The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 17.2

Jiang Shining returned to her seat and resumed her viewing of the show as if nothing had happened. She didn’t even give Xiu Lingfei a second glance, as if they were merely nodding acquaintances.

Jiang Shining knows well that Xiu Ling Fei is not in a good mood right now. Because she knew him and was with him while he was emperor, it was critical for her to constantly speculate on what his ‘Sacred Heart’ was feeling in order to survive the duty.

Even when Xiu Lingfei simply took a big breath, she already knew what he wanted to accomplish.

But now, Jiang Shining is sick of this skill, just as she is sick of Xiu Ling Fei. There are some wounds and humiliations that she can’t forget because they aren’t in a character setting. The more she comprehended Xiu Lingfei’s current mood, the more she felt like the past’s shame was approaching her.

Jiang Shining’s attention, was progressively drawn to the stage. Because of the training, the four-member men’s group that formally debuted in her variety programme appeared on stage and earned the best rookie group award. The young captain also took up the award for best rookie.

As they received the medal on stage, Jiang Shining looked at them with satisfaction, feeling a little sentimental… She saw her eldest son have a bright future in the Republic of China, and she felt the same way when she was a young commander.

They all bowed respectfully in Jiang Shining’s direction after the four young people on stage ended their acceptance speeches.

“Thank you for our fairy boss’s cultivation and trust! All four of us hope that we can get hotter and help our company as soon as possible,” the captain said, tears in his eyes.

The dance’s choreographer took the microphone. His voice was calm and serious, even though the corners of his eyes were red. “Yes, boss, we will work hard, not allowing others to abuse our company and making everyone who dislikes us regret it!”

The other two members are similarly steadfast.

There will be a ruckus if these words are broadcast outdoors. Their remarks definitely point to the artist who broke his contract and the Longteng company that is digging the wall.

These words are too offensive for children who have just made their debut. They all know Longteng’s powers are great, but they are suffocating in their hearts if they don’t say so.

Jiang Shining appeared at that precise moment and saved the dying company. She gave them her villa and went to give them lessons and teach them fundamental skills daily.

And, along the way, Jiang Shining treated them equally and provided them with the greatest resources available, despite the little fresh meat’s previous job-hopping.

They are not sure why, because Jiang Shining is obviously not much older than them, but everyone admires her. As a result, these young people feel grateful.

There will be a ruckus if these words are broadcast outdoors. Everyone laughed and cheered as if they had heard nothing. Only a few upright people clapped and frowned, and everyone laughed and applauded as if they hadn’t heard anything.

Jiang Shining is in the same boat.

She grinned and applauded; this was the happiest moment of the night for her. The videographer who was discreetly filming close-ups of her shot continually as well. Because the heat isn’t going away soon, it’s important to preserve the first chance and the right to speak in his own hands.

Jiang Shining had already gotten up and gone to the off stage to wait for the four young men once they had stepped down. These young men are in their late teens or early twenties. They bow towards Jiang Shining.

Their personalities are still a little simple, and their eye rings are red. They are good at singing and dancing, and their personalities are still a little simple. Excitement, thankfulness, and plenty of other feelings are mingled.

“It’s okay. I just started, and the future is great.” They were comforted by Jiang Shining. “Although today’s statements seem a little wild, you are all wonderful youngsters who are passionate about what you do, which is a good thing. Don’t be terrified of Longteng. This boss will look after you. After a while, I’ll treat you to dinner. There are fans waiting for you outside.”

Because the four of them were concerned that Xiu Lingfei would bully her while sitting next to her, Jiang Shining felt compelled to persuade them with a few more words.

The four young men drew her away from Xiu Lingfei and sat near Jiang Shining, far away from Xiu Lingfei. Outsiders, on the other hand, cannot criticise it. It’s natural for artists who have just won awards to be too enthusiastic to get their boss to say anything.

Jiang Shining’s mood improved dramatically after speaking with them.

The ceremony came to a close after another half-hour.

In the second half, Xiu Lingfei didn’t notice Jiang Shining sitting back, but he knew the four boys were purposeful. He scowled.

Jiang Shining remained silent, and the youngsters became completely dedicated to her as soon as she started talking to them, regardless of how close they were. I’m not sure what method she used.

The guests dispersed after the end of the ceremony.

When Xiu Lingfei walked out the door, the assistant and secretary who had been waiting for him for a long time met him promptly and put his windbreaker.

The phone rang as soon as he got into his car.

Xiu Lingfei didn’t think much. He answered the phone and put it to his ear.


“Hello, President Xiu,” The voice on the other end of the phone was light and elegant, and the words were extremely light. “I’m Wang Muze, and I’ve known the president’s name for quite some time. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find a proper look?”

Xiu Lingfei’s expression sank.

The other end of the phone is not someone else. It is Jiang Shining’s biological flesh and blood, and also his ninth son in his previous life, Chu Jing Xuan.

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