The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 29.2

The sticky rice ball is made entirely of glutinous rice. Only a small amount of sticky rice flour is used to hold the shape. The spherical rounds are approximately the size of pearls in pearl milk tea. However, unlike black pearls, these glutinous rice balls are pure white, round, and extremely easy to chew.

Typically, the merchant is quite attentive. They would use colourful little rounds, and the liquid coloured with maize flour, sweet potatoes, and vegetables is highly popular with youngsters.

Despite the lack of ingredients, Xu Qiu wishes to do her best within her abilities.

After boiling the little balls, she extended the original round glutinous rice balls and carved them into cartoon cats and bunnies.

The rabbit also has eyes, which are produced by using tweezers to inlay black sesame seeds.

Eggs and wolfberries are also included in the traditional sticky rice ball. The vibrant red wolfberry and bright yellow egg blossom float on top, stimulating people’s appetites.

Xu Qiu would drink a cup throughout her menstrual period, believing that it might restore qi and blood.

She had intended to purchase wolfberries in the mall, but inexplicably, the memory of her childhood came to her mind.

“Children should not eat wolfberry since it causes nosebleeds.”

Xu Qiu’s grandfather enjoyed making wolfberry tea and would request high-quality wolfberries every year.

Total materials were somewhat scarce at that time. Xu Qiu used wolfberry as a raisin and even stole his grandfather’s wolfberry to eat.

And then she received such a serious lesson.

Aside from wolfberries, which her grandpa enjoyed, there were also preserved eggs, which children could not eat. It was said that eating melons would make them stupid.

However, as a youngster, she did not enjoy eating this.

She is unsure whether she will be able to return home and visit the elders who care for her.

She is now a mature adult, and she is not afraid that her brain will become stupid.

Xu Qiu glanced at the white mist rising from the pot, raised her sleeves, and wiped her eyes. Just…it was just that the water vapour was very hot, and it was a little smoky.

In any case, she will succeed and return to the era to which she belongs.

Bai Sa is still a cub, and the wolfberry will not be included. If she has the money, she should save it for the cubs and spend it on other nice things.

The scent of glutinous rice wine with a sticky rice ball immediately permeated the entire kitchen, prompting Xu Qiu to turn off the heat and place all the servings into a bowl.

She is becoming increasingly accurate in managing the quantity, which is the amount of a large bowl and a small bowl.

She owned the tiny bowl, and Bai Sa, who had a drumming belly, had the large bowl.

Xu Qiu placed the clothing on the podium and handed the bowl and spoon to Bai Sa.

“Okay, let’s eat quickly. It’s not too early now. After eating, we will go to rest and get up for class tomorrow morning.”

As long as life is busy enough, these cubs have no time to be sad in spring and autumn.

Bai Sa stared at the meal in the bowl, and he immediately recognised the uniqueness of this food, which he had never encountered before.

He raised his furry face and glanced at Xu Qiu: “Does anyone else have this?”

“You are the only one who has this sort of little rabbit and kitten sticky rice ball,” Xu Qiu informed him.

Today is your birthday, and I always want to do something unique to wish you a happy birthday.

Other cubs, in addition to Bai Sa, will receive special care on their birthdays in the future.

“Blow it first, and if you’re afraid of the heat, sip it gently; no one will take it away from you.”

Xu Qiu fanned Bai Sa’s bowl for a few minutes using the lesson plan that was usually placed on the podium.

The alcohol percentage of rice wine is not low. In fact, the percentage is higher than beer. After a bowl of rice wine, Xu Qiu has that familiar feeling of drunkenness.

She’s a light drinker, so she’ll be able to sleep peacefully once she’s finished.

This is one of the main reasons why Xu Qiu chose to create this food today: She wishes Bai Sa a lovely dream.

Each cub has a different eating habit. Some cubs like to eat their favourite first to avoid being stolen by others. Some cubs have to hide some of it first, not eat it right away, and then eat it slowly afterwards.

According to Xu Qiu’s small books, Bai Sa always loved to eat his favourite food at the end.

Bai Sa drank the rice wine carefully after tasting a kitten sticky rice ball.

Despite his small stature, the cub’s deflated belly simply flattened a bit after such a large bowl of wine, and there was no evidence of it holding up.

He preserved those adorable, tiny, sticky rice balls till the finish.

Because all the beverages had been consumed, the glutinous rice wine had just a shallow bottom.

Sticky rice balls were heaped round and round at the bottom of the dish, like white pearls. Bai Sa’s head was buried in Xu Qiu’s large bowl, and as he snorted, he swallowed a few little rounds.

The sticky rice balls are rough and sticky and sometimes stick to Bai Sa’s teeth.

Xu Qiu could see it well with such a mouth. The original two protruding teeth had vanished, leaving just two little circular holes.

“Will he be able to grow teeth?”

Because he’s a cub, his teeth should be baby teeth.

But they were different races, and Xu Qiu wasn’t sure if Bai Sa could still develop new teeth like a human child.

[Don’t worry, he’ll grow his teeth faster than you think!]

Xu Qiu exhaled a sigh of relief as she saw the cat attempt to lick off the sticky glutinous rice ball.

After the first defeat, it will purposefully avoid it, only to devour it after two bites.

The cub is smarter than Xu Qiu thinks and has excellent learning abilities.

Considering that Bai Sa eats sweets, Xu lets him brush his teeth before going to bed.

The kindergarten didn’t have that condition before, and the cubs could only rinse their mouths with more water at night.

Now that living circumstances have improved, Xu Qiu had carried a toothbrush with him.

At first, she used a twig toothbrush, which was really painful. Her gums might have bled if she wasn’t cautious.

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