The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 20.2

As a result, Longteng’s network operation is relatively simple. It’s because Xiu Lingfei despises the network. He believes the company is strong enough. What does he care about his internet reputation and netizens? As a result, the construction of this is especially frugal.

As he watched the video interviews that had been picked up by netizens, Xiu Lingfei simply snorted coldly.

“What I’m saying is correct. What’s the problem with the fact that many prominent guys have more women? Why do I need to clarify if I’m not mistaken?” Xiu Lingfei stated matter-of-factly, “Besides, being my person is enough for them to spend money for a lifetime. I can’t stand any grievances. These people are just incompetent, so they criticize me.”

The vice president nearly passed out. He seemed to want to wake up Xiu Lingfei, but Xiu Lingfei’s contempt made him afraid to continue further, so he just scratched his hair in a hurry.

“First and foremost, do your three sons live together?” The vice president inquired.

“Can you explain why you’re asking?” Xiu Lingfei frowned.

“If your three sons were truly born to other women, wouldn’t you just confirm the rumours that you are not special? Your image would be ruined!”

“Image? It’s simply a few netizens ranting on the Internet. What more can they do?” Xiu Lingfei mockedly said, “They can’t even buy real estate under my banner when the phone is switched off, so what can they do? Don’t worry about anything else but suppressing the news.”

The vice president was helpless this time. He slumped on the sofa, looking exhausted.

“What did you do to provoke that Jiang Shining? She’s not easy to provoke at first glance. Now, both parties are harmed, and you’ve also created a fishy problem.” He asked, shakily, “What motivates you to pursue a career in the entertainment industry? I believe your mentality is completely unrelated to our sector. You’re not going to do it for her.”

Xiu Lingfei said nothing. The vice president immediately raised his head, and he looked at Xiu Lingfei in horror. “No?”

Xiu Lingfei frowned slightly, as though pondering something.

“Impossible?” he said quietly. It’s like asking not only the vice president, but also himself.

Because of Longteng Company’s inactivity, it wasn’t until this event reached uncontrolled proportions that Longteng’s official blog issued a statement chastising the incorrect statements on the Internet and stating that the individual who was spreading rumours should be held criminally liable.

But all of the words were stated by Xiu Lingfei. Therefore, who spread the rumours?

It’s true, some giant V who has waited for a day has arrived.

The news that Xiu Jingrui, the third son of the Xiu family, was detained for beating up a certain person for an actress broke out again.

When was the last time the Internet was calm? Some people assumed it was a rumour under Longteng’s golden signboard, and they had already repressed the topic. However, because of the interview, Xiu Lingfei was at the pinnacle of popularity at the moment. This time, the entire network was soon informed of the news, and Longteng couldn’t keep the heat off any longer.

Longteng’s Internet reputation has changed dramatically in a matter of days.

The latest article on Longteng’s official blog was left on the statement to investigate rumors.

Girls are the most ruthless. When a girl loves you, she can’t wait to pluck the stars and moon from the sky and give them to you. They will not be merciful if they do not love you. Many girls lusted after the Xiu family’s three sons because they were gorgeous and wealthy. But now, thanks to the father’s scorn for women and the third child’s involvement in the game for the actress, Xiu’s family’s perfect fantasy has been entirely wrecked.

The most horrifying part is getting out of the pit and taking a step back. Longteng’s official WeChat account is flooded with irate netizens, and many jokingly wonder why he hasn’t issued a clarifying statement for his third son.

Of course, they don’t dare say it because it’s true.

Xiu Lingfei finally responded at that moment. It didn’t matter earlier because none of these things could impact Xiu Lingfei’s profession, but Xiu Jingrui, his third son, was really guilty and could easily be caught and affect his career.

“Call the third child back and tell him I want to see him.” With a grimace, Xiu Lingfei addressed the housekeeper.

The housekeeper nodded, walked out to make a phone call, and returned quickly.

“Master, this isn’t good! The third young master was stopped by reporters outside!” the housekeeper said anxiously.

“Wha—” Xiu Lingfei immediately had a bad feeling and yelled angrily, “What do the bodyguards eat? Bring the people back as soon as possible!”

It was already too late.

Bodyguards escorted the Xiu family’s third son home, and the reporter had already edited the video and posted it on his v-blog.

[“Get out of the way, don’t take any more pictures, everyone get out of the way… Don’t take pictures!” Xiu Jingrui’s assistant kept yanking on the camera.

After a brief moment of confusion, Xiu Jingrui pursed his lips and gave him a cold stare. As he walked towards his car, a swarm of reporters and cameras surrounded him.

“Excuse me, Mr. Xiu, is it true that you were detained for hitting people as a result of the [beep] actress?”

The footsteps of Xiu Jingrui ceased. He turned around slowly, revealing the condescending gaze that Xiu Lingfei was familiar with, as if a husky was about to commit a crime.

“I’ll only say it once, [Beep] is my woman! Protecting my woman is right and proper! I don’t mind doing it again if someone dares to touch my people! “]

The video was paused with Xiu Jingrui’s domineering, president-like cold voice.

In the splendid room, it was so silent that you could hear a needle drop.

Xiu Lingfei’s right hand was still on the table, and he stared coldly at Xiu Jingrui, who was kneeling in front of him.

Behind Xiu Lingfei, the other two sons didn’t even dare to let out a breath.

“Dad, I…”

Xiu Jingrui lowered his head, and before he could finish speaking, he felt a sharp pain in his chest, was kicked by Xiu Lingfei, and fell to the ground.

“Dad, Dad!”

Seeing that Xiu Lingfei was so angry that he picked up the whip, the eldest son and the second son hurried up to stop him.

“Dad, the little three is still a child!” The eldest son, Xiu Jingran, hurriedly said, “How will he go out to work in the next few months after you use the whips?”

“Child!? A twenty-seven-year-old is a child?!” Xiu Lingfei He said angrily, “It’s not a good thing! Besides women, do you have anything else in mind?!”

It’s too unsatisfactory. If Xiu Jingrui was his son in his previous life, he wouldn’t be able to live to adulthood at all!

He wants to lash out, but is also a little reluctant. He had only three sons in his life.

Xiu Jingrui’s mind finally flashed, and while Xiu Lingfei was still hesitating in anger, he knelt and hugged Xiu Lingfei’s leg.

“Dad, someone plotted against me! This must be a conspiracy!” Xiu Jingrui shouted, “I never told you. The bodyguard said that I might have been followed during this time!”

The author has something to say:

The third son of the Xiu family finally provoked the eldest brother.

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