The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 27.1

The white mist engulfed the Bai Sa at first, and it was still spreading to the surrounding areas. The mist gradually vanished, leaving only the silhouette of the inside.

Xu Qiu rubbed her eyes, seeing that the cub in the white mist appeared to have grown taller.

Is it possible that Bai Sa stood up? Even if the cat is on tiptoe, the height shouldn’t be too high.

“Bai Sa, are you all right?” Xu Qiu asked.


The weak call of the small cat was interpreted as a response to Xu Qiu.

His voice sounded painful; was he unable to talk because of his discomfort?

Xu Qiu grabbed her heart immediately. She made a mental adjustment, covered her mouth and nose with her sleeves, took two little steps forward, and dashed into the mist that had appeared out of nowhere.

Xu Qiu was afraid that if she raised her legs too high, she might step up and step on Bai Sa. The fog had nearly dissipated by this point. The fluffy kitten had vanished, and a really cute little boy had appeared in front of her!

The boy’s eyes are still the same colours, as they were when Bai Sa was a kitten.

His pupils are big, and the colour of his pupils is a brilliant galaxy. They appear to have a sense of distortion because they are so gorgeous, similar to a Barbie doll carefully crafted by an artist.

Bai Sa’s face is similarly round because he is a child, with obvious baby fat, but the lines of his facial features are very delicate and smooth.

His head is equipped with two snow-white cat ears. The ears’ exterior surface is covered in white fluff, while the inside is pink. Under the light, the flesh colour appears to be translucent.

The hairs on the ears are thin and tremble when the cold wind blows, giving the impression of liver tremors.

Furthermore, the white tail was preserved. Bai Sa’s expression was surprised when the fluffy tail erupted beyond of the owner’s control.

“Bai Sa?” exclaimed Xu Qiu in surprised.


The other party responded with a resounding yes.

Oh, my god, what an adorable tiny milk voice!

After a minute of standing there, she reacted, and Bai Sa doesn’t wear any clothes on his body!

Because of insufficient area, Bai Sa’s exquisite fur became a short white boxer brief with some fluff, only covering the most vulnerable part of a boy’s body after he became a human.

Xu Qiu immediately removed her coat and wrapped the cub’s small white and tender chest.

[008, do you know what’s going on?]

A cute cub had transformed into a cute boy with cat ears.

Is it possible that the mystery courier box contained a secret elixir capable of changing the cub’s appearance?

The plain express box packing contained a present box that looked exquisite in appearance, and the lid of the gift box had an exquisite bronzing pattern. Xu Qiu’s eyes wandered to the express box lying on the ground. A bow was tied using the pink ribbon.

A piece of clothing that appears to be really cute is hidden inside the gift box. The fluff is dense and thick, as if it grows on a little animal, and the colour is pure white and flawless. Its texture appears to be excellent under the light. At the first glance, she could see it is a good quality fur.

If you wear this fur in the winter, you will become warm and will not feel at all cold.

The cloth would definitely be a little bigger if Bai Sa do not change into human, but right now his appearance was like a youngster, and it look just fine.

These clothing was neatly stacked in a box before being tossed on the ground in a jumble. It appears to be fox skin based on its size.

If it’s the small fox’s skin, she is not sure if Lily will accidentally feel hurt when she sees it, and she’s sad.

Xu Qiu, pondered for a long. You Yu enjoy eating fish as a mermaid, while the little parrot like to drink chicken soup. It shouldn’t matter too much if it’s not one of their family.

Wait a minute! Xu Qiu took a closer look and found that there were two long ears on the top of this cloth.

The ears aren’t fully white and there’s a light black circle inside. The ears are long and close together on both sides.

This kind of long ears together, no matter how they seem, looks like a rabbit, and it can’t be the small triangular ears of a kitten.

Can common rabbits, have such a large size?

And because Bai Sa is a kitten, they should give him kitten clothe if they give him clothes.

Xu Qiu and Bai Sa was standing in the yard. This was the first time a courier arrived from outside during this period, and it was delivered to Bai Sa.

Many of the cubs got out of their seats and leaned against the windowsill to observe the yard.

The cubs were quickly reminded by the robot assistants.

“Everyone, please return to your seats. Do not leave your seats without permission.”

With a sharp-toothed grin, Yuan Jiu said: “Today is a working day, there are no lessons in the afternoon. When there are no lessons, it is a good time to do something fun. Furthermore, when the principal left the room, she just urged us to stay in the classroom obediently, and never said that we could not leave our seats.”

What he said makes sense, and the dumb robot is speechless.

Although these robots appear to be intelligent, they can only receive a limited number of commands.

What Yuan Jiu said made sense, and the robot didn’t drag the cub away. Instead, it just stood there.

They will reach out in time if a cub is accidentally pressed off the windowsill, lift the other up, and return the cubs to their original positions.

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