The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 19.1

Jiang Shining, on the other hand, gathered the four young boys who won the award today, as well as the trainees who did not make their debut in her company, and after some thought, she called some of the network marketing group staff who worked overtime for the award party, and wrapped up a large box of food to treat them to dinner.

The employees sat at a separate table, and when the foods were brought, Jiang Shining saw that the boys didn’t move the rice, but ate some veggies without oil or water.

“Doesn’t look appetising?”

When the young people heard Jiang Shining’s query, they looked at each other, a little embarrassed.

“No, Ms. Jiang. We are just afraid …… that eating too much will affect our body shape.”

When Jiang Shining realised, she had overlooked this component, she lifted her chin.

“Eat, eat anything you want tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll ask a nutritionist and a coach to create recipes for you to work out with, because starving yourself is not a healthy way to keep your body.”

With the boss’s approval, the trainees were finally able to put down their chopsticks. Within a few bites, they all showed the appetites of big boys in their adolescence, and the dinner was swiftly finished.

Jiang Shining smiled, thinking of them as her own boys as she watched them eat happily. Now that she’s free, she hasn’t forgotten about Jing Xuan and wonders how he’s doing on his own. After enjoying the celebration supper, Jiang Shining left the restaurant with the trainees’ sorrowful gaze and she encouraged the children.

She and Jing Xuan live nearby, and now that she misses him, Jiang Shining drove straight to Jing Xuan’s villa.

When she entered, she didn’t see her son, but she noticed a strange young man in the living room playing dolls with Guoguo. Guoguo screamed for her mother and jumped on her when she saw her. Jiang Shining knelt down to pick up the child, then raised her head and stared at the man.

The young man took the initiative to walk over, and Jiang Shining expected him to shake hands, but he bowed slightly.

“Good day, President Jiang. My name is Qin Qian, and I used to be the prince’s personal guard.” He was courteous and considerate, not condescending. “I only followed him after he was named Prince. Therefore, you’ve never met me.”

This Qin Qian must be Jing Xuan’s confidante, because Jing Xuan left him at home to take care of Guoguo, and it was also clear that Jing Xuan placed a high value on Guoguo.

Jiang Shining extended her hand, and Qin Qian paused for a moment before shaking it.

“He must have a lot of faith in you.” Jiang Shining was still a little perplexed. “But now that you’ve reborn, you’re also a free man. Why do you continue to follow Jing Xuan?

This cold-faced man eventually hooked the corners of his mouth together, displaying a sweet grin.

“In my last life, the Prince treated his subordinates graciously and generously, and I have not been able to reciprocate the immense compassion he showed me. Furthermore, he still looks after me in this life. Why should I look for another way out when I have such a great boss?”

Jiang Shining appeared to be in a trance. Her recollection of Jing Xuan’s background was limited to the year he was seventeen.

He was still a teenager at the time, and despite his soft disposition, he was still a child. He had grown up by the time they met in this world, but Jing Xuan still appeared to be a big boy in front of her.

How could she not visualise what the youth in her recollection looked like as he transformed into a prince, as though she could only loosely define what he looked like in those previous years based on the stories of others?

“Mom!” Guoguo did not know why her mother had abruptly stopped talking, so she reached out her little hand, wrapped it around Jiang Shining’s neck, kissed her cheek hard, and sweetly whispered, “Guoguo loves mommy so much.”

Jiang Shining was crying and laughing. The little girl assumed her quiet was because she was in a poor mood, so she did this to coax her.

“Where did Jing Xuan go?” she asked again, reaching out her hand to softly touch Guoguo’s hair.

Jing Xuan told Qin Qian when he was leaving, not to inform Jiang Shining about his encounter with Xiu Lingfei alone.

“Mr. Wang will be back shortly. Please wait. Or you can go back and rest first, and then the boss will contact you,” he said.

Jiang Shining considered it and concluded that this was preferable. Jing Xuan is likewise a powerful figure, and he must be extremely busy.

Her villa community is also extremely close to Jing Xuan’s residence. Jiang Shining returned home in a few minutes. When the car came to a stop in the garage, the lively Guoguo loosened her seat belt and leapt out. Jiang Shining was about to walk away when her phone rang.

She only answered the phone after she had switched off the car.

“Good day, President Jiang.”

“Mr. Zhang Sujin?” Jiang Shining lifted her brows slightly.

“You truly have a fantastic ear,” the person on the other end of the phone said with a smile.

The best actor, who had just met her on the stage, hesitated before adding, “Boss Jiang, honestly, what I said on the award stage just now wasn’t exactly a joke.”

“Do you truly want to work for me? I can’t afford to give money to a great Buddha like you.” Jiang Shining chuckled.

“In fact, I’d want to ask you for a favour. I heard Ninglu Entertainment is planning to start investing in a movie next?” stated Zhang Sujin.

Jiang Shining was taken aback because the script and actors were still in the works, and Zhang Sujin’s network is well-connected.

“There is such a thing. I’m going to invest in an ancient fantasy film.”

Zhang Sujin grinned. “Your ambition is also quite high. You just got a fat piece of meat (variety show) but did not stick with it; instead, you abruptly moved to filmmaking. As an old man in the film industry, I do have some advice for you.”

“Oh, for instance?”

“For example, if you truly want to get into the film industry, I believe it is vital to have an actor of sufficient quality and fame in it.”

Jiang Shining finally realised what circle Zhang Sujin was going around.

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