I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 39.4

Fang Shubai was also criticized by You Qiuqiu’s father and mother fans. Although Xingqiu knows that the two sand sculpture brothers and sisters have a nice relationship, they could not tolerate such a sexy Qiu Cub being too near with male artist.

Fang Shubai then pulled You Qiuqiu and muttered to her, “Dad won’t allow it!”

You Qiuqiu:?

It was also the first time Fang Shubai saw You Qiuqiu’s performing outfit. Previously, they were practising in their regular clothing, which were not too exposing.

Fang Shubai’s head became hot, and he took off his jacket and put it on You Qiuqiu, who was being propelled by the stars beneath the stage.

If it’s just like this, that’s fine. Fang Shubai quickly tightened his sleeves around You Qiuqiu’s neck.

Fang Shubai beamed with delight as he examined his work: Very good. Now the cub is wrapped tightly.

You Qiuqiu’s little face was flushed directly: Unable to breathe jpg.

Yeah, she’s out of oxygen.

Finally, You Qiuqiu stretched out and yanked off the jacket knotted around her neck. Fang Shubai, a fool who initially didn’t comprehend what You Qiuqiu was thinking, attempted to stop her.

It almost turned into a mass murder scene.

However, You Qiuqiu still put on Fang Shubai’s little jacket, because she don’t know which audiences shouted “Dad (Mama) would not allow it.”

You Qiuqiu, “…” Don’t think she’s unaware that there aren’t many Xingqiu coming over today, so everyone is making fun of it.

Fortunately, after putting on Fang Shubai’s little jacket, it was still a little more fitting, and it was a little more heroic in femininity.

The collar slit was closed, yet it was still visible when dancing.

You Qiuqiu’s father and mother fans still believe that something is wrong with the clothes. They should be buttoned up, and the buttons should be buttoned to death!

The performance of this stage is still very good, and the visual feast that the director desired was delivered, despite a minor mishap in the middle.

Someone on the Internet has posted these two straight shots of You Qiuqiu.

Tao Anjie had You Qiuqiu as a special guest. There was no singing of death songs. She was a stunner drummer who played the drums. Her dancing section was even more stunning than female celebrity.

It’s so pretty!

The Internet has already made a bet on You Qiuqiu. Many people are watching You Qiuqiu’s situation at the scene. They beg their brothers and sisters in the stadium not to just watch it for themselves, but to show it to them as well. 

They weren’t expecting to witness two such amazing live shots.

Every action of the luxurious version of the Little Mermaid in the lens is breathtakingly gorgeous, and every gesture and eye-lifting frozen frame is like a sniper at the person’s heart.

Is this really You Qiuqiu?

Don’t lie to them!

The sand sculpture is thought to be funnier than a female artist. This is obviously a top female idol!

However, You Qiuqiu, who was raved about rainbow farts by the audience and netizens and was even dubbed a top female idol, felt that her waist and arms would be broken after a few tossing.

This is really too much movement.

You Qiuqiu shivered as soon as she stepped off the stage and received the coat Jiang Tao had given her. She wrapped herself, bowed her head, and exhaled an old cow-like exhalation.

She has no desire to be a concert guest again.

Where does You Qiuqiu have the vitality of the glamorous goblin on stage right now?

The transformation was so dramatic that people who didn’t know her were taken aback for a moment. She threw herself on the chair, frozen there as if she didn’t have any bones, her eyes dulled, and she lost her dreams.

“Qiuqiu, rise and take two steps,” Jiang Tao remembered asking You Qiuqiu.

“I can’t stand up, I can’t walk anymore,” You Qiuqiu said softly.

Qiuqiu was not online.

Jiang Tao can do nothing when facing this kind of You Qiuqiu. She can still persuade her. But since she can’t persuade her, then You Qiuqiu probably won’t get up.

The costumer ran towards You Qiuqiu and exclaimed, “Dear, you did a great job on stage just now.”

You Qiuqiu stood up quickly when facing outside even if she is reluctant, she needs to be polite.

“Thank you.” 

“Sit down, sit down, you’re exhausted,” the customer says casually.

“That’s…” The costumer wondered, “The skirt was specially styled by you? Did you deliberately wear it backward?”

“It’s far more interesting for you to do it this way. “

This female artist is really different from what is spread outside. Not only very smart but knows how to show her advantages.

They said she was like a Buddhists who do not fight or rob anything. The news really related to the entertainment industry cannot be taken seriously.

You Qiuqiu: ?

Her red lips parted slightly, and she questioned, “Is my skirt reversed?”


It’s no surprise she felt it was strange at first. Because the neckline was too wide. It turn out she wore it inside out and moved the intersection on the back to the front?

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Qiu Cub: Don’t disturb the junior surnamed Bai

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