The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 27.2

Not only Xu Qiu but also the cubs clinging to the windowsill, were taken aback when the white mist evaporated.

For a moment, the cubs became agitated, and Yuan Jiu, who was standing on the side, was the first to suffer, being squeezed out quickly.

Thankfully, a mechanical arm appeared just in time, and it magically clasped the opponent’s soft neck and placed the unconscious bird back on the seat.

“I can fly, and it won’t matter if I fall out,” he says.

It’s a cub with wings!

However, Yuan Jiu’s minor complaint went unnoticed for a long time.

“Dong Dong ah, did you just see that there is another person in the kindergarten?” asks the brother Ding Ding.

” I saw it. There are only ten spots available. Who wants to provide him a place to live?”

“Perhaps he might share a room with the principal. After all, the principal’s house is much larger than ours.”

“The principal was nice to him. She took off all her clothes and put them on him.”

They’re cubs, too, but they don’t have a single piece of clothing, and the newcomer arouses the cubs’ enmity.

“Have you noticed that Bai Sa seems to be missing?” Hua Lan asked abruptly.

“I saw a box outside. Did Bai Sa get into that box?”

It appears that the Bai Sa family enjoys getting into the box the most.

Yuan Jiu refuted the claim, saying, “No, I just flew up and looked at it. The box is empty and there is only one piece of clothing.”

Bai Sa has vanished, and a newcomer has entered the scene. Like Bai Sa, there are cat ears and tail. The fact that their eyes were all the same colour was the key.

All cub’s eyes in kindergarten are stunning, yet only one individual in the entire kindergarten has white pupils of various colours.

To put it another way…

“Bai Sa is the newcomer!”

“God, Bai Sa has transformed!”

Although there are humanoid cubs in the kindergarten, such as Zhu Niang and You Yu’s upper body is also human…

But before Bai Sa was an authentic small kitty!

This is truly incredible, just like the magic Xu Qiu mentioned in the story.

Is it possible that the Bai Sa is the legendary grey cat? The fairy godmother provided a transforming costume for the young cat on his birthday, changing him into a humanoid cub with cat ears and a cat tail. 

After the shock, the cubs discussed this magical phenomenon.

“His hair is gone? It looks really ugly.”

Lily, the small hairy fox, has always been proud of her lovely, fluttering fur.

Although Bai Sa’s cat-eared cub was adorable in Xu Qiu’s eyes, Lily found Bai Sa suddenly became ugly.

“Ah, how can you bite me!”

The little fox was bitten as soon as the voice fell silent. The numbness in her limbs was suffocating her, even though there was no awful poison.

“Who do you think is ugly without hair?”

Not all of the ten cubs have fluffy hairs.

Qing Sha always thought he was the prettiest little green snake in the kindergarten and the principal’s favourite cub.

Look at his shimmering scales in the sun. They’re very lovely. The ugly one is the cubs with only fluff and no scales.

Because of his sharp mind and quiet demeanour, he was named the kindergarten’s number one with the most red safflowers in the last week’s evaluation.

However, even though he gets the first place, it is actually tied for the first place with other cub.

Aside from the naughty Yuan Jiu and Hua Lan, who had asked for a lot of things but wasted food, and Ding Ding and Dong Dong, who had disrupted people’s sleep and caused a small red flower to be deducted, the other cubs were just like him. Every day, they will receive a little red flower.

“You guys don’t quarrel anymore.”

Mu Zhi said aloud: “Today is an important day. If the principal sees this, she will be upset.”

Little Green Snake’s peasy eyes stared at Mu Zhi immediately: “You said, is it nice to look with or without the fluff?”

Mu Zhi’s face was flushed, but luckily she was so dark that they couldn’t see it.

The tiny girl spoke softly and with a soft voice: “In fact, I believe everyone looks beautiful. Like our principal, she doesn’t have fluff, but she looks pretty.”

A pair of eyes returned to Xu Qiu. Well, while Xu Qiu appears different from them, the principal is certainly gentle and attractive in the eyes of the cubs.

After all, the principal’s meal is the most delicious in the universe!

Mu Zhi gripped her round cheeks with her two thin forelegs, thinking completely differently: She likes Xu Qiu and wishes she had a white face like Xu Qiu, but she is black all over.

She is unsure whether she will mature from a black briquette to a white snowball.

The principal stated that every cub in kindergarten will have a birthday, so when she celebrates her birthday in a few months, she will also blow candles to make a wish!

In this way, it is likely that she will become a beautiful girl like Bai Sa!

“How are you feeling?”

Xu Qiu placed her hand on Bai Sa’s head. Fortunately, his forehead temperature was rather low, and it was not as hot as she had imagined.

“Let’s go in first.”

Anyway, this kind of staring blankly here is not appropriate.

She helped in picking up the cloth on the ground, but Bai Sa took the initiative.

Bai Sa removed the garments that Xu Qiu had put on him and replaced them with the fluffy bunny attire.

The lengthy ears barely covered the cat’s two triangular cat ears. In this light, Bai Sa, who is dressed as a bunny, is also really cute.

Xu Qiu instantly remembered that the other cubs in the kindergarten didn’t have any clothes on. They were usually in the shape of animals, either covered in fluff or covered in scales.

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