The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 17.1

Jiang Shining’s brain buzzed at that very time.

She withdrew her hand lightly from the surface and walked towards the award stage, but countless thoughts tumbled out of her heart for a moment.

She knew well that Xiu Lingfei had a spiteful temperament, and she assumed that, aside from humiliating Jiang Shining and forcing her to acknowledge defeat, he would do all in his power to put her in difficulty. She wasn’t expecting him to use this tactic, though.

Xiu Lingfei knew she was sick of him, so he put up a false front in front of everyone. This behaviour may appear to be simple and polite, but the two have a history of entanglement with an artist, and the netizens are once again upset.

Jiang Shining’s name will surely be linked to him in the future. It is simple to cause difficulties with this topic if there are people who are interested in spreading misinformation.

Jiang Shining clenched her teeth, not expecting Xiu Ling Fei to unleash such a devastating move, killing 10,000 foes while losing 8,000.

Xiu Lingfei has three sons, a wife, and is the wealthiest man in the county, but he would rather get himself into difficulty in order to offend her.

Her heart cursed Xiu Lingfei many times as the place he touched just now remained icy, but Jiang Shining stood on the stage smiling indifferently, opened the envelope, and announced the best actor of the year.

“This year’s best actor is — Zhang Sujin!”

The audience erupted in applause, and the confetti above the stage exploded. Jiang Shining noticed a man in a dark blue suit with a straight figure walking halfway across the stage.

Jiang Shining knew who Zhang Sujin is. He was a master of the action genre who had graduated from an acting school and made his acting debut in a martial arts film, so he exuded masculinity.

He had deep eyes and a tall nose, which combined with his demeanour meant that when you saw him in a suit, he still had that rough look.

It’s just that this actor, who is well known for his martial arts skills, has such a beautiful name with a distinct sound to it.

He wasn’t particularly attractive, but he was quite courteous. The host and Jiang Shining applauded and waited for him, and as he approached, Zhang Sujin stepped over to shake their hands and give them both a slight bow before standing between them.

“All right, we’re going to call the hostess up to the stage.”

Jiang Shining accepted the trophy from the ceremonial lady and turned her head to present it to Zhang Sujin, who accepted it with both hands and bowed once again.

She heard Zhang Sujin say, “Thank you very much.”

When it was time to give a speech, he thanked his family, the director, the team, and the audience as usual, and promised to keep working hard while remaining well-behaved.

In the middle, a few jokes were spoken, which made the attendees at the bottom chuckle. Zhang Sujin’s voice is low and compelling, and he has always spoken slowly and clearly, so the more serious his speech, the stronger the joke’s effect.

Jiang Shining, who was following and laughing, thought this actor was really engaging. Her current state of unhappiness was also swept away.

He had to exchange a few greetings with the host after delivering his speech.

“Zhang Sujin Laoshi’s recent speech is both serious and fascinating. I believe everyone has discovered his witty side beneath that intimidating appearance… Is there anything else Zhang Laoshi wishes to say?” The host joked.

(TL* Laoshi refers to a teacher.)

“I came today to take a look at the room full of stars and celebrities that practically all have companies behind them,” Zhang Sujin said, his voice deep. “I happened to have my contract end in early July this year. So now that I’m a free man, if any boss wants to sign me, please give me a job.”

The audience erupted in laughter once more, and everyone applauded.

They all know Zhang Sujin is just having fun and doesn’t need any company. His acting and films are already well known, so all he needs to do now is be his own boss. It was unnecessary to join a company.

“Ms. Jiang, who gave you the award today, is a boss. You should see Ms. Jiang’s company,” the host joked.

“I think it’s not bad.” Zhang Sujin said.

“What do you think, Ms. Jiang?” asked the host.

“We’ll think about it.” Jiang Shining smiled as she stated.

After enlivening the atmosphere, the host motioned for the two to exit from the side of the stage. After the actor honours were given out, there were still awards for singers and group categories that were not given out.

Due to their positions, Zhang Sujin was in front, while Jiang Shining was behind him. Many people were still staring at their sides, even though they had already reached the side stage.

Zhang Sujin took the first step down the side steps, then turned to face Jiang Shining and extended his hand to her.

When ordinary male and female celebrities walk across the stage, the male celebrity, like Zhang Sujin, will almost always be a gentleman to support the female celebrity.

Waiting for her with his arm outstretched is a common scene. However, Xiu Ling Fei, who grasped her hand directly was a little disrespectful.

Jiang Shining dropped her head, thanked him, and took his hand up the stairs.

 Then she heard Zhang Sujin say, “If you think that the boss of Longteng has offended you, I can change seats with you.”

Jiang Shining froze for a moment before quietly smiling.

It’s incredible that there are still sane individuals in a world filled with innumerable filthy little dog blood novels.

“Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Zhang Laoshi. It’s not that serious,” she said.

Even if she switched seats, the media would have to start a new wave.

“No need to refer to me as Laoshi. I’m not used to the current trend in the entertainment industry. Just call me by my first name.” Zhang Sujin said helplessly.

On their way back to their seats, the two exchanged a few words of farewell.

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