunity to socialise, so Jiang Shining readily agreed.

Xiu Lingfei was reading the newspaper at the Longteng Company while leaning back in his boss’s chair, wearing gold-rimmed glasses and his hair meticulously slicked back. His secretary stood in front of him, reporting on his work.

“…… This week we turned down twenty-five event invitations. I sent someone else because the rich man from Port N, surnamed Zhao, wanted to talk business with Longteng. There’s also the artist award event in P City that has been turned back, as well as a real estate agent-“

As he set down the newspaper, Xiu Lingfei’s eyes narrowed behind the lenses.

 “The award event in P City?” He pondered for a while, then said, “Go for it.”

“Uh… okay,” the secretary, who once again did not know what his big boss was up to, hastily revised his plan. “Who are you going to send?”

“I’ll go on my own.”

Secretary: …

The ten billion dollar tycoon, Xiu Lingfei, who is too lazy to socialize, actually wants to cross the province to attend a small award ceremony?

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