I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 39.1

Fang Shubai was the first person to be kicked out from You Qiuqiu’s fan club.

You Qiuqiu: I’m taking you on as an apprentice, yet you want to be my father?


(TL* There is also an English gun term in the raw.)

Faced with You Qiuqiu’s reaction, Fang Shubai grabbed his face and let out a “giggling” laugh, as if he had drunk fake pee.

“My cub is so adorable. Dad loves you!”

You Qiuqiu: “…”

She wanted to get rid of this fool completely.

However, You Qiuqiu couldn’t get rid of him because Fang Shubai and her had the same destination.

Tao Anjie also invited Fang Shubai to be a guest at his concert.

You Qiuqiu is roughly the same age as Fang Shubai, and the two have some friendship in private. When You Qiuqiu’s “plastic surgery” scandal occurred, many sunspots made a big deal out of Fang Shubai’s Weibo photo.

Excessive use of beauty function.

Fang Shubai felt that he might be in trouble after seeing the hot search, and he even quietly discussed whether to remove the photo with You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu didn’t care about it, therefore he didn’t need to delete the picture. Deleting it would make the situation more strange.

So Fang Shubai still thought that You Qiuqiu loves beauty too much. He accessed the camera programme on his phone and hesitated to give You Qiuqiu his opinion.

“Qiu Cub, you’re already quite attractive. Don’t be swayed by the aesthetics of Internet celebrities. we won’t open 80% beauty, it’s scary, 50% will do…”

You Qiuqiu, “…” Could she not take a photo with Fang Shubai?

It the best not to take any photos.

Finally, You Qiuqiu urged Fang Shubai to remove the beauty function, and she didn’t like to use it that much. She had previously told Fang Shubai that because she was frightened of being recognized.

Now it has been cleaned up, but some of her fans continue to refer to her as Qiu Qiuyou.

And everyone remarked she looked weird after she used the beauty feature.

Fang Shubai should have been relieved, but You Qiuqiu abruptly moved from 80 percent beautify to no need for beautifying, giving Fang Shubai the impression that he was controlling too much.

“It’s fine, Qiu Cub. Take your time. Fifty percent isn’t awful.”

You Qiuqiu, “I can’t take it anymore.” She left without taking it.

“Shoot!” exclaimed Fang Shubai. It must be done!

The two took a group photo and shared it on Weibo.

You Qiuqiu edited the text: The traffic lights are all over.

She noticed that Fang Shubai mentioned her in his post after she completed commenting. She opened it after following the prompt.

The identical image, but what Fang Shubai sent out was –

Qiu Cub, so cute! (*▽*)

It’s also accompanied by sticky emoji.

You Qiuqiu, “…”

Fans on both sides are overjoyed to witness how this sister and brother pair interacts. The two will always have a good time together. They didn’t think they’d see each other again today.

The background appears to be at the airport.

You Qiuqiu is attending Tao Anjie’s concert this time, and word has spread on Weibo.

What about Fang Shubai?

Netizens with superhuman abilities have already predicted that Fang Shubai will most likely be a guest at Tao Anjie’s concert. Didn’t they all record “Leisure Time” together?

The sand sculpture siblings reunite again. They are excited about it.

The Xingqiu have different thought. They noticed that Fang Shubai referred to You Qiuqiu as “Qiu Cub,” which is the Xingqiu’s exclusive name for Qiuqiu.

So, has this younger brother joined Xingqiu?

You Qiuqiu boarded the plane with Fang Shubai, and Fang Shubai swapped seats with others and sat in the same row as You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu had the impression that Fang Shubai was stubborn. He does not want to be her good apprentice; rather, he wishes to be her father.

So You Qiuqiu asked: You said that you are a dad fan. You have to play the list and join a group. If not, you are a fake dad fan.

Her initial goal was to urge Fang Shubai to quit and allow everyone to return to their previous roles. Taking shortcuts to rise to higher levels is not accepted behaviour.

You Qiuqiu didn’t expect Fang Shubai to take it seriously.

He immediately took out his phone and wanted to play the list for You Qiuqiu. It seemed as if she couldn’t hold him down.

You Qiuqiu, “…”

Okay, I’ll let him go.

Fang Shubai took out his phone, rubbed his head, and embarrassedly asked You Qiuqiu next to him, “Qiu Cub… can you paly the list, how do you play it?”

As an idol, Fang Shu Bai is naturally aware of this information and is aware what is the list is.

But… he never plays a list for anyone else.

You Qiuqiu, “…”

You Qiuqiu can only show Fang Shubai how to do this step by step.

Fang Shubai completed the ranking and thought he was finally a qualified dad fan, but he didn’t have time to join Qiu Cub’s fan support club group.

Because the female flight attendant has already reminded everyone to turn off their communication devices.

“Why are you so good at playing list, Qiu Cub?” Being proficient is like doing it countless times.

Fang Shubai chatted with You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu pursed her lips in a guilty conscience, and then called the flight attendant, “Hello, please bring a cup of hot water for this person, thank you.”

Let make the hot water close his mouth and stop him from asking.

“Qiu Cub, you are so sweet. How do you know that I drank too much cold water, and my stomach is uncomfortable?” Fang Shubai said as he accepted the boiled water.

“On the plane, there were no roasted kidney or roasted leeks. After the flight, I’ll take you to eat to nourish your kidneys.”

“A bad kidney is a big problem, don’t ignore it.”

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