The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 22

Xiu Lingfei sat on a chair, staring glumly at Jing Yuan. Xiu Lingfei was looking uncomfortable at this point. His costly coat was wrinkled, and even the bridge of his tall nose was smeared with dust. Unlike Xiu Lingfei, Jing Yuan leaned casually against the wall and removed the bullets one by one before throwing the gun back to him.

“What exactly do you want to do, Chou Jing Yuan?” Xiu Lingfei noticed it and inquired harshly.

“What I want is very simple.” Jing Yuan lifted his head, his deep, abysmal black eyes staring severely at Xiu Lingfei like an eagle. “I want your company to leave P City, and I don’t want you to come in front of us again.”

“Is that it?” Xiu Lingfei shook his head in surprise.

“That’s it.” Jing Yuan quietly stated, “The most important thing is that I never want to see your name and her name together again. Do you understand?”

Xiu Lingfei stopped for a second, then chuckled angrily when he realised what Jing Yuan meant.

“Who are you to say that Chou Jing Yuan? You must remember that you are not descended from Jiang Shining. And you are my son! You kids are always interfering in my and her issues. Jing Xuan is the same. You are not qualified!”

Jing Yuan gazed blankly at him until he heard Xiu Lingfei exclaim, “Don’t forget, Jiang Shining died because of you!”

Before Xiu Lingfei could finish his sentence, another hit to the chin knocked him out of his chair and onto the ground. He seemed unconcerned about the blood on the ground. He laughed quietly, wiping the corner of his lips.

Look how similar father and son are. They’re both cruel.

“Do you remember when I was dying, and I was on my deathbed? You stormed inside the castle and sat down on my sofa to torment me. I was wondering now, what would your face be if you knew Jiang Shining, whom you respected more than your life, would die because of you?” Insidiously and cruelly, Xiu Lingfei remarked, ” I really didn’t think I’d live to see your reaction. It appears that I severely injured you?”

Jing Yuan forcefully gripped Xiu Lingfei’s collar, and he felt Jing Yuan shiver with wrath as his fingers cracked. Xiu Lingfei raised his head and looked calmly into Jing Yuan’s eyes, which were already crimson and enraged.

Xiu Lingfei smiled delicately.

“My son, are you happy being an emperor?”

“You are the one who hurt her! If you loved her back then, how could you be prepared to let her be buried alongside you?” Chou Jing Yuan growled.

“I will let Jiang Shining follow me even if I die because I love her!” Xiu Lingfei extended his hand and stroked the back of Jing Yuan’s head, as if stroking his hair. Xiu Lingfei quietly said, “You despise me that much? Then kill me. Isn’t it enough to keep everything bottled up for a lifetime in the previous life?”

Jing Yuan’s fingers were becoming increasingly firm. Murderous Qi surged throughout the house, and Xiu Lingfei observed this furious beast in front of him, thinking for a minute that Jing Yuan would really kill him this time.

However, the killing intent suddenly vanished. Jing Yuan let go of his hand and took two steps backwards.

“You’re irritating me. I won’t let you obtain what you want,” Jing Yuan stated coldly.

“You are a coward! You dared to do it in ancient times, and now you’re terrified in current times?” Xiu Lingfei snarled.

Jing Yuan burst out laughing.

“I’m frightened, yes. Mother Consort is still waiting for me to return. I can’t throw her into difficulty just because I killed you,” he explained. After a brief pause, Jing Yuan stated flatly, “Chou Haoli, you are not worthy.”

Jing Yuan tossed a hard drive at Xiu Lingfei, who was on the verge of losing his mind.

“You know what, I got a lot of your dirt at this period.” Jing Yuan murmured, “Boss Xiu, your hands and feet were filthy when you first started your business, ah. Is it because you hadn’t adjusted to modern living at the time?”

Xiu Lingfei’s heart was pounding. He was youthful and arrogant back then, even more so than now, and lacked current moral ideals. There were certain ‘roadblocks’ at the time, and he dealt with them using some extremely grey area ways.

How did Jing Yuan find out? He was certain that these matters were handled properly.

“Also, a few young men in your family follow you very well.” Jing Yuan scowled. “These top students, who have graduated from prestigious overseas colleges, are dealing with their own issues. Fortunately, they have a good father who will assist them in covering it up.”

“You–!” Xiu Lingfei said incredulously, “You’re threatening me?”

“Don’t be too harsh on yourself. I’m only chatting with you.” Jing Yuan chuckled softly. “Please consider my suggestion. I’ll give you seven days to pack your belongings. I’ll expose one of your tiny secrets every day if you haven’t moved in more than seven days.”

Jing Yuan was going to turn around and leave after saying that. He simply walked over and then came to a halt.

“By the way, I requested you to move as well, for your sake. Y city is full of my eyes,” he murmured. “It’s best to remain away from here for the protection of yourself and your three young masters.”

Chou Jing Yuan didn’t care what Xiu Lingfei’s face looked like anymore, so he left and walked into the darkness. He stepped outside and pulled a plastic sheet off the side of the structure, revealing a solid black Harley motorbike within.

He turned the key, pressed the button on the handlebar, and the enormous bike roared to life.

Jing Yuan drove his motorcycle away from the rotting structure with a loud echoing buzz.

The countryside continued to flow back, and the wind blew across his hair. Jing Yuan looked forward, his eyes not as stern as before, but a little perplexed.

Should he now go find Jiang Shining?

If Jiang Shining discovers that he knew where she was three months ago but did not go immediately to her…… he felt like he’d be beaten.

The night wind was howling, and it was a little chilly.

Jing Yuan was at first apprehensive about going. He simply rode his motorcycle out of P city and to a neighbouring beach to enjoy the breeze.

Indeed, Jiang Shining’s image in the harem world was once milder and more indifferent than it is now. For unknown reasons, Jing Yuan was awestruck by her now. He was more scared now that he had been reborn.

When he lost the chance to meet personally, he dragged on longer and longer. Jing Yuan often used the fact that he needed to settle down first as an excuse. As a result, he’s been dragging on till now.

It was okay to think about it before, but he can’t think about it any more. He had finally severed relations with Xiu Lingfei and Longteng, both of whom had almost murdered each other before, on behalf of Jiang Shining and Jing Xuan. In this scenario, he could only feel comfortable if he was around his mother and brother.

Alas! Even if he dies, he died happily……

Nope! That will not do!

Jing Yuan imagined a scenario in which he would go over and knock on the door, then bow down as soon as Jiang Shining opened the door. Jing Yuan cannot believe Jiang Shining can still reprimand him!

When the sun dawned, Jing Yuan drove confidently towards the villa community.

He knew that Jiang Shining and Jing Xuan lived nearby. After a time, he came to a halt in front of one of the villas, rolled over, and got off of the Harley.

He stepped up to the door and rang it.

After a time, the door was opened, and Jing Xuan, still drowsy in his home clothes, glanced up and met Jing Yuan’s gaze.

“Wait, Jing Yuan?” Jing Xuan was fully awakened. In amazement, he yelled.

“It’s been a while.” Jing Yuan was going to say something, but Jing Xuan took a few steps forward and joyfully hugged him. “Jing Xuan, there’s something you have to help me with,” Jing Yuan remarked, reaching out and patting his brother on the back.

“What exactly is it?” Jing Xuan let go of him and said, quickly, “Have you gone to visit mother?”

“That’s what I’m referring to.” Jing Yuan said hopelessly, “I was meant to arrive a few months ago, but circumstances got in the way. What do you think I should do if my mother asks? Is she going to beat me up?”

Jing Xuan wanted to say something, but then stopped. He seemed to know something but chose not to say anything, and eventually, his eyes were filled with sympathy.

Chou Jing Yuan felt ominous at this point.

Then, behind Jing Xuan, he noticed a woman gently descending down the steps.

“Whether to beat you up depends on the situation.” Jiang Shining replied indifferently.

Jing Yuan:….

It’s all over.

Jing Xuan was about to offer something to lighten the mood when he felt the empty space in front of him. Jing Yuan dryly kneeled.

“Mother, this son misses you so much!” Jing Yuan cried out while sweating. He preached with deep emotion, “This son’s homesickness, heaven and earth can witness!”

Jiang Shining approached, and Jing Xuan, who was unconcerned, swiftly dodged to a safe distance. Jing Yuan swallowed anxiously as she crouched down next to him, held out her hand, and softly caressed his hair.

Jiang Shining flashed a lovely grin and a charming murderous air.

“Can you tell me what you’ve been up to over the last several months?”

The author has something to say:

Is seeing his older brother disciplined the happiest thing in Jing Xuan’s life?

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