The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 24.1

Jiang Shining and Jing Xuan were eager to meet Jing Yuan, but Jing Yuan arrived at the wrong time. The two had to go to work.

As a result, Jing Yuan crossed his arms over his chest, leaned against the wall, and observed the two as they wore their outer coats. He paused to say something, but then stopped, his gaze looking complicated.

“Go to work. I’ll wait until you two get home.” After a long period, he could only say this…

Jing Yuan felt like a left-behind child after the words were spoken, waiting for his family to reconnect. But who let him choose to come in the morning? Jiang Shining and Jing Xuan are not workers who can take time off. There are some work matters that must be handled by them personally.

Jiang Shining put on her coat, went over to Jing Yuan’s side, and poked his forehead with her finger before heading out to work.

Jing Xuan was also getting ready to leave, but when he turned back and saw Jing Yuan alone, there was a feeling of desolation. Jing Xuan couldn’t help but chuckle. His recollection of Jing Yuan is usually at the center of the crowd, and it’s uncommon for such a person to be alone.

“Why don’t you accompany me to the office?” Jing Xuan made a proposal.


The employees entered the Xuan Yuan Video Co. headquarters building through the main door.

There was a bustle in the foyer. Everyone was whispering. Some employees who had recently joined the company were unaware of what was going on.

“What’s the matter?”

“Look, it’s Mr. Wang ……”

However, for the staff, President Wang’s look was nothing out of the ordinary. He was more akin to lovely scenery. Because their boss, Wang Muze, is low key and doesn’t put on airs, he frequently goes to work with the staff and eats meals with them in the canteen. He is conscientious, so they see him virtually every day.

However, with such a handsome president in dashing clothes hanging around in front of their eyes every day, the enthusiasm of the female employees to work has increased a lot.

Normally, President Wang, who comes to work every day, does not raise a sensation, but today – besides their beautiful president – there was one extra person.

From the side, it was difficult to discern which of the two guys was President Wang. Because they both have large shoulders, a thin waist, and lengthy legs. However, the one on the left was dressed in a custom-made suit, while the one on the right was dressed in a long, dark blue trench coat over his suit.

Some employees who saw the front couldn’t help but gasp—another attractive man like President Wang!

If their President Wang is elegant, smiling like the autumn sun, then this exceptional young guy beside him has a more introverted and icy temperament. His pair of black eyes were like a deep pool, extremely different from President Wang’s aura.

It’s really nice to watch them walk together. It’s as if you’re watching a fashion film.

When they came to the elevator, the employees waiting in front of the elevator door involuntarily gave way. They were used to meeting the boss in passing to say hi, but with Jing Yuan present, they couldn’t even venture to speak.

“Good morning.” Jing Xuan’s lips hooked up, and he gently greeted his staff.

“G-good morning, good morning!” That’s when someone stumbled to respond – most people were still silently evaluating Jing Yuan.

The elevator door slid open. Jing Xuan and Jing Yuan stood on the inside of the elevator because the president’s office was on the top level. The two men were already towering, standing side by side in the elevator like male model door gods. Making people turn their heads to gaze at them because they are humiliated.

“Mr. Wang, is this also the boss?” One of the male employees asked.

“No, he is my recently hired cleaner,” Jing Xuan said cheerfully.

…… What d*mn cleaner, who would believe that?!

Jing Yuan hummed and laughed, and all the staff trembled and rushed down the elevator.

Jing Xuan gazed at Jing Yuan as he waited for the staff to depart, one floor at a time.

“You’re frightening them. Can you put your black boss’ temperament aside for a moment and be friendly?” Jing Xuan said helplessly.

Jing Yuan sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s not my fault that I look fierce.”

His aura was too strong, and he wasn’t as nice as Jing Xuan, so when Jing Yuan didn’t say anything, others assumed he was upset. Others mistook his smile for a sign of impending rage. If Jing Yuan is gentle to people, the other party will feel that they are not far from death, even if Jing Yuan ultimately showed tenderness.

Jing Xuan compared to him, is the other extreme. Jing Xuan can always make others lower their defenses, but he also makes it easy for others to fall back on him and tell him the truth. Even if Jing Xuan criticizes others, the other side will take it gladly. It is estimated that if Jing Yuan criticizes someone, the individual would be terrified to death on the spot.

This matter of aura really has no solution.

Secretary Xiao Liu came over from the next office after arriving in the president’s office.

Boss, this is today’s ……” He saw Jing Yuan and froze.

“I’m the new cleaner.” Jing Yuan said, with no expression.

“I-I-I- am I disturbing you?” Xiao Liu warily handed the folder in his hand to Jing Xuan, “Boss, this is your processing matter for today. I’ll go ahead and organize your itinerary for this week ……”

He then flew away from the scene as quickly as he could.

Jing Xuan disapprovingly stared at Jing Yuan, who sighed deeply.

“No one has ever understood my cold humor.”

When the two entered the office, Jing Xuan asked Jing Yuan, who was glancing around his office, “How is it? Does it seem good?”

The president’s office was on the highest floor, with floor-to-ceiling windows on one side of the glass, so the view was inherently good. The interior design is quite basic, which fits Jing Xuan’s personality.

Jing Yuan hooked the corner of his mouth.

   “Not bad.”

After glancing outside, he went around and sat in the boss’s chair behind the desk, neatly picking up and flicking through the files on the desk. Jing Xuan leaned on the desk, watching him.

He didn’t care. He sat on the boss’s chair behind the desk, took up the paperwork on the desk, and flipped through them. Jing Xuan leaned on the desk, watching him.

“Can you tell me what type of work you’re doing now?”

“I’m mostly conducting ‘business. My origins are in nation M, and there are some things that are simpler to accomplish there,” Jing Yuan replied casually.

Softly, Jing Xuan sighed. “I believe you should pursue a more normal profession. Do you recall our vows after a lifetime?”

Jing Yuan naturally remembered this. Jiang Shining died of poisoning on that day. He and seventeen-year-old Jing Xuan cuddled in the side hall, promising that if there is no emperor’s family in the next life, all he wanted was to be a normal person and be with his mother.

What he is doing today is definitely risky, and it is out of the norm.

“You’re correct. I need to think about it.”

 Since his mother and brother are here, and the family is together, he is happy enough, even as a small businessman.

But what should he do?

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