The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 18.1

Jing Yuan was born of a sinful concubine and was not treated well by him from birth. If it hadn’t been for the royal bloodline, Xiu Lingfei would have drowned Jing Yuan immediately.

From Jing Yuan’s birth to his accession to Xiu Lingfei’s throne, there has been animosity and hatred between the two, with no affection to speak of.

But Jing Xuan is still different.

Jiang Shining didn’t like it when Xiu Lingfei favoured her in the past. She had no background in her previous life, as she was simply the daughter of a municipal governor. This has both benefits and disadvantages.

The bad side is that when Jiang Shining arrived at the palace, nearly all the concubines in the harem were the children of influential officials. Jiang Shining’s background was not as strong as theirs, making it harder for her to advance. They were constantly acting unscrupulous with her. There was no risk of upsetting a small governor’s daughter about it.

The good news is that emperors have always been suspicious since ancient times. Shi Ning’s family has no history. The emperor won’t have to wonder if she’s battling for her own or her family’s sake, so he’ll probably treat her more casually and sincerely.

As a result, the concubine Jiang in this novel is the perfect cannon fodder villain. Her beauty and domineering aura are the stepping stones for the white lotus female lead.

The cannon fodder concubine’s original setting should have been a thing of beauty capable of destroying a country. However, Jiang Shining’s genuine self is characterised by bland and high-minded qualities.

The combination of these two attributes in a woman made her exceptionally appealing. Furthermore, the other concubines are fighting for favour to win Xiu Lingfei’s love and benefit their families, whereas Jiang Shining is trying to survive and complete her mission, so she tries every way to use his likes and dislikes to get along with him from the start – the emperor is bound to be moved.

Xiu Lingfei eventually forgave Jiang Shining and let go of his concerns after she gave birth to an imperial son, despite Jiang Shining’s insistence on adopting his most despised son.

After the birth of Jing Xuan, it can be argued that Xiu Lingfei was the one who lavished the greatest attention on him.

Xiu Lingfei is perplexed. He despises and treats Jing Yuan indifferently, but he has always been kind to Jing Xuan, even before he was born. Why is Jing Xuan still unappreciative?

If it’s because he poisoned Jiang Shi Ning, his illness also had something to do with her. They were backstabbing each other and died within a half-year span. For Jing Xuan, this is plainly the father and mother killing one another. Therefore, why is Jing Xuan on Jiang Shining’s side after the reincarnation?

How could Jiang Shining’s four-member group, who had only been training for a few months, be so committed to her? Is it because he was still inferior to a woman, despite being a man of imperial destiny?

Xiu Lingfei’s face began to darken.

Although Jing Xuan is a compassionate man, he is aware that his sons are brutal. If Jing Xuan goes with Jiang Shining, he may have to go against him. After all, there were no modern moral restraints for these old royal families, and killing the enemy was common.

But what’s the point?

He’d still go to that feast at Hongmen1! Not only must he go, but if Jing Xuan sends hundreds of people to ambush him, Xiu Lingfei will also battle them alone, or he will not be able to live up to his dignity as an old man. The car drove for a while before coming to a stop near a private club.

“Here we are, boss.”

Xiu Lingfei exited the car and was greeted by a waiter in front of him.

“Greetings, Boss Xiu. Our Mr. Wang has been waiting for you for quite some time.”

With a frigid expression on his face, Xiu Lingfei fixed his suit, lifted his heel, and followed him.

The setting of Jing Xuan’s clubhouse is unlike that of a modern rich people’s club. The building was very nicely constructed, ancient, and perfumed.

Inside, there is a little open-air courtyard and a pond with stunning lotus blossoms in full bloom under the moonlight. If the ancient scholars were still alive, they would have liked to sit in this courtyard and recite a poem.

The waiter took him across the courtyard promenade, and further inside, stood a two-story building.

“Boss Xiu, please proceed to the second level. Our President Wang is waiting for you there.”

The waiter came to a halt outside the door.

Xiu Lingfei said nothing and walked straight into the door and up the stairs.

His gaze searched the room after ascending to the second storey. The entire second storey is around two hundred square feet, and all the artefacts and how they are positioned are according to ancient periods, as well as being highly concerned with feng shui. Xiu Lingfei abruptly dreamt back to his previous life, where there was not a single modern good.

“Boss Xiu.” Just then, Xiu Lingfei heard a light and elegant voice from behind the screen say, “Please come this way.”

As he approached slowly towards the screen, Xiu Lingfei’s stare was slightly frigid.

Behind the screen, he noticed a young man in a white shirt standing on the side of a wooden table, the white mist curling on the table. The figure appears clean and clear, aided by the light distributed white mist that creates an everlasting pose.

Chou Jing Xuan was making tea at the time. When he saw Xiu Lingfei enter, he raised his eyes and hooked the corners of his mouth slightly.

“Sit down, Boss Xiu. Just in time.”

In a daze, Xiu Lingfei stared at Chu Jing Xuan closely.

He last saw him when he was a teenager. Now he is so old.

He appears to be around the same age as Jing Yuan in the previous life, yet he feels nothing like Jing Yuan. Jing Yuan, like Xiu Lingfei, employs ferocious means, like a keen blade piercing a gloomy cloud. Jing Xuan was like Jiang Shining, who grew up with a delicate and exquisite appearance.

Xiu Lingfei was in a complicated mood for a while.

He moved slowly over to the table and sat across from it. Jing Xuan poured him a cup of tea, which he drank by himself.

“You’ve arrived at the perfect time, just in time to sip tea.”

“How about a taste?” Jing Xuan asked while picking up the tea cup.

Xiu Lingfei was unconcerned about Jing Xuan’s poison, so he took a sip.

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  1. Feast at hongmen indicated a meal set up with the intention of murdering a visitor.

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