The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 16.3

Jiang Shining, on the other hand, was originally silently listening to Boss Zhao on her right at the awards site. The shutter sound got intense as soon as her ears picked up some little noise in the stadium. She looks away, and Xiu Lingfei—or Chu Haoli—is on his way.

Longteng’s significant industries have been managed by the Xiu family’s masters in various industries for more than 20 years.

Except in heavyweight situations, the Xiu family’s leader rarely appears. As everyone knows, the corporate spirit of the Longteng Group has been revitalised. For the boss, it may be summed up in one word: proud.

As a result, Xiu Lingfei attended the award ceremony in person. To put it bluntly, he is already a gold master, and it makes no difference to him whether or not this ceremony is important to star fans.

It had nothing to do with her why he arrived today. Counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir.

(TL* counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir (idiom); different situations call for different action / to adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation)

Jiang Shi lowered her eyelashes and bent the corners of her mouth as she listened to Boss Zhao discuss his most recent investment adventure.

Even though Xiu Lingfei had never met them before, the bosses and artists near him all stood up, smiled, and greeted him, making the atmosphere lively and joyful. Xiu Ling didn’t take it lightly, and the conversation continued on for a few minutes longer.

When he finally made it to the first row, he turned around and saw Jiang Shining.

She is dressed in a long black gown with no visible jewellery on her body today. She has remained quite low key amid the constellation of stars, but there are still individuals in the venue who keep an eye on her from time to time.

She sits slantingly, attentively listening to others. Her demeanour is kind, yet her temperament is aloof… In Xiu Lingfei’s memory, this is the same as Jiang Shining. Jiang Shi had been beautiful and exquisite in his previous existence, and he had fallen here from the start.

Peachy eyes are lovely and enticing, and they are unmistakably the sign of a seductive concubine who will cause harm to the country and its people.

Her demeanour, on the other hand, is noble and proud, and she is unconcerned about anyone. These two opposing and powerful qualities were present in her body, making it difficult for Xiu Lingfei to maintain his grip.

According to that book, it is this Xiaofei’s character setting that causes doom for the country and its people, and the apathetic temperament that differs from the book’s description comes from the genuine Jiang Shining.

According to Xiu Lingfei, Jiang Shining does not have the beauty of the autumn moon in this life, but her attitude and mentality appear to have not changed.

Jiang Shining is just in her early twenties this year, yet her physique has a tranquilly that young people who haven’t seen the world don’t have.

The beauty changed her appearance yet remained beautiful. Some things in the bones are irreversible.

Xiu Lingfei had been thinking about it as he walked over. When he sat down on Jiang Shining’s left-hand seat, he noticed that his heart began to beat a little faster.

The venue is still buzzing, but many people are inquisitive about the two presidents—after all, they were previously on the flight due to a trainee, and Longteng seized Ninglu Media’s fresh meat as soon as he arrived in the entertainment circle. As a result, they’re all thinking about what it would be like if the two families met.

Xiu Lingfei took his seat, and everyone around him greeted him, but Jiang Shining appeared to have missed nothing and conversed with Boss Zhao on her right. Boss Zhao was equally uneasy, unsure whether to greet Xiu Lingfei. He didn’t want to upset anyone.

Do you believe you can get rid of me in Chapter 16?

For a brief moment, Xiu Lingfei exchanged a few words with the others, and when he turned around, he found Jiang Shining still facing him with a side expression.

She was clothed entirely in black and wore a shawl today, her body tightly wrapped to avoid freezing. The black color, made her exposed neck look incredibly white and lovely.

Many people were staring at them, Xiu Lingfei realised. “Miss Jiang, after hearing your name for a long time, I finally met you today,” he continued, sweeping past the corners of his mouth 

He was sure that Jiang Shining would not ignore him in full view. After all, she still had to manage her fairy boss’s persona well.

Jiang Shining did, indeed, appear to be aware that someone was sitting to her left, as he had predicted. She sat up straight and nodded as she turned her head to face Xiu Lingfei.

“Hello, President Xiu.” 

Xiu Lingfei waited for Jiang Shining to say something courteous, but there was nothing to say after she said hello. They would have choked up if they were in private, but they were in public, so they averted their gaze away after greeting each other, neither salty nor indifferent.

The lights on the stage were switched on at this moment, and the lights above the theatre were dimmed significantly.

The award ceremony is underway.

The two appeared to be concentrated on watching the show as it continued, occasionally following the procedure to applause, as if they were simply nodding their heads and there was nothing to celebrate.

A guest vocalist appeared on stage and proceeded to perform a passionate song. Jiang Shining resolved to ignore Xiu Lingfei, but Xiu Lingfei’s lips moved slightly as he glanced at the stage.

“Are you angry to see me?”

Jiang Shining gave a tiny smile, as if mesmerized by the singer.

“What’s so angry?” She also whispered in the music, “You came to disgust me. I won’t let you do what you want.”

Xiu Lingfei remained silent.

He didn’t speak to Jiang Shining again during the rest of the ceremony.

The award ceremony took place in the second half, and neither of them had time to present their prizes. Jiang Shining, as the CEO of this year’s hottest variety show firm, will present the award to the best actor, and Xiu Lingfei, in his position, will present the award to the best actress.

Xiu Lingfei didn’t say anything until he took the stage.

Jiang Shining, do you think you can get rid of me when you are reincarnated again?

Jiang Shi stared at Xiu Lingfei, who opened the envelope on the stage to announce the result. His eyes dimmed.

What exactly does he mean? Do you want to fight with her till the very last breath?

However, when the star who won best actress gave an acceptance speech, the assistant secretly came over and asked Jiang Shining to go to the stage and wait.

“Now, please come to the president of the company-Ms. Jiang Shining to present the prize!” said the emcee from the stage.

The audience erupted in cheers before the host had even finished speaking. Jiang Shining had a sideways grin on her face, and the children who had recently joined her business were constantly cheering her on. Jiang Shining hooked the corner of her mouth, brightening her mood.

She took the skirt in her hands and walked over to the stage’s side steps. One hand was lightly holding Jiang Shining’s arm at the time.

When Jiang Shining noticed that Xiu Lingfei was halfway down the stairs, he extended his hand to hold her arm in a gentlemanly manner.

Xiu Lingfei had beautiful skin and brilliant eyes with drooping eyebrows. He has, nonetheless, held a prominent position for a long time.

The unsmiling president Xiu’s corner of the mouth appeared to be smiling at this point.

“The steps are high, Miss Jiang. Be careful.”

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