The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 20.1

Since Zhang Sujin had been confirmed to play the male lead, Jiang Shining sent him an E-mail with the screenplay early the next morning.

Jiang Shining and the company both value this ancient fantasy drama. As long as the first one is of great quality and hits the market, Ninglu Media’s next several blockbuster dramas will be released at a rate of two per year.

Qin Qian arrived after Jiang Shining had breakfast with Guoguo to fetch her up for her tutorial lesson. Guoguo was particularly unsociable in this incarnation since she was born in the era of survival and experienced the actual essence of a person at a young age in her previous life.

Taking this into consideration, Jiang Shining and Jing Xuan recruited a teacher for Guoguo’s one-on-one sessions. So, after two years, Guoguo would gradually mix with others and they would ultimately allow her to attend school.

Jiang Shining had completed her breakfast and had nothing to do but skim through the V blog after Guoguo and Qin Qian left. The current scene is identical to what she had imagined. As predicted, Jiang Shining and Xiu Lingfei’s names were at the top of the numerous movie stars’ popular search titles. The company names of Ninglu Media and Longteng are also interspersed among the hot searches.

After logging in, the uploaded discussions were separated into different groups. Some are attempting to figure out the two’s relationship, some are eating melons, and some—there is even a CP fan?! 1

The two presidents’ fanfiction, banners, and comics appeared overnight, and a handful of them gained fame.

Jiang Shining’s temple throbbed. Some individuals with holes in their heads have already concluded that Xiu Lingfei is an “overbearing president” who robs artists in order to gain Jiang Shining’s attention.

Even though Jiang Shining’s face towards him was indifferent last night, netizens speculated that the two had a grudge, implying that the two presidents have a love-hate relationship!

…… On some level, some netizens have discovered the truth about Xiu Lingfei’s actions. But what about love? No, not at all.

Whatever the case may be, the CP in the entertainment circle is all ‘Overly in love with each other’ type, but they have not seen such ‘Love but Hate’ type, so netizens who are weary of seeing the former are extremely thrilled about them.

Great, Xiu Lingfei truly made good calculations, and now the most vexing event she had expected had occurred. Even if there is no other connection between the two in the coming years, their names will continue to appear together.

Saying it was a fair battle, but employing this lousy tactic again. Men are all pig’s trotter, especially that Xiu Lingfei!

There was a lot of tension around Jiang Shining. Others seemed to sense her bad mood when she attended the business meeting, and their reports have become more cautious.

“That…… that, boss. Should we clarify it since you hate it so much?” Shakily, a member of the network operations department inquired.

There is no need to address this topic because the two of them did not interact on this planet at all. If a notification is really put out, it would appear to others that there are no three hundred taels of silver buried here. 2

But she won’t absolutely spare Xiu Lingfei, this grandson. Jiang Shining clenched her teeth in frustration. Isn’t he a dragon? Even in this world, he enjoys flying? This time, let’s sever his dragon claws!

Jiang Shining exited the meeting with the manager of the network operations department.

“On this subject, our company’s official blog will remain silent. After the heat of this matter has reached its peak and begun to subside, go buy those marketing figures, and let them give Boss Xiu another layer of heat,” Jiang Shining remarked coldly.

The manager is also a wise person. After hearing Jiang Shining’s meaning, she asked him to generate a dark wave for Xiu Lingfei.

” Noted, President. Then which action are we going to take?” The manager inquired cautiously.

Jiang Shining pondered it, then chuckled softly, “Boss Xiu’s third son went to the police station a few days ago and was arrested. Is it possible that Boss Xiu has forgotten about this? This is an excellent opportunity for him to reflect. You should discuss the internet CP conjecture with your teammates.”

The manager realised what Jiang Shining meant when he urged him to weigh in, which meant to blacken as much as possible.

Jiang Shining’s rage subsided a little when the network operations manager departed with directives.

Didn’t you insist on getting the heat, Xiu Lingfei? Then you take it on your own.

The two names remained at the top of the rankings and popular V blogs for three days and two nights until the craze died down.

A large V made a Weibo post. 3

The rogue bunny from the circus: Even after two days, I can’t stop thinking about the two presidents. First and foremost, those who indiscriminately pull a CP on them should wake up! Longteng’s President has a wife and three sons. Have you ever considered the CP’s wife’s feelings? Another argument is that the president of Ninglu Media is barely twenty years old, and she was dragged along with a married guy by all of you. Have you considered whether she is willing to pull a CP with a man older than herself? Netizens are insane these days; you are not living in a CEO book. Wake up.

When the enormous V appeared, the temperature rose once again. Some acceptable remarks were pushed to the head of the line.

First floor: I’ve been horrified by this situation for a long time. Some Longteng fans need to wake up. Even if you enjoy kinky things, don’t bring other people into the water, okay? (^.^)

Second floor: Is Ninglu Media being bullied because they are unrecognised? Are we 4T4 fans extinct? I’m afraid you’re unaware that Gu Haotian, who was relocated to Longteng, once stole the four individuals in our family of their resources. The corporation was in a life-or-death fight, but these bystanders loved to brag ╮(─▽─)╭

Third floor: The husbands and wives of General Ning should stop playing dead! 4T fans are moving. Now is a good time to show loyalty in front of the mother-in-law, ah!

Fourth floor: Ninglu Media is really miserable and was robbed of artists and resources, even the boss was talked about, who did they mess with?

As a result, the two’s tempers flared once more. However, this time it was in response to the previous CP trend, and more and more netizens began to switch sides.

The heat of denouncing CP fans has reached a boiling point, and the next wave of heat is on its way.

Some individuals compared Jiang Shining’s demeanour as she walked up and down the stage. Jiang Shining’s face turned icy as Xiu Lingfei took her arm, and she even withdrew her hand.

Zhang Sujin lifted his arm and waited for her to assist her as she exited the stage, and the two of them strolled for a long time, conversing and laughing.

Another major increase has elevated the stakes in this comparison to the point that Xiu Lingfei doesn’t know how to respect women and makes a judgement in contrast to Zhang Sujin.

As a result, the hot search for criticising CP supporters only appeared around noon, and by 2:00 p.m., ” Xiu Lingfei is not polite” was also trending.

This is not the end of the story. Some individuals even found early interview footage of Xiu Lingfei from more than ten years ago. Xiu Lingfei was youthful and enthusiastic at the moment, and he boldly stated, “Woman is like clothes.” “A guy is expected to have three wives and four concubines.” This incidence is far too common for the emperor, but the world is modern, and as soon as the video was discovered, it erupted.

Xiu Lingfei’s third hot search: President Longteng’s remarks on polygamy.

Netizens became interested in his wife and wanted to know what sort of woman married such a man who believed polygamy was acceptable. So the fourth hot search for Xiu Lingfei: Xiu Lingfei’s wife.

In Longteng Company, the vice president is already anxious.

“We need to find a way to clarify, President Xiu. If this continues, your image and the image of your company will suffer!”

With a scowl on his face, Xiu Lingfei glanced at the huge V.

The most significant distinction between Jiang Shining and him is that Jiang Shining spends a significant portion of her income on new media operations and pyramid schemes.

Xiu Lingfei’s past life arrogance is tough to polish in this life. Even though he didn’t express it, he felt superior. Aren’t netizens merely citizens, and if things went wrong, wouldn’t it be easy to repress them with the capital’s power?

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  1. CP is an Internet slang term that stands for fictitious lovers or couples. This implies that they ship the two.
  2. no three hundred taels of silver buried = indicates to try to conceal something but give oneself up by doing so.)  
  3. V stands for Verified.
  4. 4T is the name of the newly formed group.

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