The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 23.2

“Chu Jing Yuan! Don’t bully Jing Xuan as soon as you get back,” Jiang Shining scolded.

Furthermore, how old are they, and how can they still act like two boys when they get together?

In that regard, Jing Yuan is the fourth son of Xiu Lingfei and the eldest son of Jiang Shining. And the first child of her five worlds.

Jing Yuan appeared to be this age when she died in the Ancient World, if not a little younger.

Jing Yuan’s attitude and temperament appear to have shifted dramatically. When he was set to rise to the throne, he couldn’t disguise his ferocious aura, but he has since calmed down significantly.

Jiang Shining was well aware of how many offences and reprimands he had received in the past. A tiny child does not have his father’s affection, and every step in the harem is painful. It is not simple to mature, much less accomplish such outcomes.

Jiang Shining felt sorry for him and couldn’t help but sigh; after all, he had grown up.

While she was emotional, she felt the back of her hand was warm, and Jing Yuan gripped her hand across the table with delicate fingers.

“Mother, it’s all over. I’m back, and I won’t leave again,” Jing Yuan replied solemnly.

Jiang Shining stretched out and softly touched his hair.

“You’ve worked hard, my son,” she muttered.

Jing Xuan drew a long breath next to them.

“It’s OK, I’m not working too hard.” He stated it a bit glumly.

Jiang Shining was taken aback, but Chu Jing Yuan burst out laughing.

“Good boy. How’s your life going?” Jing Yuan said, “I have a lot to say to you, so why don’t I stay with you for a few days?”

“You can live here.” Jing Xuan laughed. “It’s okay to come, but I have a request.”


“You are in charge of cooking.”

“Don’t you have a nanny?” Jiang Shining inquired.

“I’d rather fire all the nannies in order to let you cook.” Jing Xuan raised his eyebrows at Jing Yuan and said, “What do you think, come or go?”

Jing Yuan burst out laughing. When he smiled truly, it appeared as if the sun had disappeared from the haze, and he finally resembled Jing Xuan.

“Come,” he said.

Jiang Shi stared at the two brothers, Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan, with warmth and satisfaction in his heart.

She reasoned that as long as they were all on her side, nothing else mattered.

In the meantime, S City.

S City is a well-known university town. The city’s twelve institutions have produced a plethora of brilliant pupils.

The sounds of lecturers speaking at one of the top comprehensive institutions are joined by the warm morning sunlight, which appears to be extremely comfortable.

In the elevator room on the 7th floor of the main teaching building, two female lecturers who had just finished their class were standing by the window, whispering and laughing.

A male instructor happened to walk over from the classroom.

 “Your cool and handsome guy is about to finish his class and is giving a topic to the students. There are still about five minutes left.” One teacher smiled, “Hey, if you say whoever of the two of you can succeed, I don’t think I will help you in vain.”

“That’s tricky. Didn’t you see Daxian’s refusal to answer even when he saw the dean?” “Hey, dear, look at my makeup today. Are my eyebrows pretty good?” Another young female teacher said as she took out a little mirror to touch up her cosmetics.

“It’s pretty good.” Another female teacher said, “Lend me the mirror. I want to see my make up.”

The two were adjusting their makeup when they heard the sound of leather shoes stepping on the marble floor of the corridor. The footsteps are not hurried and are quite peaceful.

A man entered the elevator ten seconds later. He was tall, dressed in a long dark trench coat and carrying a briefcase. This individual has phoenix eyes that are slightly lifted at the corners, dark grey eyes that are indifferent, and gold lenses on the bridge of his lofty nose. He was spotless from head to toe, and he exuded a sense of apathy and abstinence.

The two female teachers exclaimed, then attempted to grin naturally.

“Professor Qiao, so coincidentally, you just finished your class?”

Those indifferent phoenix eyes peered over, and their hearts felt like they were going to leap out of their chests.

Qiao Huaize gave a tiny nod.

“Teacher Wang, Teacher Chen.”

He stated this with a respectful tone.

When the three of them boarded the elevator, Qiao Huaize gazed straight ahead without squinting, enabling the two women of the opposing gender to silently look at him.

Gaoleng Xianren 1 is Qiao Huaize’s nickname, and he lives up to it. Tall, cold, and immortal. He is like the fog on a high mountain that is far away and cannot be desecrated, and it looks like the location where he appears is full of cold winds, with a little of a cold realm far away from the sky.

The two young teachers felt as though they had turned on the humidifier and the mist came out as he was standing in the elevator.

The first warrior opened the conversation with courage.

  “Mr. Qiao, do you usually have any hobbies at home?”

“I have no interests.”

The topic ended.

“What is your favourite variety programme, Professor Qiao?”

“I’m sorry, but I never watch TV or use computers.”

Qiao Huaize, the Topic Terminator, lifted his wrist to check the time before rushing to the opposite side of town to teach children a lesson.

The elevator door in the basement opened, and Qiao Huaize stepped out. The black car not far away hummed as he pulled the car keys from his pocket.

“Professor Qiao!”

Teacher Chen, who had been following him, stood in front of him just as he was about to open the door.

“Professor Qiao, I like you,” the woman stated, after taking a long breath.

Qiao Huaize’s eyelids did not move, and he remained as cold as before.

“Thanks for the great love, but I prefer to devote my limited time to teaching. Thank you.”

He just wanted to walk on after speaking, but Teacher Chen didn’t mean to let go. “Professor Qiao,” She snatched Qiao Huaize’s wrist with her tears welling up.

Qiao Huaize paused. He bent his head and gazed at the woman. Teacher Chen was frightened to see that even though the guy remained aloof and distant, her heart quiver when those dark grey eyes peered at her.

Despite their near proximity, the man did not appear to be looking at her. Everything in this universe appears to be invisible to men’s sight.

This sensation of isolation and this overwhelming tyranny made Teacher Chen nervous.

Qiao Huaize stretched out his hand, held it on the woman’s wrist, and slowly pulled her away.

He said indifferently: “Teacher Chen, please maintain your dignity.”

The author has something to say:

Take out the big immortal man, and put him back (?) The mainline is still the Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan brothers.

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  1. 高冷 gāolěng = reserved / aloof |  仙人 xiānrén = Daoist immortal / celestial being.

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