The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 18.2

Xiu Lingfei was unconcerned about Jing Xuan’s poison, so he took a sip.

It is, indeed, good tea and well-crafted.

With this talent, Xiu Lingfei could envision that after his death that year, with the emperor’s brother as a supporter, the prince Chu Jing Xuan would be exceedingly free. Jing Yuan was cruel, but he was kind to Jing Xuan.

Xiu Lingfei looked at Chu Jing Xuan with puzzled eyes. Chu Jing Xuan did not show any disrespect, yet his demeanour appeared to enjoy the guests.

This is the most serious issue. He couldn’t believe Chu Jing Xuan was so courteous to Jiang Shining.

Xiu Lingfei’s eyes became dimmer.

“Chu Jing Xuan, why do you refer to me as Boss Xiu?” He spoke solemnly.

Jing Xuan set the tea cup down and glanced up at Xiu Lingfei with a serene expression. “Naturally, boss Xiu. I want to ask you, Mr. Xiu. What do you refer to me as?”

Xiu Lingfei sneered. “Wang Muze?”

Jing Xuan nods in agreement. Xiu Lingfei was enraged.

“I’m your father, asshole!”

“Then why don’t I have the surname Xiu?” Jing Xuan asked, raising his eyes and smiling.


Xiu Lingfei took a deep breath and relaxed once again.

“Chu Jing Xuan, are you going to turn against me, like Jiang Shining?” He stated icily, “If you repent now, it is not impossible for us to work together in business. In my previous life, I treated you nicely. I am willing to help you in this life.”

Jing Xuan’s pupils progressively dilated.

“That’s what I’m saying, boss Xiu.” Jing Xuan’s fingers brushed the teacup’s rim softly. “Why deal with things that happened before the reincarnation when you’re reincarnated for the first time? Allow it to go. You’ll take the high road from now on, I’ll cross the log bridge, and you won’t bother my mother anymore. Let it go. From then on, you hit the high road, I’ll cross the log bridge. Don’t trouble my mother anymore. 1

 “She is your mother. Why am I not your father?” Xiu Lingfei retorted passionately, “Do you have a conscience, Chu Jing Xuan? In my previous life, I loved you the most! If your mother and brother don’t force me to make him a crown prince, you could be the heir to the throne!”

Chu Jing Xuan’s fingers began to squeeze the teacup tightly as he listened to what he said, and his fingertips went white with force. In the end, his fingers gradually loosened their grip.

“Do you treat me well?” Jing Xuan scowled, “Back then, you punished my mother by making her kneel all night in the rain to appease the princess’s rage, but I went to implore you, but you refused to let me in. Where was your affection for me at the time?”

“In the 47th year of Runhe, the second prince purposefully overcast Jing Yuan during the prince’s test, badly injuring him, but you turned a blind eye. I confronted you and talked with you, but you slapped me. Where is your love?”

“You allowed the palace maid to purposefully instigate separation with my brothers after Jing Yuan succeeded to the throne, and you wanted us to kill each other after you died. Have you ever had feelings for me?”

“How dare you bring up petting with me? My kind father, where is your heart?”

Xiu Lingfei locked his gaze on Chu Jing Xuan, and Chu Jing Xuan locked his gaze on him as well.

“You love yourself. Chu Haoli, you have never truly loved someone,” Jing Xuan replied coldly.

“Dare to be audacious!” Xiu Lingfei retorted passionately, “I loved your mother back then! But she chose that evil son and betray me!”

“Are you prepared to die for her?” Chu Jingxuan said.

Xiu Lingfei was stunned.

Jing Xuan’s gaze remained steely. “My eldest brother, Jing Yuan, and I are willing to give up everything for our mother, regardless of our rank or our lives. All I can do is wish her well and happiness. So, how about you? Because of your position of power, you will continue to harm her for the rest of your life. That isn’t love. That’s possessiveness and conquering, but it’s not love.”


Xiu Ling should have been upset, but he chuckled.

“Well done, Chu Jing Xuan. How come I gave birth to these two bad species in my previous life,” Xiu Lingfei muttered to himself.

Chu Jing Xuan dropped his head and groaned gently as he let go of the teacup.

“Boss Xiu, let’s discuss topics in this life.” Chu Jingxuan said lightly, “Stay away from my mother, let alone use any dirty tricks.”

“What exactly do you mean?”

Jing Xuan’s gaze was icy.

“You entangled her again and again, and you held her arm in front of the journalists.” He stated coldly, “Even if you don’t want to attack, some individuals will fabricate stories and speculate viciously. This world constantly condemns women, and I will never let my mother endure even a minor snub. Remember what I said; don’t show up in front of her from now on.”

“Oh? What if I want to become entangled?” Xiu Lingfei sniffed fiercely.

The coldness in Jing Xuan’s eyes abruptly vanished.

He raises his gaze, and the lovely and graceful Wang Muze vanishes. The person sitting here right now is the powerful and well-known Prince Xuan.

He leaned back in his chair and grinned, delicate and warm, like a willow flickering over the spring water.

“Everyone says you’re generous and caring. It seems that you have the opportunity to compare it yourself. In terms of malicious methods, can you be better than your brother?”

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Jing Yuan, the eldest brother, should also be online.

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  1. you hit the high road, I’ll cross the log bridge (idiom) = you go your way, I’ll go mine / you do it your way, I’ll do it mine.

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