The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 21.2

Although the meeting between Xiu Lingfei and Jing Xuan was unpleasant, the two of them could communicate. But there is an insurmountable conflict between him and Chu Jing Yuan! Not to mention that Jing Yuan was born with Xiu Lingfei’s disgust.

Later, as he grew older, he gradually took over from Xiu Lingfei. Just replaying those images in his thoughts sent Xiu Lingfei’s blood tumbling.

He, Xiu Lingfei, was arrogant at first, and his fourth son, Chu Jing Yuan, was the person he despised the most in the world.

“Mas… Master? Should I contact the cops or send someone to arrest him?” the housekeeper said carefully.

After overcoming his hate, Xiu Lingfei closed his eyes and took a leisurely breath.

“… No,” he stated flatly. “I’ll go by myself. Don’t tell anyone about this.”

“What?! But if there were many people on the other side—” the housekeeper was taken aback.

Xiu Lingfei forced him to close his mouth with his gaze.

He knew well that if he went there, Chu Jing Yuan would be alone.

Chu Jing Xuan and Chu Jing Yuan were both alone when they went seeking for him. Xiu Lingfei will also go alone.

Modern people will not grasp their royal father and son’s tacit understanding, which also encompasses the past, and those who bring people to go have no integrity, and they lose when they meet.

It is up to two people to decide whether they want to live, or die, or seek vengeance.

Xiu Lingfei pulled the carpet and unlocked the entrance to his hidden room late at night. The hidden basement on the bottom floor was not decorated. The walls were scrubbed white, and when the lights were turned on, the room was extraordinarily brilliant.

Xiu Lingfei unlocked the safe on the table, which held many firearms and important documents.

He obviously obtained the firearms on the black market; thus, they are hidden there. He doesn’t want to cause trouble in the modern world, so he hasn’t moved the gun since he got it as a safety measure. Right now, Xiu Lingfei is no longer concerned.

He was convinced that Chu Jing Xuan would not murder him, but Jing Yuan was a wild card.

Xiu Lingfei had a strong desire to kill. Chu Jing is a big hidden danger. Because he prefers to meet alone, he would rather destroy the bomb first, but also eradicate the bomb at the same time. He fears that if he does not kill Chu Jing Yuan, he cannot sleep in the future. He would rather get involved with current people than leave his former fourth son behind.

The next night, around 7:30 p.m., Xiu Lingfei drove alone out of the Xiu family residence.

He arrived at the place given to him by Chu Jing Yuan. It was considered a city suburb, and it was an incomplete home with only rough components. The incomplete home was completely dark, but for the street lights on the main road.

When Xiu Lingfei exited the vehicle, the headlights blazed into the night. He stepped inside with his fingers on the gun’s grip.

He walked, and after a while, the lights of the automobile stopped shining. In the sky, just a fading moon gleamed faintly.

For a month, it’s been a dark and windy night.

When Xiu Lingfei raised his head, he noticed the light shining through the window on the first level in front of him, which was the sole light in the neighbourhood.

He moved carefully into the dark structure, into this doorless dwelling. The concrete walls of the living room are dark, and there is light from the inner room.

Xiu Lingfei entered and turned around—a young guy sat on a chair in the centre of the room, clutching a half-empty beer bottle in his hand, and met his gaze.

This individual has three characteristics in common with Jing Xuan. He is certainly similarly attractive, yet he emanates a stern atmosphere, and his eyes are as enigmatic as pools of water.

The young man gave a sweet grin. Unlike the prince’s younger brother, who is as gentle as a spring breeze, his laughter sends thrills up the spine.

“It’s been a while.” Jing Yuan’s lips twitched with a smile, but his eyes were icy. “Emperor Father, I hope you’ve been well since our last meeting?”

Xiu Lingfei abruptly lifted his hand, but Jing Yuan was faster than him, slamming the beer bottle in his hand into Xiu Lingfei’s gun. Xiu Lingfei was only disturbed for a moment, and Jing Yuan had already flashed close like a shadow, knocking him to the ground with a punch, and the gun was thrown far away.

The two started fighting. Xiu Lingfei has a solid basis from his previous life. The training in this life can make him stronger than men his age, but he is getting older. His physical power is weaker, and he has been pampered for far too many years, leaving him far from his previous life’s talents. While Chu Jing Yuan was in his prime, the most shocking thing was his skill – it did not differ from his previous life.

After a few minutes, Xiu Lingfei was unable to defeat Chu Jing Yuan.

When Chu Jing Yuan wrestled him to the ground. Xiu Lingfei was already panting from exertion, but Jing Yuan was still breathing steadily.

Jing Yuan felt that Xiu Lingfei’s actions were wrong, so he stretched out and caressed Xiu Lingfei’s front, then burst out laughing fiercely.

“Okay, Emperor Father.” He mocked, “Are you still wearing your bulletproof vest? You should be very proud of your son.”

“Shut up!” Xiu Lingfei heard Jing Yuan purposefully call him Emperor Father and himself a son. He almost puked blood. “If you win, you’ll be a king; if you lose, you’ll be a pirate. There’s nothing else to say. Just kill me!”

Jing Yuan gave him a chilly glare.

“Chu Haoli, you’ve been worrying too much. This time, I really didn’t want to kill you.” Jing Yuan scowled, “If you rely on the security of your home for me to kill you. You have no idea how you will die. I just want to talk to you.”

Chu Jing Yuan instantly used his power to grasp Xiu Lingfei’s wrist behind his back and crush Xiu Lingfei to the ground while Xiu Lingfei resisted.

Xiu Lingfei’s face met the ground, but he quickly calmed down. He closed his eyes and stated coldly, “I have nothing to say to you. You simply do it.”

“Are you serious, Boss Xiu?”

Then Xiu Lingfei watched Chu Jingyuan pull up his gun, and the cold muzzle impacted his temple the next second.

“In my previous life, I was able to seize your kingdom and murder your son, and I still dare to do it again. How about you think about it again?” Jing Yuan said softly.

The author has something to say about this:

Boss Xiu drove away from the home with a gun, and when he arrived, he discovered that the heroine had contacted the cops because Boss Xiu was carrying a dangerous and prohibited firearm.

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