The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 28.1

When Xu Qiu heard what Bai Sa said, she assumed something was wrong with her ears.

The painting’s style abruptly transformed from a warm scene to a horror scene, and she repeated it slowly: “Your mother’s… fur?”

(TL* In the previous chapter Bai Sa use 皮毛 pímáo, which refers to the leather using fur animal. For example, fox skin. But Qiu only use 毛 máo which can also mean hair or fur. But this one is more like only hair not included skin like sheep hair.)

She quickly skipped the middle letter, which was ambiguous.

Some animals, such as sheep, have thick fur and can be messy if not sheared.

Wool sweaters, blankets, and, of course, a charming, cute bunny can be made from sheared wool.

Bai Sa didn’t know the difference, so he replied calmly: “Well, it’s her fur.”

Because the fox race is attractive, they would be captured by some greedy people. The small fox held her large tail in terror. 

The little green snake was the calmest: “What’s so great? I can also shed my skin.”

Their race will have several moults throughout their lifetimes, and each time they moult, their strength will get stronger, and their skin would be more beautiful.

“Okay, it’s already late today. Everyone go wash your hands and faces first. You have class tomorrow. Get to bed early.”

Cruel issues of life and death should not be discussed in front of the cubs.

Xu Qiu arranges her thoughts. Perhaps she must give a life-related lesson to the cubs.

Her thoughts were jumbled at the moment, so she had to change the subject first.

[Go back. Go back]

When the robot helper received the command, the face features on the panel transformed into a really cute “^-^” shape.

They began coaxing the playful cubs to go back to their dormitory.

If the cubs are misbehaving, these little robot servants will carry the cubs back themself.

These cubs are already full of food and water, and their strength is several times stronger before Xu Qiu first arrived.

However, these robots are large-scale figures that the cubs created, and they are friendly to the cubs, and no cub is willing to harm these capable little assistants.

Even if some cubs are eager to cause harm to the little assistants, cubs from other groups will rush to protect them.

After gathering enough supplies, Xu Qiu renovated the cubs’ nest besides the classroom.

The dormitory has a fresh look, which, at least in the short term, will not be disliked by the cubs, who prefer the new to the old.

Anyway, everyone didn’t hate that small place as much as they had previously, and it was only a matter of time until they returned to the dormitory to sleep.

No one wanted to be picked up by the robot and humiliated. The cubs lined up expertly as they heard the familiar voice.

The little assistant No. 12 tenderly and personally pushed You Yu’s small car in the back. The little mermaid formed a beautiful arc in the air and leaped into the pool when she was at the edge of the pool at her dormitory.

“Thank you.”

You Yu is the politest of the cubs, and she always says honorifics extremely graciously.

[No thanks, it’s my honour to serve you =V=]

Bai Sa, whose birthday is today, is the only cub left in the classroom.

Xu Qiu stated before the cubs left, “I still have some important things to tell you, Bai Sa. Is it okay if I borrow some of your time?”

In comparison to those idiotic cubs, Bai Sa is a much better person to speak with.

“You go outside first. If something goes wrong, I’ll do what I’m supposed to do.” She said this to the robot assistant.

[All right, principal, we’re going to recharge]

All of the robots who celebrated Bai Sa’s birthday with the cubs exited the classroom, and they didn’t forget to clean up the dishes.

When the classroom became suddenly empty, Xu Qiu pulled a chair and sat down.

“Sit first, don’t stand.”

Bai Sa sat in the seat that belonged to him. His arms and calves were short because he was a child. His two pink lotus-like calves remained slightly off the ground, swaying gently.

“What do you want to ask?”

Xu Qiu: “I’d want to hear about the things you recall when you were sent here. Of course, I didn’t intend to force you. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, and you are free to go.”

She said nothing. She is not joking when she says she wants to know the truth.

She nearly uttered nothing bad in front of these cubs, instead focusing on encouraging them.

Of course, if the cubs commit principled errors, she will still teach them fiercely.

It’s just that from entering this kindergarten to now, the cubs have been mostly well-behaved, and it sometimes bothers her.

“Can I say nothing?”

Xu Qiu nodded and told Bai Sa plainly, “I really want to know, but if you don’t want to, you can leave at any time.”

The little girl’s eyes are as clear as lakes, and she has always stood tall and magnanimous in front of the cubs.

Bai Sa leapt out of his chair and headed outside in his white rabbit coat.

He didn’t hear Xu Qiu yelling to stop him after walking one step, two steps. When he goes all the way to the door, Xu Qiu still didn’t speak.

Xu Qiu had just seen Bai Sa walk out of the classroom when fluffy ears reappeared behind the classroom door.

Bai Sa went in, shut the door behind him with his backhand, paused for a moment, and then closed the classroom curtains.

Xu Qiu turned on the other lights as the room darkened.

Bai Sa took a seat in front of her. It was a long story. He decided to begin in kindergarten.

“I don’t recall many details…”

Hua Lan, an old vine, had been here for a long time when Bai Sa was locked in because this dilapidated kindergarten had been open for several years.

Bai Sa’s memory was pulled back to the past. He arrived on a rainy day for the first time. It poured heavily. Those grim-faced people took him out of the incubator and placed him in the kindergarten’s little square.

Hua Lan and You Yu were already in front of him at the time.

You Yu is the second position, and Hua Lan is where Lily is.

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