I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 39.3

Most people on the scene had heard of You Qiuqiu, and they were impressed by her as a gorgeous female star, and then they were impressed even more by other labels.

For example, the death singer, the unique sand sculpture, and her down-to-earth demeanour.

However, for the time being, they are merely struck by a strong sense of beauty.

Oh my goodness, she’s stunning!

With such a high face value, what were they paying attention to before?!

They have not previously appreciated this beauty!

The camera kept following You Qiuqiu. You Qiuqiu saw the camera was still following her after she had been playing the drum for a long. After giving it some thought, she threw the drumstick haphazardly, caught it, and then flexibly rotated the drumstick with her fingers.

The people watching were awestruck and thrilled, for fear that she would accidentally drop the drumstick.

The drumstick, on the other hand, appeared to be growing on her hand, attracting everyone’s attention, and had no intention of falling.

This fancy show also directly made everyone scream.

So daring!

This is far too daring.

It’s different if beautiful girls play drums or something.

You Qiuqiu appeared cool on the outside, but was terrified on the inside: Fortunately, the car didn’t rollover.

She does not have any spectrums. She just does it without thinking about it. If she fails directly, there will be some jokes.

The light on You Qiuqiu faded after she gave a fantastic drum performance.

Tao Anjie used the darkness to his advantage, performing another song to draw the audience’s attention. She hurriedly stepped down, sprinting 800 metres like it was a school sport.

She has another set of outfits to change, and she will perform with Fang Shubai soon.

Tao Anjie also invited Fang Shubai as a guest performer. According to the director, the stunning men and beautiful women are ready-made, so it must be a visual feast.

Fang Shubai was whispering to You Qiuqiu.

“The way the director stared at me…it made me nervous.”

You Qiuqiu: “… Me, too.”

But, since they had come to be Tao Ge’s guests, they were prepared to perform.

It doesn’t matter. Just come. They are at this level, anyway.

You Qiuqiu changed out of her previous clothes. To keep up with the time, she quickly changed into another set of performance clothes inside, but thankfully, the skirt inside was not too long.

“Do I have to really wear it like way?”

“This is too much…”

You Qiuqiu changed her clothes, but still nervous as she looked in the mirror.

Face of a black question mark.

“Qiuqiu, are you all right?” said the makeup artist outside the door. You’re going to perform, so you have to put your hair accessories on.” Her tone was very anxious.

You Qiuqiu clenched her teeth, put on a coat, and pushed open the door.

The makeup artist removed the black lace blossoms from You Qiuqiu’s hair and replaced them with a little white shell.

Fang Shubai had been standing on the sidelines for quite some time, and it was finally time to perform. You Qiuqiu slipped off her jacket, pushed it into Jiang Tao, and dashed onto the field with no time to spare.

Instead of focusing on her attire, You Qiuqiu immersed herself in the performance.

But just because You Qiuqiu isn’t paying attention doesn’t mean the rest of the audience isn’t.

F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck!

You Qiuqiu’s figure is too good!

You Qiuqiu recently finished a solo drum performance and is now dancing with Fang Shubai on the same stage. She changed her clothes. If she provided the impression of the eldest daughter of a western fairy tale just now, she looked like the Little Mermaid.

But it’s a glamorous version of a mermaid.

She was wearing a silver sequin suspender skirt. The skirt was just the right length. It was a little above the knees, with small waist. Her collarbone was visible, and her waist could be grabbed with one hand. The two legs are straight and slim, and there is a small slit in the collar…

Omg, why didn’t they realize that You Qiuqiu was so talented!

Is this to be expected, or is it the result of such advanced clothes?

She stepped on silver high-heeled shoes with fine diamonds and accompanied Fang Shubai to the music or swayed or turned in circles as if inviting people to enter a magnificent dream.

“I really can’t do it. She’s too sexy!”

“I want to speak swear words!”

Such things are occasionally whispered in hushed tones, and they are all said by girls.

The girls at the scene were all blushing and red-faced because of You Qiuqiu’s dance, although they had no idea why.

But who doesn’t appreciate the word “beautiful”?

This is a treasure that God has given to you.

Until a heavy voice sounded, with a swallowing posture of mountains and rivers.

“Qiu Cub, Dad won’t allow it!”

“You are not allowed to wear this, Qiu Cub!”

Live audience:???

You Qiuqiu who is indulging in dancing:???

She almost got twisted to the ankle by the high heels.

The audience reacted fast because the man’s voice was so loud, and his emotions were so contagious.

Is this a fan of You Qiuqiu?

Listening to this name it should be dad fan.

Tao Anjie’s concert tickets are extremely difficult to obtain, and You Qiuqiu was invited as a guest temporarily, and the tickets have long been sold out, but some people will obtain tickets through various channels and means.

For example, “bribing” one’s friends by offering a month’s supply of hot pot or something similar.

There was still Xingqiu who was came, and then dad fans noticed that their daughter was wearing such a revealing dress, dancing with the male artist.

How can this be!

As the man’s voice faded, similar voices could be heard in the other corners one by one.

“Qiu Cub, Dad doesn’t allow it!”

“Mum doesn’t allow it either!” 

The on-site director was nearly in tears with laughter at the dramatic turnaround. The camera returned to You Qiuqiu’s face. You Qiuqiu’s expression was dazed, and it was a big daze.

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