The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 28.2

“I missed my mother very much when I first arrived, and I was a little terrified, but I grew used to it.” Bai Sa’s personality was not like this at that time. He was a real cub, a small bunch with very little strength.

There is no current collar around his neck due to his limited combat power.

At that time, the kindergarten was still open for business. There were also highly responsible people, besides the robots.

Every day, food was supplied to their transportation pipeline. Bai Sa remembered that he bit people who fed him at first because he was stressed.

All of those that came into contact with him were high-level robots. Despite their human-like appearances, their bodies were all comprised flexible or strong metals.

Bai Sa bit through the humanoid skin of the robot, leaving two small holes in it. The lesson is that he broke two of his milk teeth.

His battle effectiveness decreased after his tooth broke, and the usage of pink and delicate gums had no killing power at all.

“… A little later, the kindergarten is empty. Lily was delivered here a month after I arrived.”

This little milk fox was not fearless at all, and when she arrived, she began to cry.

She was placed near You Yu, infecting this delicate little mermaid.

Bai Sa gained resistance to You Yu’s special ability after they sobbed and cried every day.

Because the two of them were so sad, he forgot about his own horrible circumstances and got out of the initial negative emotions smoothly.

Later, the other cubs moved into the place near him one by one. The loud little bird was the last to arrive. After all, he’s only eight months old and has only been here for a little over a year.

This is why, when Xu Qiu arrived, Yuan Jiu was still bursting with energy and doing absurd things at every turn.

He suffers fewer sins, experiences the fewest things, and can fight against everything vigorously.

Unlike other kindergarten cubs who have been there for at least a year, they have grown accustomed to numbness and will not spend their energy on meaningless tasks.

“When you came, we should have replaced more than 100 batches of childcare staff.”

This kindergarten has undergone several great changes as a result of their lack of cooperation and changes in universe’s policies.

The persons who looked after them at the start were the ones who stayed the longest at the kindergarten. They would have their blood drawn every fifteen days once they had been raised for a particular period of time.

Because they are still cubs and are little in size, the amount of blood drawn each time is small.

Their diet was the richest at the time, and all kinds of nutrients and miraculous fruits were never broken.

These people lasted for around fifteen to twenty-four days before being evacuated, and all the kindergarten employees were replaced by robots.

Strange collars were also hung on their necks, waists, abdomens, and other vital parts during this period. The electric shock devices were added to the running program of the kindergarten.

Under Hua Lan’s leadership, the cubs banded together and launched a massive counterattack in order to gain their own independence.

They made a determined effort to defeat the less-than-intelligent robots and prevailed for the first time.

When the robots were defeated, they rejoiced, believing that they would be set free.

As a result, everyone joyously exited the kindergarten, but all they can see is a never-ending desert.

They were stopped by an unseen barrier not long after they walked out of the gate.

The collar comes into play after a short distance away from the kindergarten. When a cub was gravely hurt, the follow-up doctor arrived with a powerful healing potion to help the weak cub.

Even so, the cubs continue to despise these forces: if it hadn’t been for them, they would never have fallen to this level.

When the sun came up for the second time, all the damaged robots were removed, and a group of employees took various instruments to collect data.

Later, the first creature with humanoid features, similar to Xu Qiu, arrives at the kindergarten.

It was a female human, similar to Xu Qiu, who was quite attractive and had good-looking fluff.

Just like Xu Qiu, Alice, who inadvertently broke into Wonderland, gained the cubs’ trust since she was a third-party force.

The other party’s initial form is similar to Bai Sa’s, except this person is a huge cat with speckled fur, a golden face, and she is patient and loving with everyone.

“What happened later?”

Bai Sa’s expressive abilities are, of course, not those of an adult. He narrates his memories in spurts. The clips are sloppy and jerky.

Xu Qiu listened intently, using her own logic to sort out the crucial details.

She is clearly an excellent listener. She not only has a good expression, but she also asks questions at key points, demonstrating that she carefully listens to the other party’s statements.

Bai Sa placed his hand in his and performed a throat-slitting gesture on his neck. Because his hands resemble those of humans. The short, white and tender hands didn’t look scary at all: “Later, she was killed by everyone.”

He remembered that day because he appreciated the other person’s similar appearance, and it was the first time Bai Sa trusted a stranger.

It was then revealed that the woman was a human trafficker.

Her starship crashed for unknown reasons, forcing her to come here.

The woman walked for a long time before arriving to an unattended kindergarten.

She couldn’t acquire food, so she cheated food from the cubs, displaying a gentle and harmless side.

She discovered behind their backs that the cubs were all precious breeds, so she made up her decision to take them all away.

She couldn’t take the cubs away because of the kindergarten’s safety equipment.

Later, when she found that the cubs were being held here in disguise, she robbed them.

Finally, the electric shock device activated the cub’s special skills, and the woman died at the hands of the out-of-control cub, transforming into a dead leopard.

The following day, the staff that arrived to deliver a batch of robots discovered the unfortunate woman and pulled the other party’s body away.

Bai Sa: “We have seen the sunrise five hundred times and experienced two hundred rainy days in this place.”

Because the days are so monotonous, they remember the sunrise and sunset so vividly.

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