The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 29.1

“Pei Pei Pei.” Despite his disbelief, Bai Sa repeated Xu Qiu’s statements three times in a row.

“Good boy.”

Xu Qiu smiled and took the silly cub into her arms.

The previous Bai Sa just gathered his bravery, ran over to Xu Qiu, hugged her, and then gently released her.

At that time, Xu Qiu didn’t react and was frightened by the words of this bold kitten.

But this time, Xu Qiu hugged Bai Sa tightly.

She is teaching it what the power of an adult is.

Instead of worrying about those messy topics all day, children should do child-like activities.

As punishment, Xu Qiu solemnly stroked the cat-eared boy’s ears, or rather, the ears of the cat-eared cub’s ears.

Bai Sa, who became a person, is still a baby, a baby who can only leap up her knee.

The cat whose ears were stroked shook and tried to pull away like a conditioned reaction, but his body was not controlled by his mind, and he couldn’t help but shrink closer in the loving embrace.

The principal’s hug was quite warm, and there was a sweet aroma on her body, the scent of cream cake and peaches.

Xu Qiu’s body was unavoidably soiled with the smell of cooking after spending so much time in the kitchen.

The energy consumed by the transformation made the kitten’s stomach growl. He slid out of Xu Qiu’s arms after being hugged.

Bai Sa transformed back into the snow-white kitten from before in front of Xu Qiu, and the coat that was perfect after Bai Sa transformed into a small child, now covering his full body.

Xu Qiu broke out laughing as she saw the cat poke his head out from behind the thick fur.

The rabbit’s hair is fluffy, as is the kitten’s head.

Bai Sa was cute before he came out, but he was much cuter when he came out.

If she had a cell phone at hand, she would definitely take pictures.

Seeing more pictures like this, Xu Qiu felt that no matter how wounded his heart was, he could be healed.

The artificial voice, which knew Xu Qiu all too well, said: [It has been filmed]

008’s work is not free. This cunning guy used his photographic talents to snap photographs of the cubs playing in kindergarten and timely captured them.

Including the delighted appearance of the cubs receiving the small red flower for the first time, the robot construction competition, and the scene of today’s birthday.

These photographs and images were bundled together by 008 and sold in the system mall.

The image of the cub costs 10 gold coins each, and a set of ten costs 88 gold coins. The video consumes a lot of memory and costs more: A 60-second film is worth 66 gold coins!

In this regard, Xu Qiu has just one comment: “Shameful profiteer.”

[Don’t say that. I believe in your abilities. Sooner or later you will be able to earn enough gold coins, Daddy~]

Xu Qiu no longer communicated with the system in a particularly agitated tone. She scooped up the cat, set it aside, and folded the oversized cloth.

She placed the clothing in the present box and slid the square box in front of Bai Sa.

“Do you think the clothing looks good after being folded like this?” Xu Qiu asked Bai Sa.

The latter nodded.

Xu Qiu asked again, “Did you see what I was doing just now?” Bai Sa hesitated and nodded.

Xu Qiu carefully took up the cloth and spread it out on the table.

“Come here, I’ll give you this cloth now. Just fold it like I just did.”

Bai Sa must preserve it because it was a piece of clothing left by his dear mother.

After thinking about it for a few minutes, Xu Qiu felt that there was nothing more suitable than putting it next to Bai Sa.

It’s just that Bai Sa’s transformation ability as a cub is still unstable. Even if this wonderful rabbit fur coat is not readily torn, this small cat cannot be allowed to drag it about on the ground every day.

Bai Sa pursed his lips and lifted his small hairy paws with a solemn expression.

Then she notices he does it this way and that, and the rabbit’s cloth is messy everywhere.

It vividly shows what is called what you can see when you see it, and it’s useless when you do it.

Xu Qiu shook her head after he completed these actions.

She took a deep breath and didn’t say anything criticism, but asked Bai Sa: “Is the effect of what I did just now?”

This time, the latter paused for a long time. Even a toddler can see what it looked like.

“It’s not the same,” he said, with a shake of his head.

There was only one piece of fuzzy clothing, so Xu Qiu stepped behind Bai Sa, holding his two paws from behind, and taught him to move hand in hand: “Okay, the collar of the clothes is folded to this position first.”

The cloth is made into a cape-like shape, and two thin straps are used to fasten it.

Xu Qiu not only taught Bai Sa how to fold but also how to make knots.

After three attempts, Bai Sa was eventually able to fold it properly and shove the fabric entirely into the box, so that it didn’t bulge out and wasn’t crushed in a jumble.

Before Bai Sa returned to the dormitory, Xu Qiu called to stop him.

“You wait in the classroom first.”

Xu Qiu went into the kitchen and prepared a bowl of glutinous rice wine with a sticky rice ball.

The rice wine and flour were purchased in the mall to produce sticky rice wine.

When Xu Qiu was upset, she would regularly buy herself a bowl of glutinous rice wine with a sticky rice ball.

The glutinous rice wine is hot as it comes out of the saucepan, and the flavour is incredibly refreshing. When you drink it, your negative mood will go away in an instant.

Rice wine must be brewed but, even if you drink it directly, it will taste sweet. You don’t even need to add sugar if the rice wine is sweet enough.

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