The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 27.3

Bai Sa removed the cloth that Xu Qiu had put on him and replaced them with the fluffy bunny attire.

The lengthy ears barely covered the cat’s two triangular cat ears. In this light, Bai Sa, who is dressed as a bunny, is also really cute.

Xu Qiu instantly remembered that the other cubs in the kindergarten didn’t have any clothes on. They were usually in the shape of animals, either covered in fluff or covered in scales.

But if Bai Sa can become a human child, Xu Qiu believes that other cubs can as well.

Should she make some clothes for the cubs?

No, Xu Qiu wants to prepare as many pieces as possible for the cubs.

Dressing up adorable kids is like playing Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen cub version. how adorable is it!

With different clothes and different styles, the kindergarten will be like changing to ten new cubs every day. It can also effectively solve the problem of liking the new and disgusting the old and inspire the creative inspiration of the cubs.

The system reminds Xu Qiu to activate the plotline and complete some achievement awards separately. Her character level has been raised by one level, and new templates for every day duties have been introduced.

It refreshes new tasks in time.

[It was discovered that the host has completed the Wool King’s achievement, which grants +1000 experience, +1 character level, and rewards a mulberry tree, a textile machine, and a textile machine drawing. Turn on the textile function. ]

[The most important aspects of human life are clothing, food, shelter, and transportation. Besides having a comfortable place to live and excellent meals, you need also to have some warm clothing!].

[The side quest Textile King opens: Own a textile farm of your own, prepare at least one piece of clothing for each of the cubs]

[Side task, let’s plant a tree: successfully transplant and plant a mulberry tree, reward 100 pairs of silkworms]

Xu Qiu just thought she wanted to produce clothes, but she was planning to start breeding the raw materials.

After raising 100 pairs of silkworms, a pair of silkworms can lay hundreds of eggs. The number of silkworms might expand dramatically in the second year.

Raising silkworms was a common activity among youngsters when Xu Qiu was a child, and every spring, tiny stores would come in for silkworm babies.

The elementary school has grown up and graduated. The new would pupils come in, just like mulberry leaves, which have been plucked out this year, and next year, when the spring breeze blows, they will re-emerge and flourish.

One hundred pairs of silkworms sound like a lot. Each one is divided into ten pairs, and the problem of raising silkworms is solved at once.

Yuan Jiu is the only thing she is concerned with. When the other party sees the baby silkworm, he may open his mouth uncontrollably, but she remembers that the baby silkworm cannot eat lightly.

When she was young, her grandmother Xu Qiu had a few chickens that were usually particularly majestic. After eating, Xu Qiu put a lot of white and fat silkworm babies on the mat. Then the chicken’s legs smashed directly on the baby silkworm turned them into a few lames, cartilage chickens.

Xu Qiu shook her head and tossed back these hazy memories.

The cloth woven from natural silk is silk and satin, and the weaving process is very difficult. It is not something that can be done with two touches.

Compared to these words, Xu Qiu was still aiming at the system’s relatively cheap wool.

If she can pull the wool out, she can knit the cubs a warm woollen sweater.

The needle for the sweater is equally simple to make. She just need to command the robot to re-cut the metal scraps, cutting more than ten or twenty pieces to guarantee that it is round and clean, which is very good.

At that time, she could give each cub two needles as homework in science class.

“Are you Bai Sa? Really Bai Sa? The ears on top of your head and tail look exactly like Bai Sa’s.”

Xu Qiu took Bai Sa into the classroom. After all, their cakes hadn’t finished.

The cubs were enthralled, and the other cubs couldn’t help but question frantically.

After Bai Sa became a human, he was even colder than before. But there is an inexplicable sense of joy in this cute round face.

Bai Sa, nodded slightly in order to block the mouths of these other cubs as soon as possible.

“Principal, Principal… why do Bai Sa’s clothes look different from ours?”

“Principal, Principal… is there only one piece of clothing in the package? Is there anyone else’s?”

Why did you give such a good thing to Bai Sa? Such a ferocious Bai Sa. After putting on that fluffy bunny clothes, they all became very cute.

Cubs like them are adorable in their own right, and when they put on these adorable new outfits, it will undoubtedly be the frosting on the cake and surprise the audience.

Xu Qiu made a still gesture: “Please be quiet, everyone. You can ask one by one. If you guys converse together, I’m not sure what you want to ask.”

She continued, saying: “Each cub is a self-sufficient individual who must recognise and respect the culture and habits of others. Only if you respect others will they respect you in return.”


Bai Sa’s voice came out abruptly.

Xu Qiu was stunned for a moment to realize that he refers to the whimsical idea put forward by her.

Bai Sa looked down at the furry clothes wrapped around him, and then said, “I have nothing to do with other people.”

“This is my mother’s fur,” he explained. The cubs will change their forms when they are extremely emotional, but this mentality will not last for a long time.

After they reach adulthood healthily and smoothly, they will have greater control ability, be able to change into this form for a longer period and even retract their ears and tail.

The current Bai Sa, is a naturally born cub with a genetic flaw.

 Every cub in the kindergarten is a failure.

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