I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 39.2

Fang Shubai, as a new dad fan, was heartbroken for Qiu Cub. His daughter is fine, but if she doesn’t care about minor issues, it will be disastrous if they become major issues.

You Qiuqiu got up halfway to go to the bathroom, and she could see Fang Shubai was looking at the position of her kidneys and shaking his head while watching.

“…” Is there Mao Bing1? Her kidneys are great, but she just drank too much water!

You Qiuqiu and Fang Shubai came at the Tao Anjie’s concert as guests and immediately began the rehearsal as soon as they arrived at the scene.

Although Tao Ge usually let the two of them relax, it was as if they were meeting friends. Neither You Qiuqiu nor Fang Shubai wanted to ruin Tao Ge’s concert.

There was no payment because it was a friendly performance, but You Qiuqiu found it more exhausting than doing business.

Sheng Shiyun would chat to You Qiuqiu from time to time while You Qiuqiu was gone, but the conversation between the two had a specific process and was official.

All of it was “Just do it well and don’t mess up.”

Finally, he told You Qiuqiu to pay attention to safety.

You Qiuqiu: The latter is only a politeness. What matters is that you do well and don’t make any mistakes.

She knows everything.

It had been rainy continuously for two days before the concert, making Tao Anjie a little worried. After all, if it rained, the audience would be exposed to the rain.

Tao Anjie tried his best not to weary his audience, even though they would come even if it was raining on the day of the event.

Fortunately, Tao Anjie’s fears did not surface on the day of the event. The sun was shining brightly, and the breeze was not too strong. It was a beautiful day.

A massive crowd flocked to the stadium where the concert was placed.

The scene was very hot and explosive. Tao Anjie was indeed a professional singer. He sang steadily. It was the same as what was released on the album.

The fans were so excited that when they arrived at the place where the melody of the song was most familiar, the audience at the scene sang along with the chorus.

You Qiuqiu and Fang Shubai had their back against the wall and the two of them switched back to the dried salted fish mode, as if a busy worker was taking advantage of the situation to rest.

Some of the staff were dizzy. They assumed these two were idle and beckoned them to do things, but when they saw the two of them turn their faces, it was only then that they realised they were concert guests.

The staff were aggrieved. Who told them they didn’t have a star aura on them? There was no difference between them standing here.

If they don’t glance at the person’s face.

Tao Anjie sang multiple songs in quick succession. After the scene became hot, Tao Anjie cued You Qiuqiu.

“Today, a friend arrived on the scene…”

The fans on the scene knew everything as soon as this sentence was spoken. They cheered for You Qiuqiu and called her name.

“You Qiuqiu! You Qiuqiu!”

Tao Anjie’s fans are friendly to You Qiuqiu. After all, the player nearly destroyed Tao Ge’s life, and it was You Qiuqiu who helped Tao Ge to block it.

Otherwise, not only is it unclear whether this event can still take place but also whether Tao Anjie can sing normally. It is difficult to forecast.

Tao Anjie’s fans have secretly agreed in private that, even though You Qiuqiu is a well-known death singer, everyone must give her face.

They must restrain themselves.

No one can cover their ears!

Now Tao Anjie’s fans are ready for the storm.

The stage lights dimmed, and the first sound was a clear and rhythmic drumbeat.

Tao Anjie’s fans knew from the beginning that this song was one of Tao Anjie’s masterpieces. The entire song is hot and explosive. It differs from Tao Anjie’s early affectionate love songs. It is his transformation song.

You Qiuqiu want to sing this song?

This made them fall into the fear of the “Hero Song”.

When the singing began, it was a familiar voice that did not destroy the world.

It was sung by Tao Anjie.

The audience is confused. Where is You Qiuqiu?

The lights were turned on, and a beam of light fell to the stage’s left.

A woman in a black outfit sat in front of the drum set, her slender and clean hands gripping a particular drumstick and beating regularly. The jet-black hair was long, sleek, and thick, and it cascaded down the delicate white cheeks. A black lace flower adorned with exquisite diamonds and tassels is fastened to her ear.

Both cumbersome and beautiful.

The lace blossom matches the black dress, which has a rose pattern on it and a fluffy and big skirt that drags on the ground.

The camera proceeded forward, and it was visible on the big screen in the theatre. A flawless and delicate face appeared, with a unique sequin for theatrical makeup sparkling brightly in the corner of her eyes.

The light in her gorgeous eyes was far more dazzling than the sequins under her eyes when she raised her eyelids to gaze at the camera.

For three seconds, the entire building was deafeningly quiet.


“You Qiuqiu!”

An exclamation dragged the silent crowd from their thoughts.

Yes, the woman playing the drums is You Qiuqiu, the concert guest they’ve been looking for.

She didn’t start singing, as everyone expected, but instead chose to play the drums.

The drumming lands exactly where it should with each wave.

The woman’s thin arms were devoid of any extra fat. While hitting the drum, she bowed her head, her thick black hair swung gently with her movements, and her long black eyelashes quiver, displaying an indescribable seriousness.

They couldn’t help but want to poke her snow-white cheek.

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