The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 28.3

Xu Qiu rapidly converted it in her thoughts since it sounded really sad. It’s been somewhere between seven hundred to eight hundred days in total. Bai Sa’s third birthday was just a few days ago. If she counts correctly, it means he was still a baby, not even a year old, when he was transferred.

“It began with her, and every few days, an extra childcare worker would be added. They occasionally work together, and other times they send new robots over.”

There are many people here, as well as malicious beings and groups of robots.

The kindergarten childcare worker changed regularly in Bai Sa’s memories. They were either joyful or shouting when they arrived, and they were all insane.

Because of the large number of robots delivered later, the rubbish was directly heaped on the wall next to the dormitory.

The majority of non-robot childcare workers are in human form, although they are also weirdly formed.

For example, the skin could be pure blue, and the head could be shaped like a peach or a spherical bowl…

Interstellar humans originally came from different planets, and because of the mixed blood, it is possible to look like anything.

These individuals are from many races, despite the fact that they are all hybrid.

Some races dominate the food chain, while others are eaten as protected animals.

The childcare workers that followed were all violent men who belonged to the top of the food chain. They were extremely deadly and oozed terrible malice.

They walked into the kindergarten with a swagger, as if they were kings and hegemony. When they were upset, they would vent on the cubs.

The fate of these childcare workers is the same. If the cubs want to divide them, it is the good-looking death and the ugly death.

Previously, a staff member like Donald would go to this desert star from a faraway alien star every few days to provide them with food for a few days.

However, the body of the childcare worker was carried away later, within the first half month of Xu Qiu’s presence, and no new ones arrived.

The meals provided by the workers only lasted fewer than three days. The cubs had been hungry for twelve days before Xu Qiu arrived. They drank a lot of water every day and relied on Bai Sa to keep them from succumbing to the pressure to scavenge a meal. They barely made it when Xu Qiu arrived.

What happened next was the same as what Xu Qiu had experienced when she arrived.

Xu Qiu’s countenance changed because of Bai Sa’s story. She was angry for a while, unhappy for a while, afraid for a while, and a cold sweat broke out on her brow.

She also notices the cubs’ lethality. If she’s anything like them, she’ll die at the hands of the cubs.

After all, the cubs are already highly adept at this point. They don’t have to leave a large scar on the enemy, but they can still knock them down.

“My meat is not good at all!”

She was completely honest!

“Actually, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Bai Sa said this with a lovely tone in his voice.

He had intended to keep this topic private, but after spending so much time together, Bai Sa felt compelled to extend a small amount of his trust.

“It’s not only me; the other cubs in kindergarten don’t want to injure you either.”

“It has nothing to do with those electric shock powers.” He added.

Xu Qiu seemed to have a special ability that she didn’t even know about, so that they couldn’t really attack her at all.

The claw that attacked Xu Qiu would forcibly turn against his master’s wishes, no matter how wicked his thoughts were.

Xu Qiu exhaled a sigh of relief as she heard Bai Sa mention this.

She couldn’t connect these obedient and decent cubs with the evil picture no matter what.

“Do you believe we’re bad? If we eat every single childcare worker…”

Xu Qiu nodded subtly, then shook her head like a rattle: “I like to eat meat myself.”

The race of the “childcare workers,” according to the cubs, is radically different from the cubs.

Despite their similar appearances, it is not unusual to take action on creatures of different races in the face of a life crisis.

Xu Qiu was not a vegetarian when she lived thousands of years ago. To be honest, she, like Hua Lan, would eat vegetable.

Xu Qiu, like small birds, ducks, and pigs, is never soft-mouthed when she eats meat. Humans are at the top of the biological food chain and must consume a wide variety of foods to survive.

Big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimp, and small birds eat insects in nature. Cats and tigers, for example, eat more meat.

If humans are alone, tigers will eat people, and the biological world has its biological chain.

Xu Qiu cannot force people to abstain from eating, as so-called environmentalists do, and she cannot starve herself to death.

If things are as bad as the cubs claim, they have no choice but to fight for their right to life.

After all, when Xu Qiu first arrived in this timeline, she witnessed a lot of unrest.

People in this period are extremely warlike, and casualties occur every second in interstellar space.

The Interstellar Court is located on Star A, which is a peaceful planet, yet many people die every day when she is arrested and transported.

Some octopus-like aliens planned to kill her even before she came here.

She’s also a little numb in certain aspects.

Of course, she understands that a wild tiger will devour its prey, but as a human, she must side with humanity. “There will be a lot of chickens and ducks in the kindergarten in the future, as well as pork and beef… Everyone will have adequate food, so avoid eating foods that cause your stomach to rot.”

In any event, if the circumstances allow, it’s best not to eat sentient things. Otherwise, she’ll make up all kinds of horror movies just by picturing them.

Xu Qiu returned to the subject of Bai Sa’s clothing: “This looks like rabbit fur, but classmate Bai Sa, you should be a real cat.”

“Yes, my mother’s prototype is a rabbit. The cat family is the one who forced Mom to give birth to me.”

Seeing Xu Qiu’s pupils dilated, Bai Sa said, “But don’t worry, my mother died when I came here. This is what she left behind. Her own ashes are buried in the Lost City.”

“Principal, if I die one day, you can burn me and use the fur remaining behind to make garments for yourself.” Bai Sa stated solemnly.

Xu Qiu: Although she is moved, the image is strange!

She firmly refused: “I don’t want it!”

“I’m older than you, therefore I might not be able to accompany you to the end of your life,” Xu Qiu says.

Bai Sa examined her face and explained, “It doesn’t matter. Even though I am a failure, I would be burned after I died, so I should still be able to leave something behind. However, it may not be as lovely as the living me.”

His mother, who gave birth to him, is a very good person, but other elders in the Lost City all said she had a problem with her head, when she had him with people of other races.

“We are all failures, even if the principal doesn’t come, we won’t live for long,” the kitty said calmly, but sadly.

He leapt down, then approached Xu Qiu and hugged her: “I’ve had a great time these days.”

So, he probably wouldn’t be sad if he died in her hands.

After all, the principal is a gentle person, and he will cherish the things left behind after he dies.

The kitty who finished speaking in this manner received a large chestnut on the head.

“Children, stop talking rubbish.”

“Pei Pei Pei,” Xu Qiu said three times, “Follow me, Pei Pei Pei.”

(TL* 呸 pēi = pah! / bah! / pooh! / to spit (in contempt))

Children’s words carry no harm, great fortune, and great profit, and the cubs will undoubtedly survive in good health.

Xu Qiu thought to herself that she should include child psychology in the curriculum.

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