The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 21.1

The employees at the company discovered that they had received an extra amount of money in their paychecks.

“The boss is pleased to hear that Longteng has fallen on its face. It is said that everyone in the network marketing department has been granted a 5,000 bonus,” someone murmured quietly.

The employees that received the bonuses were really pleased. They believe that following their boss has several benefits, the most important of which is the bonus. This also made them concerned that if President Jiang was always this kind, would she fall bankrupt one day because of how she paid them more money?

Jiang Shining is also overjoyed. The publication of every trending headline throughout the day results from her participation.

The Xiu family and their sons ultimately succumbed to the heat after a day of it. Xiu Lingfei despises netizens, but not Jiang Shining. Longteng’s popularity will rapidly decline in the future, but because they don’t care, we’ll just have to wait and watch what would happen.

On the other hand, the issue with Xiu Jingrui being surrounded by journalists, had nothing to do with her.

The area around Xiu Jingrui was in a very isolated suburb of P City. Some of the rich people’s private party entertainment facilities are built in such areas, and the level of security is quite high.

After Xiu Ling Fei offended her, Jiang Shining resolved to reveal Xiu Jingrui’s affairs once again, but she couldn’t figure out Xiu Jingrui’s daily schedule in only three days, and then made people wait there to surprise him.

She can only assume that the Xiu family has offended someone else, and that person is highly familiar with Xiu Jingrui’s schedule, allowing journalists and reporters to wait there to surprise him.

Longteng will find it difficult to preserve its public image.

“I really want to know who is the person who stabbed this matter to the reporters is and set up the ambush. It would be excellent to get to know each other so we can better pit Longteng,” Jiang Shining said.

If she was the one who dug the pit, then this person kicked Xiu Jingrui down.

Jing Xuan grinned. He was pleased to see Jiang Shining happy.

While the Ninglu media side was bright and joyful, the Xiu family’s entire villa seemed to be enveloped in black clouds, and the mood is depressing.

Xiu Lingfei was upset with Xiu Jingrui, a worthless son who was full of women in his head, and even felt that what Xiu Jingrui said was to defend himself. But Xiu Jingrui’s statements had credibility after he calmed down and thought about it.

The location where he was surrounded by reporters was exceedingly isolated, and no one would have known that Xiu Jingrui would go there to play golf that day if he had not been watched in advance. But who was the guy who was trailing him?

Xiu Lingfei initially eliminated reporters and journalists because they aren’t prophets and won’t know when Xiu Jingrui will have an accident and ambush in advance. All the people who go to that golf course are affluent kids, so there’s no need for paparazzi to ambush them there.

It was also not Jiang Shining. Xiu Lingfei recognised that, even though she had been the victim previously, she would not send someone to pursue Xiu Jingrui. She was not that type of person.

Chou Jing Xuan? There is this suspicion.

 This matter is not the doing of Jiang Shining or Chou Jing Xuan, but someone else. The opponent was in the dark; it was difficult to understand why the other side had trailed Xiu Jingrui, which was the most troublesome.

“Strengthen everyone’s security and report questionable people promptly. Then take out all the prior video surveillance to see if you can detect anything,” Xiu Lingfei said.

They didn’t realise since they weren’t paying attention previously, but when they checked it now, the findings are surprising.

“We should all be targeted, Dad. It’s not only the third child, you, and the three of us. Qiao’s mother are all being monitored,” Xiu Jingran, the eldest brother of the Xiu family, remarked gruffly.

“The stalker is stealthy, not showing up in the front at all, so the bodyguards don’t know, and the monitoring of our house and company doesn’t either. We found it in the surveillance in several other people’s stores where we often appear.” Claimed the second brother, Xiu Jingbo.

Xiu Lingfei seized the tablet, which included a duplicate of the CCTV clip.

As predicted, there is a cafe diagonally opposite the Longteng offices, where their car can be seen driving in and out of the subterranean parking lot.

In the coffee shop video, a man wearing a mask and a pressed-down cap is usually seated near the window, playing on a laptop, but as the car drives in and out of the parking lot, he pulls up his phone and takes a photo of the scenery outside.

However, no one else would find it unusual, as there are far too many individuals who like wearing masks these days.

“He shouldn’t be alone, since we located such a person half an hour later, shadowing the second youngster who was at a conference in the city’s west. Is our house being followed by a gang?” Xiu Jingran said solemnly.

More clues were discovered, and Xiu Ling Fei needed to be certain that their family was being followed.

When he was Emperor, he had the sensation of being watched by a tiger. But he was surrounded by shadow guards and experts at that time. In modern world, even the greatest security staff can only sense the risk on the surface, but stalking cannot be detected at all.

Without the shadow guards, Xiu Lingfei was concerned that his home was vulnerable.

“I think you should all go out less. But your car should travel as normal according to the schedule,” Xiu Lingfei stated quietly, “and then send someone to keep an eye on the side to see if you can expose these guys.”

What did the people following their family want? Money? But, if you want money, shouldn’t you be more likely to abduct people, which is exactly what these reporters are doing?

That’s right, reporters.

The reporters had no idea what was going on, but they were told that Xiu Jingrui would be there at 6 p.m. on Thursday, so they went.

The clues were broken again.

So a few days have passed, and everything has been quiet. The stalkers did not appear, as if they knew the Xiu family did not go out, and the residents of Xiu Lingfei did not discover anybody.

Xiu Lingfei grew increasingly irritated. He always had the impression that he was being played with, as if these pairs of black eyes knew everything about him.

It seemed to deliberately make Xiu Lingfei nervous and anxious for a whole week. On the eighth day, the housekeeper knocked on his door.

“Master, we received a letter with no information about the sender.” Before continuing, the butler hesitated for a second. “I’m concerned there’s a risk, so I just checked, and the package was opened by me. I’m guessing it was written by the individual who had been following us.”

Xiu Lingfei opened the envelope and took the note inside.

He opened the letter and noticed a few phrases scrawled on it with a brush.

[Boss Xiu:

Xinjia Zhan

Do you recall the 12th of October, xx, the 9th of June, xx, and the 2nd of February, xx? We should meet up if you recall and don’t want anybody else to know.

We’ll see you tomorrow night at 8 p.m. at [address].]

Xiu Lingfei heard a loud bang in his brain, and he gazed at the letter fiercely. His fingers tightened into fists, his knuckles became white, and his arms were quivering.

When the housekeeper saw Xiu Lingfei’s eyes redden, he felt a dreadful air – he was born in the modern era, so he didn’t know this was a genuine murderous intent.

Chu Jing Yuan, his fourth son in his former life, was the one who wrote this letter! When he saw the handwriting, Xiu Lingfei realized it was him.

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