The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 23.1

The whole imperial court knew that the fourth prince, Jing Yuan, who was cold and violent in his past life, was extraordinarily filial. His army had encircled the imperial palace that year and was ready to force the emperor to abdicate. The city was already under siege, but he only left because the Imperial Concubine Jiang urged him to.

After a lifetime of being an emperor, Jing Yuan gradually discovered that the majestic Imperial Concubine Jiang in his memory was not as almighty and strong as he believed when he was a youngster. She has also taken several detours and endured other grievances.

But even though he knows Jiang Shining isn’t always correct, he can’t refuse her request. Jing Yuan hesitated when she requested him to withdraw, but he still did. Just as now, he didn’t want to say some things, but Jiang Shining asked, and he couldn’t keep it to himself.

He didn’t want to deceive her.

Chou Jing Yuan really grew up in another country before the age of 20. In this life, he was an orphan raised by a foreign guy in M country.

Mike is a powerful man. He eats both ways and is thought to be a local snake 1. Mike quickly discovered that the small child he had picked up was incredibly talented, calm, and unfazed in the face of danger, so he carried Jing Yuan everywhere with him and urged him to “do business” with him.


So, for more than a decade, rival gangs have seen this amazing scene while trading with Mike’s group – a boy constantly following him. Even though the youngster was only as tall as Mike while seated, he was the second-in-command.

Other foreigners mocked Mike for taking in a pet, until one day the youngster expressionlessly shattered an enemy man’s head, and no one dared to mock him again.

Within a few years, Jing Yuan quickly created a reputation for himself in the neighbourhood. Even adult men dreaded this young guy, who appeared to come from hell, sharp as a sword, annihilating everyone who dared to stand in his way. The most terrifying aspect of him is that he is cold-blooded and cruel, with little regard for life or death. It was as though a nasty grim reaper were claiming a life.

Mike summoned him on the day he reached the legal drinking age.

“I knew you weren’t an average child the moment I took you up. It also shows that I was correct back then. A guy of your character is not destined to be anybody else’s man, not even mine,” Mike remarked. “This city can no longer accommodate you. You should move to a larger city. May God bless you, dear boy.”

Jing Yuan spent his teenage years helping Mike lay claim to the entire city, and Mike gave him a bank card with seven figures on the day he came of age and promised he would always be Jing Yuan’s supporter. The two guys separated amicably and have remained in contact.

  In fact, for Jing Yuan at the time, he was quite willing to work under Mike.

Jing Yuan had previously dominated the world, but he was no longer interested in power. In the new world, he had no enemies from his previous life, no family of his own, and it was just as boring to do any kind of work.

As a result, just as Jing Yuan was struggling to find his way, Xiu Lingfei’s Longteng Group went public in the M nation.

You can picture Jing Yuan’s reaction when he saw Xiu Lingfei’s face in the news interview.

He instantly identified a target, purchased a ticket for the next day, and returned to China. He checked out all the famous people again and unexpectedly found Jing Xuan, who had just started his company. Jing Yuan intended to go directly to him, but he happened to gather a few guys along the way. All of them were his former subordinates.

Jing Yuan changed his mind. He understood that the world is not as tranquil as he had previously imagined, but rather full of difficulties that he could not comprehend. So, once he found everything out, he chose to rekindle his relationship with Jing Xuan.

“That means …… You knew I was here a few years ago, but never came to me once?” mumbled Jing Xuan.

Jing Yuan swallowed and cleared his throat. He, Jing Xuan, and Jiang Shining were sitting at the table in the dining room at the time, and the two seats across from Jing Yuan had unpleasant looks.

“Because if Chou Haoli is here, I’m always afraid that those enemies from my past life are also present. If they are all resurrected, I hope I can fix all the problems before I come to you,” Jing Yuan stated.

Because they have no blood relationship in this life, they will be unable to attack Jing Xuan even if something happens to Jing Yuan.

For many years, Chou Jing Yuan dug deep into Xiu Lingfei and Longteng. Killing is illegal on this planet, and Xiu Lingfei has formed his own economic empire. Jing Yuan then dispatched people to follow them for a long time in order to get some hints in order to deal with Xiu Lingfei efficiently in the future.

He didn’t intend to reveal himself so soon, but Jiang Shining’s company’s variety show went viral a few months ago, and she herself became well-known. Jing Yuan almost messed up while waiting for Jiang Shining to emerge, but he recalled what he was doing.

When he saw that Longteng had stolen Nenglu’s artist, he realised that Xiu Lingfei was still after Jiang Shining, so he seized the opportunity to gather evidence against Longteng in recent years.

He was relieved to know that his brother Jing Xuan was by her side and continued to refrain from going there – for the same reason that what he was doing now was not so noble and would not affect her if he was discovered.

He didn’t anticipate Xiu Lingfei to be able to hold back any more than he did, but he saw Jiang Shining immediately at the award ceremony and even purposefully touched her –

Clearly, this matter has affected both brothers’ bottom lines. So, although not discussing it, they both went to Xiu Lingfei back and forth, threatening him in both a civil and military manner.

Jing Yuan should return to his mother and brother now that the situation has reached this point and people have been angered. So he eventually decided to go to the neighborhood community where the two were living and meet them.

“…… This is very much what happened.” Chou Jing Yuan finished and looked up to observe Jiang Shining’s reaction.

“You have no conscience, Jing Yuan! Do you realise how much I miss you, and you, you have long known my existence, but you haven’t even come to me?” Jing Xuan said angrily.

“You’re a guy. Think about it if you were in my position, and it’s not like you’re going to lose a piece of flesh if we don’t meet.” Jing Yuan spoke ruthlessly. The words slipped from his lips. He chuckled, and turned to face Jiang Shining, “Mother Consort—”

Jiang Shining remained silent.

“In other words, you didn’t come to visit me first, but instead went to see Xiu Lingfei?” she said slowly.

“I don’t have a choice. I want to investigate his situation, and some other ‘companies’ are also engaged in this,” Jing Yuan moaned. “I’m afraid of causing trouble for you.”

“Oh?” Jiang Shining gave a half-smile but didn’t smile. “How come you’re not afraid now?”

“Because everything that should be screwed up has already been done.” Jing Xuan snorted bitterly.

Jing Yuan stretched out his hand and gestured to hit Jing Xuan. Jing Xuan instantly sat back, twisted his head, and said, “Mom…”

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  1. A local snake shows he’s a member of a gang or a gang boss, and eating both ways suggests he desires two incompatible things at the same time.
  2. A local snake shows he’s a member of a gang or a gang boss, and eating both ways suggests he desires two incompatible things at the same time.

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