The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 16.1

Many celebrities gathered at the backstage of the award ceremony. They stayed in their dressing rooms, waiting for the ceremony to begin, to touch up their make-up, fix their gowns, or take a break.

Because the stars’ and entertainment industry bosses’ lounges were not divided when they arrived to deliver the awards, Jiang Shining sat in her lounge and could hear the assistants and other personnel rushing around outside the door.

Outside, there was a burst of activity, but Jiang Shining’s side appeared to be peaceful. At least five or six people are gathered around the stars, and Jiang Shining has just brought her newly hired secretary this time.

The programme team also dispatched a temporary helper, but she doesn’t require the services of a makeup artist. It just needs a little touch up of lipstick in the mirror.

On the other hand, Longteng’s strong crossover into the entertainment industry has allowed Jiang Shining, who has recently taken over the company, to not only organise a hot variety show with her power but also establish solid relationships with most of the bosses of other companies.

Beauty is a killer that doesn’t discriminate between men and women, and when combined with a good temper and strong business skills, Jiang Shining’s fame has skyrocketed in just a few months.

From CEOs of other companies to journalists and directors, everyone who has dealt with Jiang Shining has kept an amicable relationship with her, regardless of their position.

 Not long after that, Jiang Shining’s door was knocked on repeatedly. Her debutantes and artists from other companies who had performed in her variety programme came over first to say hello, followed by the CEOs of other entertainment companies.

This award ceremony serves as a networking opportunity for them to share their feelings with their peers.

Following the completion of the front stage, the organisation crew arrived to invite the stars and bosses. Jiang Shining selected her outfit – she wore a long black dress today with a low-key hemline that ended at the tip of her toe.

Even though the temperature at night is still a little chilly, the female stars will still want to show off their backs or shoulders in order to look their best. Jiang Shining is a boss, not a celebrity, so she threw a black shawl over herself with ease.

“Ms. Jiang, why are you dressed so plainly when you are so young and beautiful? I envy such good-looking people like you, yet you are still wrapped up securely,” the young assistant who was briefly transferred over murmured gently. “I wouldn’t have realised you had a good figure if I hadn’t seen you.”

The little assistant who can be placed here can naturally talk properly. Jiang Shining shifted her glance away from the mirror and back to the assistant, smiling again, unsurprised.

The assistant has a gut feeling that this attire is a little too mature, and she can tell Jiang Shining is between the ages of 26 to 27.

This is a dignified dress, but she has seen more gorgeous stars, so she feels that the colour of this dress and cloak is too conservative and too old-fashioned for the entertainment industry.

But the assistant didn’t mention it. Because Jiang Shining has a good face and a perfect body, this simple outfit can be said to have a flavour of minor elegance like the aristocratic celebrities in the past.

Yup, it’s indeed pleasant to be good-looking. It’s still stylish even when wearing a sack.

Jiang Shining went out of the dressing room, and a staff member was standing outside, looking a little difficult on his expression. “Miss Jiang…… We just made a minor alteration on the scene, so your seat position has also changed……”

Jiang Shining nodded, “Okay, no problem.”

The staff wanted to say something but stopped. Jiang Shining then showed a smile and asked, “Why, what else is going on?”

“It’s like this, on the newest seating chart, you and the owner of Longteng, Xiu Lingfei, are sitting next to each other ……”

“What?!” Jiang Shining’s secretary furrowed his eyebrows and said, “How can you arrange things like this?”

In that instant, the same answer came to the minds of Jiang Shining’s secretary and this staff member – it looked like the organiser wanted to take advantage of the previous entanglement between Ninglu Media and Longteng to stir up the heat.

That’s why they deliberately placed these two bosses next to each other.

Jiang Shining’s attitude did not change as she gently nodded her head.

“I know.”

“Ms. Jiang, they certainly did it on purpose!” Secretary Xiao shouted angrily, “They definitely know about our entanglement with Longteng, and they still ……”

Jiang Shining groaned faintly, “This has nothing to do with the organiser. It’s Longteng who wants to disgust me on purpose.”

Secretary Xiao froze, and before he could think properly, Jiang Shining had already walked away.

Jiang Shining naturally grasped what was going on. Xiu Lingfei is such a big boss, and this was his first time taking part in such activities. His seat just happened to be by her side, like an evil monster coming after her.

Jiang Shining could not feel upset. Who let that Longteng be in the top business empire? He had the right to speak, but she couldn’t.

The weak will always be bullied. This is an unchanging fact.

She just can’t figure out why Xiu Lingfei continued annoying her again and again. They were torn into such a bad state in their past lives. Xiu Lingfei should be the same as her. The thought of the other side is repulsive.

Maybe the actual fact is that he wants to take revenge, so he can’t let go of her?

At the end of the corridor, in front of her, led to the award venue. Jiang Shining calmed her mind and headed into the place.

As soon as she stepped into the scene, the photographers waiting outside immediately finished photographing a star. The “short guns” in their hands quickly set out to the river, and the flash crackled.

(TL* is a camera if you’re confused)

“Boss Jiang, this way!”

The staff of several editorials were all attempting to acquire Jiang Shining’s cooperation so that they could shoot nice images.

Jiang Shining showed a pleasant smile and participated by posing in several directions before continuing to walk forward. In the front, is the press area. The reporters saw her and lifted their microphones joyfully.

Jiang Shining relies on the identity of a president and a beautiful face in the whole network to become popular, but the outside world knows very little about her.

This mystery is the most significant factor, and it also makes Jiang Shining remain hot after that variety show final. Netizens are too curious about her.

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