The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 19.2

Jiang Shining finally realised what circle Zhang Sujin was going around.

“You want to be in my film, but what’s the reason? As a powerhouse, you don’t need anyone else’s support at all,” Jiang Shining was shocked.

Zhang Sujin smiled bitterly. “You must be joking. I’ve been stuck in the bottleneck stage for a long time since my screen image has long been associated with martial arts films. So…… I want to change, and if you’re willing, I’ll devote myself wholeheartedly to your film.”

“Why do you believe me? Aren’t you worried that I’ll ruin your reputation because this is my first time investing in a film?” Jiang Shining remained perplexed.

“Isn’t this your first time putting on a variety show? Isn’t it of outstanding quality? Miss Jiang, I believe in your strength and ambition. A serious individual like you will undoubtedly make an excellent leader. I hope you can think about it seriously,” Zhang Sujin remarked, “Since I believe this is an opportunity for both of us.”

Jiang Shining was still thinking about this after hanging up the phone and stepping into the house.

Zhang Sujin is attractive, yet a little tough and masculine. In the fantasy film she is working on, the heroine is a white nine-tailed fox portrayed by Lin Qingqing, who has already been cast, and the male lead is a puppet emperor whose father died when he was young and was enthroned by influential ministers.

The love between the two, as well as the male lead’s counterattack, are crucial. She always feels that Zhang Sujin’s temperament and role do not match.

Zhang Sujin, on the other hand, has outstanding acting skills, has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, and is relatively mature. Jiang Shining can also continue to encourage newbies, but not to the same extent as Zhang Sujin.

She’s a little jumbled.

She must ensure that Ninglu Media’s every move is a positive direction. Jiang Shining’s frequent appearances are designed to draw attention to the company.

If she can consistently produce high-quality programmes and movies, Ninglu Media will be able to establish a reputation as early as this year, without having to worry about growth. If she rushes and makes a mistake, her personal image will suffer as well as the company’s.

Jiang Shining pondered as she lulled Guoguo to sleep. Guoguo, who has always been a good child, quickly fell asleep in her cot. Jiang Shining ate little at night. She walked downstairs because her young daughter was sleeping and wanted to find something to eat in the kitchen to fill her stomach.

Then she heard a quiet knock on the door without hearing the doorbell ring. Jiang Shining raised her head and examined the watch on the wall. It was already 23:40, and it was becoming late.

Jing Xuan was standing outside the door when she walked over to open it.

“Jing Xuan? It’s so late. Why are you here?” Jiang Shining wondered.

“I heard you went to see me from Qin Qian, so I came here.” Jingxuan explained gently as he shut the door.

He gazed up at the open kitchen countertop in the distance, where the bread machine had just dinged out the toasted slices of bread.

“Did you not eat tonight?”

Before Jiang Shining could respond, Jing Xuan changed his slippers and walked to the kitchen, where he swiftly began preparing supper.

Jiang Shining thought that Jing Xuan had just done his work, but when he came here and entered the house without even taking a sip of water and began cooking again, she couldn’t help but be concerned.

She is distressed because Jing Xuan has been so obedient from her previous life to the present day.

She did not know that her good baby had just finished threatening his father.

“Don’t do it. It’s too late. I can eat everything I want here. By the way, there’s still cake in the fridge; do you want some?”

“I don’t want to eat. I’m not a child anymore,” Jing Xuan joked, “and cakes are no longer appealing to me.”

Regardless of what Jiang Shining stated, Jing Xuan made rice and fried two more meals.

They sat down to eat and spoke. Jiang Shining informed him of Zhang Sujin’s desire to play the lead. Jing Xuan was similarly taken aback, but after a few moments of reflection, Jing Xuan stated,

  “It’s possible.”

“Do you believe he’s right for this part?”

Jing Xuan gave a nod. “Zhang Sujin is a talented actor who is willing to put in the effort. And now is the time for him to set the world on fire. And now is the time for him to set the world on fire. As his first piece after becoming an actor, he must have studied and considered it well. If Zhang Sujin is willing to jeopardise his own career and plead for cooperation, perhaps he will surprise us.”

The situation is resolved because Jing Xuan also agreed.

Jiang Shining has always given things a lot of attention, and since Zhang Sujin was set to play the male lead, she began to consider the next opportunity.

Jing Xuan noticed her palm resting on the side of the bowl with the chopsticks, and her exquisite brows slightly wrinkled, and he understood what she was thinking.

Jing Xuan sighed, reached out his slender fingers, and softly smoothed out Jiang Shining’s slightly furrowed brows.

“You don’t need to be concerned, mother.” He added, tenderly and distressedly, ” Now is different from the past. I’ve matured, and I’m back by your side. All of this is something I am capable of handling.”

Jiang Shining was taken aback, and her heart was overflowing with feelings. It all came to an end with a quiet sigh.

“My son is really good,” she murmured.

The small child she had shielded behind her back had grown into such a manly man inadvertently.

When his mother’s hand brushed his cheek, Jing Xuan was relieved.

He finally knew what it was like to plan with his brother and mother. It turned out to be a really wonderful thing for him to be relied on and trusted by his mother.

Jing Xuan even selfishly wished that Jing Yuan and the other children would arrive later, so that the mother’s gaze would only be on him…

The author has something to say about this:

The drawbacks of having too many brothers and sisters at home. Ah~~

The heroine will not rekindle her relationship with any scumbag. The scumbag’s role is to be chastised, and they are all battling against the five scumbags. The male protagonist is not currently in the picture, and even if he was, he would be a soy sauce in the later stages, and nurturing the cubs is critical.

Jing Yuan, the big brother, will be online tomorrow, and the other cubs will follow soon after.

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